March Doteable Review 7

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March Doteable

March Doteable Dorm Duffle

Doteable is a brand new monthly subscription service, so when they asked me if I’d want to review a package, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. Basically, Doteable is your partner-in-crime as you transition to life in college and beyond. Their essentials care packages (aka Dorm Duffles) are geared towards college students, however, the rest of us could use a little care too, so they could really be for any of us. Since B is a full time college student (as well as having a full time job), I requested a guys care package because, well yeah, he deserves a little care.


The Package

Doteable is shipped in a pastic sleeve envelope. It probably wouldn’t fit in your dorm mailbox (if it was anything like mine), but you’d get that fun little slip saying that you had a package at the desk which is even better!


The Pouch

Inside the plastic sleeve is a cute cloth bag which holds all the goodies. I love that they didn’t use a box because when you live in the dorms you just don’t have a ton of space for trash or storage. And you can use this bag to throw some clothes in for your next *slumber party* ;). You know what I mean.


First Look

A first look in a bag it a little more different than it is with a box, but I like you to see what I see! I was pretty impressed by the first look because everything seemed like it would fit a college students life perfect.

Doteable doesn’t have an information card because seriously, what college student is going to sit dow and read an information card. I wouldn’t have that’s for sure.  Here’s what was inside:

~Calvin Klein Cotton V-Neck ($16.25): This is totally perfect for B. He actually has a few of these v-necks already and loves them. He wears v-necks every single day and I only do laundry once a week (kinda like a college student), so this is awesome. For me and him.

Doteable Calvin Klein Cotton V-Neck

Calvin Klein Cotton V-Neck

~Puma Socks ($4): I couldn’t find these exact socks online (and yeah, I’ll admit I didn’t look that hard), but it seems like $4 is what Puma socks cost, so I am going with it. B has a 5K tomorrow and I am guessing he’s going to wear these socks for it. He was also very excited about these because they are totally something he’d pick!

Doteable Puma Socks

Puma Socks

~UNIQLO Boxers ($4.95): B doesn’t wear boxers (he wear boxer briefs – as if you needed to know that), but we will find a use for these. Either he’ll wear them or we’ll donate them. Something!  They have a boxer briefs too, which B would have LOVED. But I suppose they don’t know your preference. Maybe that could be on the questionnaire?

UNIQLO Boxers Doteable


~Bicycle Playing Cards ($3.29): Who doesn’t need a deck of cards? I know we do! I am throwing these in our “up-north” pile because I don’t think we have a deck of cards there. Weird right? I can’t even tell you the last time B and I played a card game. We should play more. A little OT, but we just watched 21 a few weeks ago and I wouldn’t mind knowing how to count cards!

Bicycle Playing Cards Doteable

Bicycle Playing Cards

~Bar Nuts Beer Mix ($2.69): These are perfect! I suspect B will crack into these tonight while watching some March Madness! Tell me this isn’t the cutest little can of nuts you’ve ever seen?? Seriously these might be my favorite item in the entire package.

Bar Mix Beer Nuts

Bar Mix Beer Nuts

~Ping Pong Balls ($1.50): If you don’t know what these are for, I’m not going to be the one to tell you.  Instead, I’ll just direct you here.  B and I tested our skills last night (sans beer) and I came out victorious.  I am pretty sure B wants a rematch.  With beer.

Ping Pong Balls Doteable

Ping Pong Balls

~Gillette Razor ($3.50): I haven’t used a disposable razor in I can’t even tell you how long and man, times have changed.  This is fancy and I thought at first it was one that you change the blades in.  I’m stealing this for myself.

Gillette Razor Doteable

Gillette Razor

~Trident Gum ($1.50): Again, this is perfect for B!  And any college student really.  After a long night of, umm, studying, sometimes you just need to freshen your breathe!

Trident Gum

Trident Gum

All totaled I came up with a value of $37.68 for the March Doteable Dorm Duffle!  Certainly a pretty sweet deal considering you can score your first bag for $30.  Wait, the bag also came with a delicious blood orange hard candy which was consumed before I could even photograph it.

What’d you think about the March Doteable Dorm Duffle?  Do you have a college student in your life who would love something like this?  I seriously love this idea and wish I was still in college so someone could send this to me!  They have options for guys and girls and you can specify the size you want for your clothing items.  If you want to sign up or just want to learn more, click here.

Disclosure: I received this for free in exchange for an honest review. As always, all opinions are my own. No compensation was received.

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