April Birchbox Man Review

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April Birchbox Man

Believe it or not, B’s April Birchbox Man showed up today. This is the earliest it has ever arrived and I hadn’t even gotten a chance to peek at it online before it showed up in the mailbox!

Birchbox Man
The Box

I opened the box before B got home. He doesn’t care. It drives him crazy when I take a million pictures while he’s trying to open the box! So this is a perfect alternative for both of us.

Birchbox Man
The Information Card

The April Birchbox Man theme is “Turn It Up” and includes items to help you turn up the volume…on everything. “Crank up your speakers, jog that extra mile, add a couple of dashes of hot sauce to your sandwhich, and flash some color at the ankle – the knobs on this month’s assortment go all the way to eleven”. Oh and in case you are keeping track, B got Box #12 (*).

Here’s what was inside:
~Richer Poorer Socks ($24 – $12/pair): These will for sure turn up the volume on B’s work outfits.  I don’t care what he says, I am going to make sure he wears these on casual Fridays – aka tomorrow.  I love wild socks on men.  I don’t know why. It’s unexpected and fun and cool, all of which are totally B!

Birchbox Man
Richer Poorer Socks

~Yes To Carrots Lip Butter ($3): I’m like 75% sure I will be able to get B to give me this and I am super excited!  I love everything by “Yes To” and I am guessing this will be no exception.  I’ve never tried the lip butter, but what could be wrong with a product that wants to make your lips feel more loved?

Birchbox Man
Yes To Carrots Lip Butter

~Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream ($2.25): This cream can either be used as a styler and a leave-in conditioner.  B shaved his head a few weeks ago and doesn’t need any products *yet*, but his hair grows fast and will totally be needing this soon.

Birchbox Man
Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream

~Proraso Shaving Creme ($0.67): B really liked the Lucky Tiger liquid shaving cream he got a few Birchboxes ago, so it’ll be interesting to see what he thinks of this.  Frankily, I think this has much cuter packaging.  However, I know that means nothing to B.

Birchbox Man
Proraso Shaving Creme

~Nuxe Men Moisturizing Multi-Purpose Gel ($10.50): This is a multi-purpose gel which is suppose to both hydrate and energize your skin.  Sounds pretty good?  I know B will try this right away.  And I gotta tell you, this seems yummy!  In a manly way of course.

Birchbox Man
Nuxe Men Moisturizing Multi-Purpose Gel

All totaled B’s April Birchbox Man had a value of $40.42 (NOT including points for doing reviews and purchasing the box itself – which would bring the value up to $47.42), which was, as always, way more than the $20 price tag. We totally love Birchbox Man and B looks forward to receiving this box every month.  Plus, all of the items in this month’s box will get used (unlike last month’s bottle koozie), which is always key!

If you (or your man) subscribe to Birchbox what’d you think of this month? And if you don’t subscribe, click here to sign-up!




(*) If you want to see all the boxes this month, click here and change the 1 at the end to anything from a 2 to 15 since there were 15 box variations this month.

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  1. Alicia

    I love those socks!! They’re awesome, I wish my boyfriend had gotten them. The only things that he got that were the same we’re the lip butter and the gel/leave in conditioner. He also got a energizing face wash but it was Kiehls brand. Instead of the song he got this adorable speaker box thing that he can plug into his iPhone! I actually have something similar but his sounds/looks much better. I thought this box was much better than last months.

  2. Angela

    This was a good box! I may have to give in and get this for hubby.

  3. Alexia561

    Love the green socks! Hope B likes his box!

  4. Sophia

    I love the “Yes to” brands too! Def let me know how it is please!

  5. Gyps

    This month’s box was good….and of course it was the last one in the 3 month subscription I gifted to my husband (he got box 10). I think I’ll wait until I get enough points then gift another 3 months to him.

    He’s not a big product user so last month was awesome for him (all the beer stuff) and this month he got the portable speaker (that I might swipe from him). I was surprised to see how happy he was about the Kiehl’s face wash.

  6. Emily KG

    My man got the same thing, except te wooden speaker instead of the socks. I doubt he would wear this anyway, since he wears ACUs everyday and running socks the reast of the time. The wooden speaker was worth $29, but the sound isn’t that great FYI.

  7. Brianne

    Why is BirchBox Man so much better than the womens.. grr! I tried Birchbox for 3 months and I was so underwhelmed ever time. Booo!

  8. Christina G

    I’m considering getting a men’s subscription for the hubby’s birthday. Which of the mens ones is your favorite? I’m leaning towards Mantry, but I think he’d enjoy birchbox as well.

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