April PopSugar Must Have Box Spoilers! 51

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April PopSugar Must Have Box Spoilers~Tatcha Evening Aburatorigami Blotting Papers ($15)
~KAI Fragrance Oil ($48)
~Alter Ego Dark Quinoa Chocolate Bar ($3.99)
~Back Green Garmento 4-in-1 Bag ($9.99)
~ShopShashi Bracelet ($28) (not 100% sure of the exact one, but I know it’s got gold beads and rope)

Allright, based on what we’ve heard so far, these are the April PopSugar Must Have Box Spoilers.  According to my calculations, the total value is $104.98.  Thoughts?  I’ll update with mine once my actual box arrives because my opinions always change once I have it in my hands!

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51 thoughts on “April PopSugar Must Have Box Spoilers!

    • Scarlett Rose

      @Shauna: I agree, I just recieved the April box and it is very skimpy and disappointing! The bracelet is poorly strung and doesnt lie right against the wrist, thanks, a candy bar, a tiny sample sized perfume and a cheap, but least useful garment bag- I subscribed expecting a much nicer box- this was comparable to 10-15$ beauty boxes I get, not worth 30$ . I was tempted to try the 100$ mystery box, but not now.. disappointed 🙁

  • Brianna

    don’t know why i keep giving it more chances – it has never been as good as it was before i joined lol…guess the grass is always greener

  • Tannah

    This is my first box and I am SOOOOO disappointed. I was so excited after seeing the March box, these are all products that I would expect in a $10 sub. Definitely going to cancel…

  • Jessica

    This is definitely the worst Popsugar Must Have Box I have ever received! I’ve been so impressed with them every other month and this one really disappoints me. I won’t use anything that is coming in this box 🙁

  • Aimee A

    Sure this box isnt oh la la over the top. But it will still make me happy… I will use everything in this box. I love trying out new perfumes, and cant go wrong with chocolate! So yeah I wish it was better, but its still good!

  • Jill

    Didn’t they already give the Tatch blotting papers a previous month?? I guess the big ticket item is the fragrance oil so I’ll hold off judgment until I receive it but looks like the most disappointing month thus far.

  • Lauren

    I nominate you to curate the next Popsugar must have! You came up with waaaaay better must haves for April (your giveaway).

  • Angela

    I don’t get it. This is my first box and I like the picks this month. People are actively paying $48 for the Kai perfume oil (it’s still popular) and I am excited to see why everybody loves it. Not only do I get the perfume but a few other cool things to go with it for what 30 bucks? (Paid less for my first box) It’s a steal and I think people are expecting miracles. Anyhoo, I’m enjoying reading all the spoilers but all the complaining is starting to kill my contentment/excitement for the box lol

    • Jill

      @Angela: I undestand where you’re coming from regarding the complaining – there are usually a lot of complaints on the Makeup Talk forums but I try not to let it affect my personal feelings of excitement. This has probably been the first month I’ve been “meh” about but it’s probably only because I’ve been subscribing since September and I’ve liked all the previous boxes. But I agree, there will never be the perfect box that makes everyone happy.

    • Tina

      @Angela: Hey Angela, this is my first box too & I’m excited about it! I get what your saying tho… It is a buzz kill when you read negative comments. I just think people should just try out the products first before they leave a review. Honestly at first when I opened the box it wasn’t to exciting, but as I started to put on the Kai & was like “whoa” this smells “amazing”, and realize it was $48 online I was blown away. Then I saw my gray Shashi bracelet $28 which will fit everybody unlike the cuff from luxury box. So cute & adorable ready to wear it for the beach! The Garmento bag you don’t have to use it just for dry clean it’s 4in1 – the duffel feature is like a getaway. Put in your beach towel extra pillow blanket etc. Tatcha blotting paper is Oprah’s mag. favorite great for those hot summer day or night & who doesn’t like an organic vegan chocolate bar?! The one thing I was hoping for was the Silver Linings book it would of been perfect. I never heard of any of these products because of my busy life. So I’m glad I got this box because I like everything in it. $105 value for $3o I’m satisfied about this 🙂

    • Ms. M

      I totally agree. What do ppl expect for a $35 box? Gold and platinum jewelries? Designer handbags? Fur coat? Sheesh! I have been subscribing to PS since the beginning and have enjoyed every single box. The items I don’t like I would give to me friends and family. I love it because it’s like Christmas every month!

  • Sara R

    The bracelet is pretty. I am picky when it comes to scents so not sure about the fragrance oil. I know you will let us know what you honestly think=)

  • Mrs. L

    The chocolate and the laundry bag are what I call “throw ins”, extras that are nice but I don’t worry about them or usually count them towards my like or dislike of a box. So that leaves the bracelet, perfume and blotting papers. The bracelet looks interesting though it might skew for a younger crowd. The big thing will be if it fits (since I don’t think a bracelet or cuff they’ve sent has fit my pretty standard sized wrist). If not it’s a gift for my kid sister who will love it. The perfume is cool if I like the scent but won’t be upset if I don’t as it will make a great gift. The blotting papers (I don’t remember them from before) are something I’ll use. Gonna take that to work. Not my favorite box by a long shot but again, interesting things to try. Considering my “laundry” bag which we take stuff to the cleaners in is about 15 years old, I’m laughing because that throw in article will probably get used more than most!

  • Barbara Kaulius

    Just opened my box – not nearly as good as previous boxes- the laundry/garmet bag took up the whole box – and they showed that item on the show Sharktank and none of the sharks would invest in it – they thought it was not going to be used – I guess this is where the products that don’t launch wind up! I do love the Kia oil – have it on already – and the chocolate was good – but as others said – we already have the papers – so they don’t count. The bracelet is cute – mine is grey – already wearing it – a good box if they would replace the laundry bag.

  • Christina

    Honestly I’m really annoyed about this box. A laundry tote?? Seriously? If my may box isn’t amazing I’m going to cancel bc this is just a waste of money. I feel like all the other boxes got so many items and this box seriously got gypped in the worse way. Also the kicker this is my first box! Just my luck 🙁

  • tracey W

    Who the heck picks these? This is so disappointing. Other months have had the cutest items. This is just a bad joke. A laundry bag for lifestyle? Come on! I love the other boxes when they do movie tickets or books. There are so many better options. I was legit on the edge of my seat waiting for Fedex all day. This is one of the biggest let downs ever 🙁

  • Courtney

    I agree with some people that this box isn’t an absolute jackpot or anything, but I don’t expect them to be in the first place. All of these items are things I don’t have and will try so I’m excited! The Kai perfume oil is intriguing because of the good reviews and I’m really excited that it will go into my purse without the worry of it breaking or overcrowding my bag. You can never have too much jewlery and the green garmento bag is super usable, especially with kids. I could fit so much sporting stuff on there! Plus, I just saw that episode of shark tank! Lol. Oh, and even if this box was terrible I still wouldn’t complain because its free thanks to a special friend of mine 😉

  • Erica G.

    I don’t receive this box but I wouldn’t be too excited about this month’s selections. The Alter Ego chocolate is so good though! I received a bar (in a different flavor) in my 28 Day Hug a few months ago and I wanted another one. Quinoa seems like a weird flavor for chocolate to me though, I wonder if it would taste crunchy?

  • Aimee A

    I know I already commented, but after getting my fabfit fun box… that bracelet is amazing! all the jewelry ive ever gotten from popsugar has been 30000x better than my FFF jewelry! This is one box that I know for sure that I will use everything!

  • Emily KG

    I like that bracelet, I’m into them now and found one I really want…$300 sigh.

    Those blotting papers look good too. I love the Mai ones that I got an Ipsy sample of. I bought some, and probably the best thing I’ve gotten through ipsy EVER.

  • Nicole

    This is my first box, and I have to say I was disappointed when I first opened everything. I thought the garment bag was a tote bag and I figured there had to be more goodies in this bag. After further reviewing the items I feel just content with everything, I am not excited as I thought I would be.

  • Lisa Dre

    I have received every box since day one. There has not been 0ne box i didn’t like. There are some items i simply not crazy about. Although, My daughter and I split the box or share according to our likes. Box just justified every time there is a cool snack for there is a treat (hubby gets that). The handy things, maybe not used immediately, but came in handy when needed (ie: Baggu, Mugs, Sewing kit, socks) Some awesome products (ie, Brokedown, Fragrance diff-user, scarf and wrap) = awesome! Hang in there people. Maybe u aren’t thrilled this month, overall, I am very happy with this sub club 🙂 LD

  • bryanna

    they should have at least included the frame to turn the bag into a hamper. then it wouldn’t be such a complete let down. first and possibly last box for me :/

  • Chris

    Ugh. I want to cry. This box SUCKS. It’s my second and I hate PopSugar now. Unfortunately, I preordered 3 months so I couldn’t cancel after that first horrible box I got last month. My girlfriend and I both spit out the stuff that tastes like baker’s chocolate (come on!) and she totally laughed when she saw the stupid 4-in-1 tote. The only thing I’ll use are the blotting papers. It’s like the year that my grandmother wrapped crocheted hangers as a gag gift. I couldn’t figure out what was in the package so I was ready to be surprised and then BAM! Total disappointment. On a better note, I love this blog and think it’s totally cute.

  • Alicia

    I think people just like to hear themselves complain. You spend $35 on a box and get $104 worth of product… still not good enough for ya? I love PopSugar. It’s a great surprise every month and I will be keeping my subscription.

  • Natasha

    Cancelled my subscription. Looks like nowadays you can order after seeing spoilers. Saving my $35 for a new handbag I will actually use!