April Julep Maven Review

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April Julep Maven – The Brights (Full Collection)

April’s Julep Maven theme was “Turn on the Brights” and included, well a collection of brights. Since I could NOT make a decision on what Style Profile (It Girl, Classic with a Twist, etc.) to get, I decided to get the full collection. I loved all the colors so much, I knew I couldn’t go wrong.

Julep Maven
The Box

For whatever reason, I was expecting a bigger box than this. I mean, I knew exactly what I was getting, what size the polishes are, etc. but I don’t know, I just expected a larger box?

Julep Maven
First Look

I was super excited to see rock candy in the box!  I haven’t had rock candy in ages and L never has, so I am kind of excited to introduce him to it!

The Brights

Since I take the worst nail polish pictures known to man, I am just going to include a few I took of the full collection and throw some in from Julep’s site.  They look so pretty all together don’t they?  Oh, and can I just tell you how long it took to try and color coordinate them?  B even helped. And I am still not sure it’s perfect.  Whatever.  Here’s what colors were included (from left to right):

~Rock Candy Nail Glaze – Candy (Boho Glam) ($14): I couldn’t find this on the Julep site, but I found it on Sephora (in different colors). It’s a sheer, high-gloss nail glaze that can be worn alone for a hint of color or layered over different shades to help them pop. I can’t wait to try this!
~Eden (It Girl) ($14): Eden is a bright violet crème and is beautiful.  I don’t have any colors exactly like this, so it’s a welcome addition.

image credit: Julep

~Ally (Bombshell) ($14): Ally is an electric blueberry frost and was described by one Julep Maven as a “party blue”.  I couldn’t agree more.  This is a night out color for sure.

image credit: Julep

~Lena (Boho Glam) ($14): Lena is teal with gold shimmer and so pretty.  Seriously I am obsessed with this entire collection.

image credit: Julep

~Mackenzie (It Girl): Mackenzie is a sour apple green frost and I do not have a single color like it, which makes me love it.  And if you are wondering why I am posted all different pictures from Julep, I picked the ones that looked most like the polish does at my house ;).  I take comfort in the fact that their pictures also don’t always look the same.

image credit: Julep

~Abbie (It Girl): Abbie is a sunshine yellow crème and is one of my favorite in the entire box. Part of my problem deciding which box to get was that I wanted both Abbie and Kaylen (up next), but they were in different collections.

image credit: Julep

~Kaylen (Boho Glam) ($14): Kaylen is a neon orange crème and as soon as I saw it, I knew it had to be mine.  This is now my most favorite nail polish color ever.  That may all change tomorrow, but today Kaylen is the one.

image credit: Julep

~Jackie (Classic with a Twist) ($14): Jackie is a maraschino cherry crème and to me is perfect for any event, any day, any season.

image credit: Julep

~Janel (Bombshell) ($14): Janel is a pink raspberry frost and is even prettier in person than in any of the pictures online.  I wasn’t drawn to it in the selection window, but now that it’s in my hands, I love it!

image credit: Julep

~Avery (Classic with a Twist) ($14): Avery is a hot pink crème and of all the colors in the box, I’d have to say, it’s my least favorite.  I mean I like it and will for sure wear it, but probably not as often as the other colors.

image credit: Julep

~Julep Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum ($28): This is a brand new Julep item and is suppose to “transform dry and damaged cuticles almost overnight”. And also give you “stronger, smoother nails with fewer ridges and less splitting and brittleness in only 2-3 weeks.”  I’m game for ALL that!

Julep Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum
Julep Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum

~Julep Invisible Dry Shampoo ($22): I cannot wait to try this and see how it stacks up against my beloved Suave dry shampoo! Is it possible it’s better?  It’s certainly not cheaper, but maybe it’s worth it?  We’ll see!

Julep Dry Shampoo
Julep Dry Shampoo

All totaled, the April Julep Maven full collection box had a value of $190 (or $152 if we are using Maven prices).  Considering the full collection costs $50 ($19.99/monthly cost + $30), I’d say that is an INSANE deal!

Julep Brights
Another look

Are you a Julep Maven?  What profile did you get this month?  What was your favorite shade in the collection?  And if you aren’t a Maven, what on earth are you waiting for?  You can try your first box free (you’ll pay $4 for shipping) with the code “COLOR2012″ or “PENNY” or “FREEBOX”!  Click here to get started!




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This Post Has 17 Comments

  1. Jenny

    My box came today too. I decided on the Bombshell box and added on Mackenzie. My add on is still coming. I have a mani/pedi on Monday but once that wears off I’m totally going to rock one of my new colors.

  2. Jayme

    Got my Julep box today too!! I got the Bombshell box, so I got the cuticle/nail serum pen, Ally, & Janel. Love the colors! And, I just applied the cuticle serum once about an hour ago, but i really do think they look better already.
    I also added on the dry shampoo, Mackenzie, & Rock Candy nail glaze, but they shipped separately. Can’t wait to get them as well. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Kristin

    Had to pass this month. So sad. But I’ve been going seriously crazy buying polish and, well, something had to give….

  4. Becky

    I had to skip this month because I got the spring mystery box but you make me wish I had gotten this full collection it looks amazing!

  5. Noemi Gibson

    Hey I was wondering if I got the first box for a penny can I cancel right after or am I required to do a fully paid month before cancellation? I couldn’t find the answer on the site, maybe I’m blind. I just can’t tack anything more onto my monthly bill, I’m at like, 70 in boxes right now(I need to cancel a few…)

    1. Kellie

      @Noemi Gibson:
      You can cancel after the first month! I did!

  6. Aimee A

    I love the green and orange! They have been my two fav. colors lately!

  7. Mary Q.

    Omg these look amazing! I’m not going to let myself buy any more nail polishes until I finish one – just ONE!! Why is it so hard?! I need more nails, lol.

  8. Emily KG

    I ended up getting the same box, just different color candy. I wanted four polishes, the cuticle stick and the dry shampoo, so it was only $10 for me to upgrade so I could get what I want!

    I also ordered the pedi box today. I sont have the ready pedi stuff, and got a great new color for $20

  9. Janaya

    Is it sad that I’m from Seattle (where Julep is based out of) and I’ve never heard of them until seeing your reviews? lol! I’m overseas right now but I can’t wait to come home and visit one of their nail parlors!! 🙂 They’re polishes are so cute and fun I already know I will be spending way to much $$ on Julep polishes this summer!

  10. Angela

    They did good this month! I went with It Girl for those 3 pretty colors but had to add on Kaylen and Jackie for that beautiful orange and the perfect red. I love that this is always the first box of the month 🙂

  11. Alicia

    I love them all lined up next to each other. It’s such a pretty rainbow! I didn’t order because I got the spring mystery box, but I wish I had gotten the whole collection! That’s a lot of great things for $50. lol You must have so much nail polish!

  12. Shannon

    I got Lena and Kaylen…did a quick swatch and LOVED both of them. Lena was the exact teal/blue/greenish color I’ve been looking for. 🙂

  13. Courtney

    Ughhhhh! This makes me so sad! I totally love these colors WAY more than the Spring collection because they are PERFECT for every month! Now I’m trying to talk myself out of buying it, but really…who am I kidding! And those extras!?! Get out, dry shampoo and fancy cuticle stuff!!!! I’m so jelly!!!

  14. Meredith

    Wait….you bought all of this for $50 or did I read that wrong?

  15. Elana

    Julep sounds like the perfect mystery box. I tried to use the promotional code on your site and it didn’t work :(. Do you know of another?

    1. KMosh

      @Elana: Try FREEBOX again? I just used it successfully.

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