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Dear L, When I asked you what it means to be a Daddy and you replied “that you have to work hard” I thought we were headed in a the right direction so I kept going. And then when I asked what it meant to be a L, you said “you get to do fun work” I thought wow, you’re smart. And then I went for it asked asked what it meant to be a mama and you said “you get to do nothing” I knew I should have stopped ;).

Dear Reddit, What exactly are you?  I don’t get you at all.  Should I know more about you?

Dear My Mail Lady (*), I find hard to believe that you can’t leave packages on my porch because people are stealing them and the robbers are “coming down here” and if things get stolen they come out of your check. What? I think part of the problem *might* be that you are delivering mail to the wrong houses. I mean I watched you put a package in my mailbox the other day, drive away and then back up to retrieve it because it wasn’t mine.

Dear Me, If you decide you are going out for sushi, maybe you should make sure that the place you are going actually has sushi. Just because it has fish in the name does not automatically mean they sell sushi. But the salmon I had was amazing.

Dear Las Vegas, Umm, I will be seeing you in the fall. With my children in tow. That free stay offer is too hard to resist. L and I are looking forward to spending time with you. WB, well, WB doesn’t know how amazing you are yet. I can’t wait to show him!

Dear Easter, Why are you so early this year? I feel so unprepared. I wouldn’t mind a few extra weekends of fun Easter activities.  And a little more time to shop.

Dear All of You, It sounds like you would be interested in a weekly newsletter with coupon codes, new box alerts, funny moments from the week (I get some funny comments), etc.   I’m going to work on that.  Probably tonight at 2am.

Dear Michigan State,  Let’s win this game tonight okay?  That’s all.  Just win.




(*) Some random new one, not the one that hates me.
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  1. Karen

    When you get the info on Reddit…fill me in! I don’t get it either!

  2. Alicia

    I would love a newsletter! 🙂

  3. Shannon

    Oh I am so glad to see your comments about your mail lady! Mine is the worst. She shoves my glossybox in the mailbox, and I can never get it out, now my husband has to buy a new box because ours is coming off the post from me pulling so hard on it! I can’t even imagine how she gets it in there!

  4. Jenny

    Funny about your mail lady. Mine is usually really good but I just looked and my goodies was supposedly delivered to the addressee on Tuesday but nope I don’t have it. :/ I emailed goodies so I wonder what they will say.

  5. Jen

    I love that you are taking your kids to Vegas, some people don’t seem to realize that it is becoming quite kid friendly. Then again I did grow up there haha. 🙂

  6. Ashleigh

    I think you need a new mail lady! We have a guy whom does mail plus a guy whom delivers our boxes! Both of ours are great… Your lady seems to be very dumb needless to say & seems to need help.

  7. Mrs. L

    I’m lucky that I have all my packages sent to work. I know my mail lady and my UPS guy by name. We invite them to Christmas pot lucks and save chocolate and cookies for them if brought into the building. My mail lady even brings packages directly to my office instead of just leaving them in the mail room. I love my mail lady and UPS guy. Then both of them wear shorts year round even if it’s cold and rainy so they are both a bit nuts (of course cold here in Silicon Valley is anything under 70 degrees).

  8. Noelle B.

    Reddit is a strange, strange site. Sometimes I’m addicted, other times I can’t believe I’ve wasted a minute on it. There are interesting “subreddits” though, and when you find ones that match your interests, they can be great sources of information. I read the cocktail subreddit a lot for new cocktail recipes, and the food subreddit (which can be mediocre) and sometimes the makeupaddict one but I don’t wear nearly enough makeup to attempt anything they do.
    …and then sometimes I just tool around the “front page” and waste my time.

  9. Kelsey N.

    I am not liking that Easter is so early this year either. I feel like I should have gotten the boys more stuff for their baskets but I didn’t have as much time to look for stuff 🙁

  10. Alexia561

    Once you figure out Reddit, please let us know! And I can totally sympathize with your mail troubles as while my mailman is very nice, he keeps delivering mail to the wrong addresses. Think it’s because we’re in a new neighborhood and he doesn’t know us yet.

    Happy Easter!

  11. Erica Riley

    The good think about Easter being early is that you’ll get to shop Target’s Easter clearance sooner! I saw some cute Easter spachulas there last week and immediately thought of you! 🙂

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