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When the folks at DoggieLawn contacted me and asked me if I’d like to check out a box, I was totally intrigued. In case you don’t know, DoggieLawn is a monthy subscription service designed to make bathroom trips for you and your dog easier.  As a subscriber, you’ll real grass delivered right to your doorstep every week or every other week so your dog always has a place to go.  It’s $15/box (plus shipping) for the standard size (which is what we received) and $20/box for the doggielawn plus.  It’s perfect for house training a puppy, apartment life, cold or rainy weather and is a great eco-friendly alternative to puppy pads.

The Box

DoggieLawn ships via FedEx Ground and comes in a huge box.  I don’t know what I was expecting, but it was big.  And although it clearly says “ALWAYS lay packages FLAT” it was totally propped up on my Porch when I got home from up-north over the weekend, which made me a tad bit scared to open it!

First Look

Alas, I shouldn’t have been worried.  The grass arrived in perfect condition.  And I don’t know what I was expecting, but it was real grass!  I mean I read the information online about it, but I was still surprised.  And although it had been in transit for a few days and sat on my porch overnight (on end actually), it was as if it had just been watered.  Amazing. B was even like wait, this is real grass!!

Tips to Get You Started

Instead of an information card, DoggieLawn includes a sheet of tips to get you started.  The tips include prepping the grass with scent, consistency, positive reinforcement, supervision, grass care and training aids.  All great ideas and very helpful since we’ve never seen or used a product like this.

Thinking about it.

Baxter and Buddy still aren’t sure what to think about this, but I am going to keep working on them.  And by them I mean Buddy since he’s the one who likes to have accidents in the house.  Yeah, he’s 6 and still has accidents.  Seriously Buddy, come on.  I hear it’s common with yorkies, but still?  Maybe this could solve everything though?

What do you think of DoggieLawn?  Is it something you (and your dog) could use?  They use something similar to this on cruise ships for service dogs (we saw it in a corner of the walking deck) and thought it was genius and so is this.  I never really thought about how service dogs on cruise ships, at malls, etc. used the bathroom.  Luckily people like DoggieLawn did!!

If you are interested in subscribing or just want to learn more about DoggieLawn, click here.

Disclosure: This box was received for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.
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  1. I could totally use that right now! Living in a condo with a pup who needs to pee every 2 hours is so annoying. Thankfully I’m only dog sitting for 4 weeks then she’s outta here!

  2. Taynia @ Skinny Seahorse

    Where was this when I lived in a condo? My pug still had accidents all the way up to age 12. This would have been perfect!

  3. Alena Pidala

    This is absolutely hilarious!! I need to think of something totally out of the box, and make it a subscription box!!

  4. Carly

    Leo is going to be 8 and STILL has accidents in the house (although I am pretty sure they are not accidents, but just him being an a-hole). I think it is something with smaller dogs maybe. My friend lived in a condo that had something similar to this. My dogs would probably pee right next to it though.

  5. Jenna

    While I don’t have a dog, I do have 5 cats, and I can imagine how benefitial this would be to dog owners!

    I saw an episode of House Hunters that had a couple that had a dog they had litter box trained!! So they never had to walk their dogs to use the bathroom…only for leisure!! Crazy I tell ya…

  6. brandy

    omg how adorable. we had a fake one and my dog NEVER went on it. my hubby even peed on it for her.

  7. jen

    This is so neat!

  8. Tracy

    What does one do with it, after the 4 week time has come and gone? Do you throw it in the trash and order another? Or does the DoggieLawn service pick up the old one?

  9. Sandi

    I have been using this from the day we got our puppy…that’s 3 months now. We live in an apartment and we put it out on our patio. I love it and he was potty trained within a week. He still has an oops every now and then but it’s totally worth it. It’s hydroponic grass and it doesn’t attract bugs like normal grass. So easy to open the box and dispose when done.

  10. Stephanie

    Yes it is a great idea! There’s another company that offers the same kind of service.

  11. Krystal

    Lola pees in the house too. Makes me so mad. She’s 6. Get it together, Lola. Sheesh.

  12. Mrs. L

    OMG, If I had a dog I’d so totally do this!

  13. That picture of the furries has got to be the cutest picture of the two of them ever!!!! And the last picture, classic!!!

  14. JenC

    I have subscribed to DoggieLawn for about a month now. We live on the 5th floor of a downtown building and were looking for a solution to long work hours for our dogs. They started using their Doggie Lawn Plus on day 1 and have been faithful with it ever since. Total life saver!!

  15. Freda Mans

    OMG your furbabies are adorable!!!

    My girls don’t go in the house, but with the summer almost upon us and a heat wave at the moment, they go outside less. This would be great for those times, just in case they have to go and the pavement is too hot to walk on.

  16. Brian H.

    That first picture is exactly how I picture you having them stuffed in a few years. That could be a nice show and tell diorama for L. in a few years. Oh, and Buddy doesn’t have accidents. It’s on purpose.

  17. Brian H.

    Put it in Buddy’s crate.

  18. Shawn

    My yorkie is 9 an still has accidents… On table legs, corners, bed post… I’ve resigned myself to cleaning it up forever. I love that little shit head 🙂

  19. Lynsey

    Your doggies are just to die for!

  20. Maggie

    I looked into this when you first mentioned it. I was wondering why they send you a new one each month and I’m totally going to need this sometime when I finally get an apartment! Buddy is really good about not peeing when he’s by himself for a long period of time but he’s been a ‘dog door’ dog for so long he probably will have accidents. I hope this box is around for a while unlike Cravebox! So sad!

  21. Kristina Olmedo

    THIS IS AMAZING.( ALL CAPS YES) I need this for my 2 pooches who are home all day with out me. I do have a dog walker but this would be really cool for when it rains. My pets are super prissy about getting their paws wet.

  22. Crystal D

    Do you have an update on this? Are they using it? Muggles is trained on puppy pads at the moment which he is very good about but I think I would like something like this better.

  23. Andrew

    The box is what I want and my dog loves. To pick up the poop without touch and eco-friendly paper material. Absolutely ?GREEN? dog poop picker ? ipoopicker . Monthly box and 14 boxes for yearly subcsription.

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