March 2013 ipsy MyGlam Bag Review

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March ipsy MyGlam Bag

After having a bit of a subscription box drought at the beginning of the week, things have certainly heated up around here. I got Julep yesterday and I got ipsy, the Pink Fancy Box, Graze and Lip Factory today. I LOVE IT!!

The ispy Envelope
The ispy Envelope

The March ipsy theme is “The Great Escape” and I think that’s a perfect little theme for Spring. I hadn’t looked at any of the spoilers for this month’s ipsy, so everything in the bag was a total surprise.

The Discount Card

As usual, there was no information card in the ipsy bag. I do wish they at least included the full names and prices of the products, but no dice.  I actually got my bag so early this month that none of the products are even up in my account online!

Here’s what was inside:
~Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist ($3.26): I like Juice Beauty’s line so I am looking forward to trying this spray which is suppose to “tone and hydrate). I only wish I was trying it on a beach during Spring Break. You can’t have it all though.

Juice Beauty ipsy
Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist

~yaby cosmetics eye shadow (so vein and sand dune) ($6.30 total – $3.15/each): I actually like both of these colors, but wish that it came with a container to hold them. How does one store something like this without ruining it? Do tell. Regardless these are cute and fun and not eyeliner and I’ll figure it out.

yaby cosmetics eye shadow

~GlamRX Touch Up Mirror ($5): WAIT, My questions about the storage of those eye shadows has been answered. This little mirror kit has a magnetic opening that holds the shadows perfect. I held it upside-down, shook it around and you know what, the shadow pots stayed put!! It dawned on me as I was writing my review to try it and boom it worked. I can’t find this exact little mirror online, so I guessed at the price.

They stay in there, I swear.

~La Fresh Travel Lite Make-Up Remover Wipes ($1.99): I am super excited about these because you know what, sometimes when you are on vacation, you just don’t have time take your make-up off, wash your face perfectly, etc. I hope I love these because they seem right up my alley!

La Fresh Travel Lite Make-Up Remover Wipes

~ipsy Anchor Bag ($3): This is one of my most favorite ipsy bags ever. Not only is it adorable, it looks to be well made and fits the theme perfect. I gotta tell you, I was excited excited when I pulled this out of the ipsy envelope and I am never really that excited about their bags.

ipsy Anchor Bag

All totaled (by my calculations anyway), the March ipsy MyGlam bag is worth $19.55. Way more than the $10/month cost, but not nearly what some of the other months have been worth.  However, I am pleased with it.  Very pleased with it actually!!  No black eyeliner or plain bags makes me happy!

Did you get ipsy this month?  What’d you think?   If you want to sign up for ipsy (I think they still have a waiting list) or learn more, click here.

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  1. Mollie

    Besides that mirror, you can invest in a palette to store the eye shadows. I recommend Z palettes if you have many tins of eye shadow, blush, or bronzer .. it is actually a much simpler and more organized way to keep them all in one place

  2. Nicole

    I really like this one..might just have to sign up for ipsy.

    1. Nicole

      I signed up. Anybody know about how long u are on the waitlist?

      1. L

        @Nicole: its about two months. i signed up in the middle of jan and got my confirmation today for a subscription starting april

  3. Ugh, I had cancelled, but because I was so thrilled with this bag I decided to re-subscribe… This bag has to be my favorite ever!!!!

  4. angela king

    i love my ipsy bags. i’ve never looked at spoilers so i’ve always been surprised. but then i saw this. lol. no biggie. can’t wait to get my bag! 🙂

  5. Kim

    Wow you got that fast! I hope I get mine tomorrow! That is a really cute bag! I’m glad we finally get some place to put all those eye shadows. I hope I like the hydrating mist but I haven’t really liked Juice Beauty in the past. My face smelled like fruit loops and I wasn’t a fan. But I always love to have makeup remover wipes.

  6. Christine

    I see you do these posts every month and I’m just starting to try the monthly boxes. Do you have a favorite? I’m curious for new ones to try.

  7. Angela

    Ooh! I would use everything in this Ipsy bag! I’m STILL on the waiting list :/

  8. Michele

    I can’t wait for my ipsy bag! Any chance you have an extra Graze code?

  9. Ashley C.

    I dont know what I would do with a new makeup bag every month [other than put them into a closet to use as part of gifts for people!] but THAT one? I would definitely use. Its so cute!

  10. Jessica

    Yep they have a waiting list….I’ve been waiting over a month already. From looking at the Ipsy Facebook page, it sound like about average right now is 6-8 weeks…. I’m getting anxious!

  11. Sarah

    I love that anchor bag!!

  12. tina

    I got my Ipsy bag today!!! So excited…last month was my first bag and I was so disappointed but this month I absolutely loved everything including the cute lil bag which I’m going to use for beach trips over the summer…I loved the compact…eyeshadow colors..juicy mist…I loved it all!

  13. Ashley

    I just got my ipsy bag too!! Love Ipsy so much! Just found your blog great blog you have here! ^_^

    Ashley xox

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