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Dear All You Thursday Thoughts Linker-Upers, OMG I love you all! I was so excited to look yesterday and see so many of you linking up! You are seriously the best. Please do it again next week too okay?

Dear B, Thank you for not gasping when I showed you my bruise from falling (well sliding) down the stairs the other night (*).  It’s nasty, I know.

Dear Dr. Google, Thank you for always being there for me and making me believe I have something I totally don’t.  I am almost certain that the person who invited WebMD and Candy Crush are one and the same.  And also, thank you for making me think, albeit briefly, that I had internal bleeding and a fever from my fall.

Dear The Fancy Box, Dude, I still have not gotten that shipping notice you promised, oh last Friday.  I’m so done with you.  I’d e-mail you again, but you’ll just e-mail me back acting like I am the stupid one.

Dear L, I am going to miss you this weekend when you are up-north.  But thank you for suggesting that I “make a video” of you to watch when I miss you.  You may just be the cutest thing ever.

Dear Lays Chicken & Waffle Flavored Chips, You are NOT good.  For some reason I thought you’d taste like buttered waffles.  Instead you taste like chicken with syrup on it.  Not good.

Dear PopSugar, As crazy as it may sound, I might not get your next special edition box (which is coming “soon”).  Wait, who am I kidding, we all know I will cave and get it.  But the fact that I don’t want to is progress.

Dear WB,  Let’s try and be super productive this weekend so we can get a ton of stuff done okay?  Starting with going to Target today ;).




(*) Since I can’t really just tell you I fell down the stairs and leave it at that, I will tell you what happened.  It was late (maybe like 12:30am) and I had just gotten done giving WB a bottle (yeah, he still eats best 1/2 asleep) and was headed back downstairs.  Everyone was sleeping and most of the lights were off so it was kind dark.  BAXTER happened to be laying on one of the stairs, right in the middle of the staircase and I didn’t know it.  I went to step on that stair, felt fur and tried to bypass it for the next stair.  HA.  I totally slid and landed in a crumpled mess a few stairs down.  Luckily I didn’t land on my head because no one woke up to save me.  But I’m fine.  Just sore!
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  1. Andy

    Hope you feel better soon!

    Also, I just signed up for PopSugar, where is the link to the special edition box? Thank you very much!

  2. Kayleigh

    Ouch! Hope you’re OK. My dog is pretty good at tripping you up in the middle of the night too. It’s the worst.

  3. Cathy@Five Boys

    OMG – I’m so with you! As much as I’d love to forgo, I’m sure I’ll have to order the special edition box too. Did you see the FabFitFun box? Looks a lot like PopSugar.

  4. Alison

    Felt the same way about those chips!

  5. Erin

    I hope you feel better soon. Our puggle Murphy likes to lay across the stairs as well. One time I did not see him, fell down the stairs as well and hurt my foot…had nerve damage and had to wear one of those boots for 6 weeks.

    Guess what we are having? Another storm. We are getting about 8-10 inches today. But that is nothing compared to the 3 feet from the last storm. I am so ready for Spring.

  6. Haley

    Did you see there is a new subscription box on the market? It’s the Giuliana Rancic Fab Fit Fun box, and there is a discount code for $10 off your first box. Thought you’d like! =)

  7. Jen

    Feel better soon! I bruise like a damn peach so I could graze something and end with a pretty large bruise lol.

  8. Mary

    I hope you heal quickly–and glad it wasn’t worse!

    those chips are gross. We tried them too. Dh did like the Sirachi ones though…

  9. Jessica R.

    Figures I would link up with Friday Letter’s for the first time and there’s nothing to link to. Haha! I doubt I will get the special edition box, but I did sign up for Pop Sugar accidentally. So I will at least get March’s box. Hope your soreness eases up soon!

  10. OMGosh… I hope you’re ok!!! A couple of years ago, Mr. Moo and I were trying to leave my parents house at like 3am and we tangled legs down this narrow staircase and we both fell, me landing on my right knee with full force! I ended up breaking my kneecap… that was not a pleasent experience!

    So I caved and signed up for FabFitFun, Le sigh… I always did say I would try everything once right?!?!?

    Oh and speaking of Dr. Google… I tried tracking my symptoms on WebMD, yea I had a brain tumor, that was awesome!!!

    I saw your post about your Pink Fancy Box… I’m not looking forward to mine now… glad I cancelled!

    Oh and that PS special edition box? I may more than likely get one too!

  11. Sue

    Thank you for always making me laugh! I am so glad I discovered your blog about a month ago. The webMD and Candy crush post made me (and my husband who is home on a snow day)!

    This is going to be my second pop sugar box… I am totally addicted to these boxes and so is my entire office now (thanks to me)! What is the special edition box????

  12. Kristin

    Yikes! Glad that the fall had a relatively minor injury outcome! I have a black lab who likes to sleep in the middle of the hallway so when I need to run out to save the world (or comfort a child) half asleep I can then go flying headlong into the wall when I step on/trip over her.

    I just realized that she might be doing it on purpose…maybe she has something against me. We are the only two females in the house. 😉

  13. sara

    Hope your bruise heals quickly. My mom feel once and broke both her ankles!
    Hope you were productive today too!

  14. Ashley C.

    Awwww, L. What a sweet boy!! That fall sounds brutal. Hope you heal quickly!

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