Target 90% Off Easter Clearance Haul!

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The Haul

I heard that Target’s Easter Clearance was 90% off this morning, so along with WB, my mom and I headed out to see what we could find. Here’s what we scored!

~Wilton Mini Fluted Pan (070020802): $1.19
~Nordic Ware Petits Fours Baking Pan (070020607): $2.29
~Wilton Mini Pie Pan (070020809): $1.19
~Goodnight Moon Rattles (030100368): $0.49
~Girls Footed Easter Bunny Sleeper (206050609): $0.89
~Easter Bodysuits (206050616 / 206050617): $0.49
~Chicco Little Jack Rattle (030100175): $0.39
~Disney Plush / Rattles (030100087 / 030100088 / 030100787): $0.49
 ~Jack & The Neverland Pirates Cameras (204120449): $0/50
~Batman Egg Stickers (240040814): $0.30
~Bubble Gun / Bubble Wand (091151368): $0.29
 ~PAAS Egg Decorating Kits (240040811 / 240040818 / 240040823): $0.20
~Golden Eggs (240040814): $0.30
~Easter Eggs (240041855): $0.10
~Easter Grass (240041893): $0.05
 ~Disney Matching Game (087100592): $0.49
~Disney Sippy Cups (030051062): $0.49
 ~Cake Pop Decorating Kit (055082554): $2.09 (only 70% off)
~Treat Pops Display Set (070060545): $1.59
~Colored Sugar Set (261120346):  $1.49 (only 70% off)
~Easter Treat Bags (070060552): $0.29
 ~Glitter Glue Pens (240041828): $0.50
~Easter Suncatchers (240040123 / 240041832): $0.50
~Butterfly Stepping Stone Kit (240041831): $0.50

I *think* that was it.  I might check out another one tonight (I need one more bubble gun for L’s friends at school) and well, I just can’t resist Easter clearance.

Did you go out today?  What’d you pick up at 90% off?  I can’t wait to hear about all your finds~~

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  1. Jenny

    Holy Moly thats alot of stuff.

  2. Kellie

    I got one of the Treat pops Display Kits… I have a bridal shower to throw this summer and I am going to try and find a way to use it for something.. It looked so neat and for under $2 I couldn’t pass it up….

  3. Kristin

    Why. Don’t. I. Do. This?!!

  4. Carly

    My Target sucks. Seriously, all they had was candy and some random crap thrown on a shelf. I may need to branch out to some different Targets. I want those pans!

  5. Ashley C.

    Our store was pretty much wiped clean, and still only 70% off. I did get some little paper boxes for treats for $0.30, a notepad for $0.30 and a Cinderella bag full of hair elastics for $0.50. Oh — and a couple bags of Cadbury Mini Eggs for $1.59 each.

  6. Alexia561

    Think my Target must have shopping ninjas, as they never have good things left for the 90% sales! And a little disappointed you didn’t find any Easter spatulas. *L*

  7. Stacey

    Wow I can’t believe they reduce the grass to 5cents, thats crazy! Love those treat pop display kits!


  8. Emily KG

    Wow. You did really well. I went Monday and Thursday and did well, but everything was pretty wiped out by Thursday. I REALLY wanted the ombr? table runner, but didn’t buy it at 50% and missed it at 70….BOOOOOOO. I did get some of the dish towels though. I’m super happy I got the felt eggs and wreath at 50 though…I really wanted those and there were only a few left so I snagged them. Went to 3 stores and don’t have enough reason to go hunting. I should look online for the runner!

  9. Nicole

    I’m so jealous of your 3 sippy cups. Seriously considering going to a target 30 minutes away just to look for some more.

  10. Wendy Rose

    Woah! So jealous! You should do a giveaway. haha 😉

  11. jennifer

    Nice haul! Did you find the Disney Sippy cups in the regular isles?

  12. Ashley

    Nice haul!!!!!!! Totally jealous. I had to sift through a bunch of stuff…But I was able to get a plush Darth Vader with Bunny Ears to place on my new desk lol!

  13. Lauren

    Ok, so because I don’t know how to post to the New’s Letter…. I’m posing here! 🙂
    You asked about suggestion for family vacations. This would be something you would want to wait a few years til your kids are older and ok at swimming, but you have to go to Schlitterbahn water park in San Antonio, TX
    There are other Schlitterbahn’s but you have to go to that one! It’s not actually in San Antonio but it’s right by there. It is by far the BEST water park ever! I saw it featured on the travel channel for awesome family vacations. We went, truly the best ever. I can not say enough good things about it!!!!!

  14. Mary Q.

    Wow that’s a lot of stuff! Stopped by Target today and that one was only 70% off… boo! I’d love to see how the cake pops turn out. I’m addicted to those things.

  15. Marissa

    i just called my target and they said that tonight is the last night for easter clearance. is that normal to only have 1 day of it? Or should i check tomorrow morning?

  16. Janaya

    Those are some great deals! Just wondering where do you store all of this stuff?

  17. Jamie

    I so think my targets sux u scored great job mine had a few leftover candys that’s it and it was still 70%

  18. Our candy was 70% off. We bought 11 bags. I’m proud and a little ashamed of us. But like I said at the store, we’re hitting a cheap candy drought until Halloween, so we’d better stock up. I’m planning for the future, here.

  19. sheena

    I think I’m going to start stalking these sales. My plan is to get bins and label them with each holiday and use the stuff for the next year (anything that is non-food items anyway). That way I’m not running around last minute and I save a ton of money.

  20. Tons and Tons and Tons of candy left over… I’ve never been more sad to see tons of peanut butter eggs sitting waiting to be bought!!! I wanted to buy like 20 packs but Tim thought that was ridiculous, lol!

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