May / June Fancy Box Review

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Fancy Box
May / June Fancy Box

I received a shipping notification for my Fancy Box late last night and happily I didn’t have to wait long for it to arrive. I have so many Fancy boxes in limbo right now (this was my regular Fancy Box with Men’s Gadgets and Home as the selections), so I am happy one finally arrived.

Fancy Box
The Box

L and I had been stalking the porch for the package all morning, but FedEx was late today so it wasn’t there until after we went to Target. I love the pink / purple box, but I see that they now have a yellow one, which is what I want to get next!

Fancy Box
First Look

I had seen a few Fancy boxes this month, so I pretty much new what to expect. Although, there is always that element of surprise with Fancy (like how they just ship the boxes whenever they feel like it), so you never really KNOW for sure!

Fancy Box
The Information Card

I’ve told you before, but I’ll tell you again. I love these little information cards. They don’t store as well as bigger information cards, but I am guessing not many people save them like I. And what am I saving them for you ask? I have no idea.

Here’s what I received:

~ Mizu Fancy Bottle ($18): I got B a similar water bottle for his birthday, but like he said, you can never have too many water bottles. This is a great size and it’s stainless steel and just fancy! Totally love it.

Fancy Box
Mizu Fancy Bottle

~Milo Micro-Suction Stand ($14.95): I would have loved this back when I worked. It would have really assisted my umm, working to be able to have this sitting right next to my computer so I could easily check (and see) Facebook and all those other important sites. B has already claimed this though and plans to put it to good use for when he is doing homework and listening to music I think?

Fancy Box
Milo Micro-Suction Stand

~Menu Selection Decanting Pourer($11.99): When B saw this today he was thrilled.  He said he saw one at the Pottery Barn Outlet over the weekend and almost bought it.  Don’t tell him fool you, he enjoys the PB outlet as much as I do.  This is one gadget that we have probably always eyed, could totally use, but never bought on our own!

Fancy Box
Menu Selection Decanting Pourer

~F@#K The Time Watch by TKO($95): Okay, so when I got this I was like seriously, why does everything I get from Fancy have to have the F-Bomb in it?? I mean, where would someone wear this watch? Well, it turns out that B loves it and plans to wear it. I’m not sure where he’s going to wear it, but he likes it!!  Which perhaps just goes to show how uncool I am that I thought it was all crazy?

Fancy Box
F@#K The Time Watch by TKO Watches

All totaled I came up with a value of $139.94 for the May (or maybe it’s June) Fancy Box. Would I have paid $75 for it all? No, but now that I know B is totally into everything, I certainly would have paid $46.95 (the cost of the box plus shipping)!!

Did you get a Fancy Box this month? What was in it and what categories did you pick? I would love to hear!! And if you are interested in signing up or just want to learn more, click here. There are no coupon codes that I know of right now, but I’ll post on Facebook as soon as I hear of one!

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  1. kimberlee

    i am so glad that i am not the only one who has no idea when Fancy boxes are coming,which month it is for…or how to even tell IF i am missing a box…

  2. Kristin

    Mine came last week- women, gadgets and home are my categories and we got exactly the same things but my watch is robins egg blue and doesn’t say the F-Bomb! Lol.

  3. Jenna

    Currently…I want to punch Fancy Box in their stupid face. I chatted with them yesterday and they said it would ship today (well the 30th) but my status is still “payment received” and my status is still “pissed” at the lack of attentiveness they show to people who pay them a good chunk of money!

    But I digress.


  4. heather

    guess I got lucky.. my watch was hot pink : )

  5. Amanda

    This was my first Fancy box and I was pretty pleased. I got the watch in mint and absolutely LOVE it. Saw it retails at $125 which is pretty nice!

    1. Lauren

      @Amanda: Hey Amanda! I got the mint watch as well! However, you’ll notice the watch that retails for $125 is a REAL Skeleton watch. The one that came in our box actually has no movement, it’s all for looks. The one that we got actually retails for $95 but that’s still pretty darn good!

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