May Tyler Florence Fancy Box Review

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Tyler Florence Fancy Box
May Tyler Florence Fancy Box

My May Tyler Florence Fancy Box finally arrived today. Last month’s came on the 25th and I thought that was late, so this one was like extra super late. Still, I didn’t care too much since I had SO many other boxes to get caught up on and review.

Tyler Florence Fancy Box
The Box

I was very happy to see the special Tyler Florence box this month!  I love when they do special boxes for their curated collections.  And L commented right away that it was surely food related and was totally excited for me to open it.

Tyler Florence Fancy Box
First Look

I read some spoilers for the Tyler Florence Fancy Box, but I didn’t see any pictures, so the first look was a total surprise. And it was a good surprise! Everything looked better in person than they sounded online.

Tyler Florence Fancy Box
The Information Cards

Ahh, me and my Fancy Box information cards. Love them. And they will go in my collection. Sort of related, sort of not, but I wonder how many collaborations Fancy Box will do? I mean they have Ashton Kutcher, P!nk, Cocoa Rocha, Verbal (I’ll admit I have no idea who this is), Jennifer Love Hewitt and Tyler Florence. Will they just keep adding them? Or will they end some of the collaborations to add others? Only time will tell I suppose.

Here’s what I received in my May Tyler Florence Fancy Box:

~Cooking Guide Apron ($19.95): So yeah, I got this in my May Fancy Food Box as well, so now I have two. Either B and I are going to have matching aprons (he would ever allow this) or I will gift one to a friend. I understand that fancy items will sometimes overlap, but does it have to be in the same month?

Tyler Florence Fancy Box
Apron Cooking Guide

~Prepara Herb Savor ($29.99): How cool is this thing? This gadget will prolong the life of your fresh herbs for up to 3 weeks and looks cool doing it. Such a genius idea because we always have left over herbs when we buy them and yeah, they usually end up going to waste. I never even thought to look for a product like this. So cool.

Tyler Florence Fancy Box
Prepara Herb Savor

~Egg Fry Rings ($15): The minute I saw these, I immediately thought of eggs benedict and how I wanted to make some. NOW. And then I realized that yeah, I don’t really now how to make them and will need B to take pity on me and do it. I will totally use these for breakfast sandwiches though, because I am kind of OCD like that. I can’t wait to see how these really work. This weekend for sure!

Tyler Florence Fancy Box
Egg Fry Rings

~Ad-N-Art Tilt Mug ($12.95): It all comes back to tea doesn’t it? Am I the only person in America who dislikes tea? I must be. I do like the tilt design of this mug a lot though and would use it for coffee (or ice cream) or wine or whatever! However, I suspect that B is going to steal this and take it to work with him. He does have a tea steeper, but this mug which does the same thing without the steeper, is much cooler. Much cooler!

Tyler Florence Fancy Box
Ad-N-Art Tilt Mug

All totaled I came up with a value of $77.89 for the May Tyler Florence Fancy Box. Well ove the $46.95 ($39 + $7.95 shipping). While I enjoyed the box, I would have enjoyed it a ton more if it didn’t have the duplicate apron in it! I don’t blame Tyler Florence for that though ;). Someone over at Fancy should have talked him into picking another item.

Did you get a Tyler Florence Fancy Box? What’d you think of the box? Thinking of ordering? Click here and get on it! I still can’t find any coupon codes, but I will let you know if I hear of any. Oh, and if you can’t find the Fancy Box you are looking for, I suggest just doing search for “Fancy Box“. It’s much easier than trying to navigate their site!

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  1. Danielle

    You’d be useless in England….with the not liking tea and all! Lol.

  2. I have been trying to avoid spoilers on this one because it is on the way to me now, but i could not resist!

    I already have the herb savor. I bought it a few years ago, as recommended by Oprah! It was on her favorite things list! I will gift this to a friend though. Oh and it also works great with green onions (scallions, you guys call them in the States I think).

  3. Haute Mommy

    I don’t drink tea. I make it sometimes then add sugar and ice. 🙂
    Eggs Benedict are easy! Google the blender recipe, apparently you can make the sauce in a blender and don’t have to worry about it getting lumpy.

  4. Michelle R

    Amazing to see this month’s is out – I never even got mine from last month! I emailed them and they said it was delayed, then I never heard anything else. I need to contact them again. So annoying, especially because I liked what was in that month’s better!

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