PopSugar Summer Fun Must Have Box SPOILERS!!! 21

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In super surprising news, the first of the PopSugar Summer Fun Must Have boxes have started to arrive in mailboxes. No one had gotten any prior notification that they were coming, they just showed up!! Here’s what’s inside:

~Swell Water Bottle: ($35)
~Henri Bendel Candle: ($30)
~House of Harlow Sunglasses: ($125)
~Truffle No 1 Clarity Pouch: ($38)
~Vitabath Exfoliating Sugar Scrub: ($17.99)
~Starbucks Coffee Refreshers: ($7.99)
~Sachin and Babi sarong: (~$50) (*)

All totaled, I came up with an estimated value of $303.98 for the PopSugar Summer Fun Must Have Limited Edition Box.  As always, I will post my thoughts on the box once I have mine in my hot little hands!  I like to check everything out in person before making any judgements!




(*) I cannot find this anywhere online??
Forgive the collage. It’s not my best work ;).

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21 thoughts on “PopSugar Summer Fun Must Have Box SPOILERS!!!

  • Angela

    It’s SO good. I’m so wishing I caved on this one! That sarong and the Henri Bendel ( in LOVE with that brand) candle make it worth it got me but everything in there is pretty great. Ughhh lol

  • Rebecca

    I loved everything in my box except the sunglasses. I got the Tilda Gold aviators. I love aviators, but these ones have this really funny piece of metal above the bridge of the nose. It makes them look just plain wierd on me. It’s a bummer that the one item I dislike in the box is the big ticket item. I’m trying to figure out a way to clip out the piece of metal without ruining the sunglasses. Wish me luck!

    • Mel

      @Rebecca: I got the same pair but in “gunmetal”, and I was thinking the exact same thing about the funny little part on the bridge….I’m thinking ebay maybe? I do like the rest of the things in the box, but I’m not sure I will do another limited edition box.

  • Emily KG

    I wish you’d do spoiler alerts for these! I’m excited to find out what’s in it, but I wanted to be surprised! Looks really good though!

  • Roxanne

    I’m actually pretty stoked for this box! (Yes, I said stoked.) As long as the sunglasses are a style I’ll wear, everything else looks pretty useful. Yay!

  • Ceci

    Got my box on Friday and while I’m happy with the contents the glasses I got do not look good on my face : ) Maybe someone out there will like to trade?

  • Tina

    For me I’m glad I didn’t get the Summer Edition Box, but the Value is really good, and I can’t wait to get the regular May box. I work for a Limited Brand Store so I could get the Henri Bendel candle for a discounted price. I’m very picky when it comes to sunglasses to frame my face, but those aviators look pretty nice, and the sugar scrub I can get that anywhere. Water bottle & pouch who doesn’t have that already? Sarong you can find a gorgeous one at TJ Maxx & pick the color you want. In my opinion I rather take my $100 to the mall & find my own summer must have. I wish they show you what you’re getting before making a huge purchase – BirchBox showed their Superwoman Collection photo which was sweet! It’s a gamble with limited edition boxes. Although this box is better than the one in December luxury box I must say.

  • Mrs. L

    The glasses I got were “Lynn Fog” and those are probably my least favorite out of all the ones shown on the link you gave. They just don’t go well with my face and hair which I think many of the others would (darker, not metal rims etc.). But they are nice glasses. I’ll just have to see about exchanging them or giving them away. I’m “okay” with the box, but if the glasses had been any other style, I probably would have been ecstatic.

  • Kelsey

    I got the Tilda gold sunglasses and would love to trade anyone for the Lynn Fog in the black and gold like the picture shown in the booklet we got in our boxes.

  • Shazzz

    Got my box on Friday, gave my husband the sunglasses and the Swell water bottle he was thrilled, the sarong is going in our nieces honeymoon bag and the rest is all mine for some reason there was no booklet in my box ….
    I love the boxes because there are things I might not select for myself but always find a use for.