PopSugar Must Have 2013 Summer for Her Limited Edition Box Review

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PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Summer Fun

I wasn’t expecting my PopSugar Summer Fun Must Have Limited Edition Box (that’s a mouthful) to arrive until Friday, so I was super happy to see it in my mailbox today.  I don’t know what is going with FedEx Smart Post or if this is a sign of things to come, but I am happy with today’s happenings.

The Box in the Box

This was the second PopSugar Limited Edition Box (for her anyway).  The first came packed in a fancy black gift box, with no label on the outer brown box letting you know what was inside.  This was the same exact way.  But the inside let you know what it was!

First Look
Second First Look

Of course, I knew what was in the PopSugar Summer Fun box, but that didn’t stop me from being super excited for the first peek!  It’s always exciting to see what variations of the products I am going to get compared to what other people got.  So even if you read the spoilers, you really don’t “know” exactly what you are getting until you get your box.  Well, you don’t really know until you unwrap everything, but you know what I mean.  I think.

The Information Booklet

Don’t worry, I will not discuss every page of the information booklet, but as with all PopSugar information cards, it includes pictures and descriptions of everything in the box.  And here is what I received:

~Swell Water Bottle ($35): Well this is a fancy water bottle.  It keeps cold things cold for 24 hours and hot things hot for 12 hours.  I kinda don’t want B to steal this away from me because it’s so flippin cool!  This is going to come in very handy on those summer days on the patio!  I kinda wish I would have gotten the pink one though.  Anyone want to trade?

Swell Water Bottle

~Henri Bendel Candle (Lilac) ($30): I have loved these candles ever since they used to sell them at Bath & Body Works back in the day.  Sadly they no longer sell them there and I have been too lazy to order one online.  But now I have one again and I am thrilled!!  And this scent is amazing!  I haven’t seen anyone else get Lilac, so I am even more excited that I got it!

Henri Bendel Candle (Lilac)

~House of Harlow Sunglasses (TILDA Gunmetal) ($125): Of all the items in the box, I was most interested to see which sunglasses I would get. I probably shouldn’t have been too concerned because I will wear just about any sunglasses out there.  These aren’t something I’d buy myself, but I will totally wear them!  As for looking good on my face, I don’t know.  But I also don’t care too much because I like them!!

House of Harlow Sunglasses (TILDA Gunmetal)

~Truffle No 1 Clarity Pouch ($38): I totally love this!  I know some people are like why would you need a $38 ziploc bag? But this is totally 100% up my alley. I LOVE it and cannot wait to take it to the beach.  I have gotten sand, sunscreen and water in more electronics from throwing them in beach bags than I would like to discuss, so this is perfection.  And it’s cute to boot!

Truffle No 1 Clarity Pouch

~Vitabath Exfoliating Sugar Scrub ($17.99): Before I go spray tanning next time, I am so going to exfoliate with this.  It smells amazing and I don’t have any scrubs, so this is awesome.

Vitabath Exfoliating Sugar Scrub

~Starbucks Coffee Refreshers (Very Berry Hibiscus) ($7.99): I’ve never had the packet version these, only the cans (which are delicious), so I am excited to give these a try.  And since I am trying to drink less soda (I may order it at a restaurant, but I don’t keep it in the house), but love caffeine, these may be my new BFF!  And I think they are a perfect match for a summertime box.

Starbucks Coffee Refreshers (Very Berry Hibiscus)

~Sachin + Babi sarong (~$50):  I don’t think I have ever owned a sarong and I probably wouldn’t buy one on my own, but I will certainly find a use for this.  I mean the print is gorgeous.  How could I not? I wish I was one of those people who could easily wrap this into an amazing dress and not look stupid, but I am not.  LOL.  I’ll probably just end up wearing this as a wrap ;).  And while this is a very expensive line, I cannot find the sarong (or any sarongs by them) online, so I went with a super conservative value of $50.

Sachin + Babi sarong

All totaled, I came up with an estimated value of $303.98 for the PopSugar Summer Fun box!  Oh and it’s a good think I did look at the spoilers because I totally would have missed the sarong and the pouch because they were wrapped and in the bottom of the box.  I thought they were just packaging material!  I liked this one even more than the Luxury Box and now I am trying to decide if I should pull the trigger on the PopSugar Men’s Special Edition Summer for Him Box because I don’t want to miss out on something fabulous! Did you order it??  What do you think will be in it?

Did you get the PopSugar Summer Fun Must Have box?  What’d you think?  And what variations of the items did you get?  What color water bottle?  Style of sunglasses?  Candle scent?  I want to hear!!  And if you still don’t subscribe to the monthly PopSugar Must Have boxes, what are you waiting for?  Click here to get signed up for May and have a chance to win a Clare Vivier Clutch!!  And don’t forget to use code “REFER5” to save $5 off your first box!

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  1. Kellie

    If i get the pink bottle I will totally trade you! Pink is not my thing but that water bottle is what I am most excited about. Keeping my drink ice cold for 24 hours? That’s a pretty awesome claim. Even if it only works for 8 hours, to go out to my car and have ice cold water after work? That would be AWESOME in the summer.

  2. Jenny

    Love this box. I think this might be one of the best ones they’ve done of any kind lately.I didn’t get it but I would use everything in there.

  3. Lauren L

    I got the pink one and I’d prefer silver. What’s shipping like to trade though? I’m in San Diego.

  4. Sonya

    I am still waiting on mine. For some reason getting from Bellville smart post to the Jackson post office takes over 24 hours, so I am expecting mine tomorrow! I am hoping for the candle in any scent other than Fig. I got one in my Birchbox From the Garden box and it kind of smells like dirt. I am also hoping for a different type of sunglasses other than aviators, as they don’t look so good on me.

  5. Kristin

    I did not sign up for this but kind of wished I did now seeing the pictures!! Trying to decide about the men’s box, have you seen any spoilers about it?

  6. Mrs. L

    I got the pink water bottle and the Jasmine candle (both which I’m fine with and I would have been fine to get other colors and scents too). I got the Lynn Fog sunglasses which I’ll try to trade.

    1. Roxanne

      @Mrs. L: Any chance you’re interested in the Tilda’s? I received a pair in gold that are too small for my head so I’m looking to try the other styles and see if any of those fit.

        1. Roxanne

          @Hillary: Yes, I’m 99% sure those are them. I’ll confirm when I get home this evening. I’d love to trade if you’re still up for it!

        2. Roxanne

          @Hillary: Hi Hillary, I confirmed and the sunglasses I have are those on the picture. Jennifer, any chance you can facilitate an email introduction for the two of us so we exchange? Thanks!

      1. Mrs. L

        @Roxanne: Alas, wire rim sunglasses just don’t look good on me…I so want to be one of the cool looking girls but….

  7. Brandy

    I got my PS Summer box yesterday too! I really liked! I got the House of Harlow Lynn style glasses in Fog. I wasn’t too hip on them though. They weren’t my style and I wear prescription sunglasses anyway. So, I figured I’d try selling them on eBay. But they are very nice sunglasses.

    I got the pink Swell bottle and was so happy! I was most happy with the Henri Bendel candle. I got the Violet candle which was absolutely perfect for me as I love things scented Violet. It smells amazing! All in all, I think it was a great box! 🙂 Thanks for your review!

  8. Marietta Tisdale

    I got this box, as well. I am very happy with the contents. I got the silver s’well (bummer, wanted any color except silver), the HOH Gunmetal Tilda, (not what I would usually buy, but that’s kinda the point, right?) and the Fig candle. Honestly, again wanted any flavor but this, so I was a bit disappointed. Then I smelled it… Wow! Yummy! I am not going to get the summer for men, because my husband doesn’t care about this stuff at all. Would be a waste of money. I’ll just save it for my next box!

  9. Ashley

    Wow! That box looks great! I love the sunglasses!

  10. Jill

    Waaaaayyyy better than the December Luxury box! I’m glad I decided to get this one but now I’m tempted to get the For Him version too!

  11. Judy Louie

    Hi Jennifer, Did you see that you can purchase a monthly Pop Sugar Must Have box for 50% off? You have to already be a subscriber to get the discount. The code is GET50. That is a pretty good deal! I was super excited about it and bought one for my sister.
    I bought the Summer Fun box, too, and I got the pink S’well bottle, the same glasses as you, and my candle is Wild Roseberry. It smells super fruity – I like it. I love everything in the box, except the sunglasses. That little extra gold piece in the middle of the sunglasses kind of kills it for me. If it wasn’t there I would like them a lot better.

  12. Judy Louie

    I mispoke with that coupon code…you have to have been a previous subscriber or a current subscriber for it to work. And it has to be used before May 10th.

  13. Tara

    Not a bad box! I had canceled a couple months ago because I was a little disappointed after having loved them since their first box. Anyway I just got sent a we miss you email with a 50% off code for the may box which I have never seen from them! It’s get50 not sure if it works for everyone or not but just thought I’d let everyone know if they want to try. I don’t think I can pass it up!

  14. Roxanne

    All in all, I’m pretty satisfied. I got the silver bottle – which I prefer – and the Fig candle – which I also wanted. As far as sunglasses, I got the Tilda in gold… but, since I have a big head, they don’t quite fit, alas! I’m hoping to exchange them for the Lynn (and keeping my fingers crossed that they fit better). I was a little disappointed about the sarong. I like the print, but I thought it was weird that it was made out of polyester and not cotton (or something remotely more absorbent and breathable than poly). I just can’t see myself putting on the sarong when I’m anything close to damp and hot. I’m thinking that I’ll use the fabric to sew a cute – likely lined – top that can be worn during the summer instead of the sarong.

    1. Hillary


      I have the lynn if you want to trade!

      1. Kelsey

        I have the Tilda and would love to trade for the Lynn. Are they like the ones depicted in the booklet we got with our box??

  15. Tiffany

    Popsugar code GET50 for fifty% off good though may 10th

  16. Tiffany

    And I was not a current subscriber when I used that fifty% off code for popsugar. This is my first subscription box with popsugar

  17. Haleigh

    I’ve been loving your reviews on the PopSugar boxes. I just cancelled my BirchBox so I figured I could give it a try and just subscribed for the June box. I’ve never been a member and was able to use the GET50 code for 50% off!

  18. clarisse

    wow this is actually a great box much better than the dec luxury one.. I used that mailbox clutch once so far.. kind wish I got on this summer train, enjoy that sarong!

  19. Krista

    I am so glad I pulled the trigger on this one! This is my favorite PopSugar box so far! I got the pink bottle and am in love. I gave the sunglasses to my younger teen daughter–her face shape is perfect for them (and I wear glasses, so I can’t really wear them anyway). Giving the sarong to my older teen daughter who is going to Spain in a few weeks, so she is thrilled, too! Something for all three of us in this one–I just can’t get over how happy I am with this box!

  20. Crystal

    OMG those sunglasses!!!!!!!

  21. Maureen

    Yes, I agree with everyone that got the “luxury” box that this is so much better! I got the gunmetal Tilda sunglasses which I will definitely use, the silver bottle which I will use to keep water warm ready to go for my baby’s formula, and the fig candle wouldn’t be my first choice but it does smell good! Enjoy your boxes everyone!

  22. Annette

    the luxury boxes are way over my budget but it’s always been one of my favorite boxes to look inside into

    love that bottle, although it’s weird to find a drink bottle so pretty lol

  23. Emily KG

    I LOVE the sunglasses, hope I get those!

    It sucks when you’re the last one to get the box. What’s the point in reviewing it? I guess it’s where I live, but I ordered this immediately when it was posted. Glossybox did that to me too. So irritated!

    Deep breath. It’s a great box. And I got one! Yay!

  24. Lynda

    Loved this box. Received the blue drink bottle, silver sunglasses and Jasmine candle very happy.

  25. Mary Q.

    Ooooh dang this is a nice box. If I had less willpower I’d be broke by now. You need to stop sharing stuff I want! 😛

  26. Emily KG

    I have the silver bottle and Lilac candle if anyone wants to trade still

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