Birthday / June & July Favorite Things Giveaway!!!!

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Okay, in honor of my birthday and since we’re due for a Favorite Things Giveaway again, I’m going to do a big combination Birthday / June / July Favorite Things Giveaway!! I’ve gotten behind on getting the Favorite Things Giveaways up at the beginning of the month, so this is going to let me get back on track and get the August giveaway posted in the begging of the month! Here’s what this month’s giveaway includes:

~Essie Summer Collection 2013 Mini Set ($17): I wish all polishes came in the mini size!  I love love love mini bottles.  I *might* actually just be able to use up a mini bottle one day!

~Flavor Infuser Water Bottle ($15): SO cool.  This is a glass water bottle and will infuse your water with the flavor of whatever fruit you choose!

~Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Cream in White Russian ($19):  Hands down the best!  The best!

~Stella & Dot Bring It Jewelry Roll (Multistripe) ($39): This is the best way to take your favorite pieces with you on vacation.  I did not have one before I went on vacation in the Spring and ended up taking my stuff in ziplocs.  This is much more stylish.

~Apple iPad Mini (16GB) ($329): For real!  Everyone seemed to enjoy the first giveaway for this, so why not do it again??  I briefly considered an e-reader of some sort, but decided heck, just do an iPad mini again.  I like real books and the internet and apple products :).

~Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray ($29): I can’t vouch for this, but when I grab this for the giveaway I am grabbing one for me too.  It sounds so cool and gets rave reviews on Sephora!

~Zoku Slush and Shake Maker ($19.95): This is like the grown-up version of the as seen on tv slushie magic!  You can make shakes and slushes in minutes!

~Ray-Ban Original Aviator Sunglasses ($145): The classic summer sunglasses.  These look good on everyone.

All totaled, this giveaway has a value of $612.95!!  Since this is a combination giveaway, they all won’t be like this, so take advantage and enter this one a ton!! People always ask why I do giveaways, so I’ll explain. I do it to say THANK YOU to you all for reading, using my affiliate / referral links, buying Stella & Dot, Advocare and Tupperware, etc. I am so thankful and want to make sure you know! And since, without fail, I will get e-mails about it, here you go:

This giveaway is in Rafflecopter. You should see the box below. If not, try a different browser, your phone, a different computer, whatever. It’s there. You may enter once a day, but it MUST be 24 hours after you entered last. Rafflecopter flat out won’t let you enter sooner than 24 hours. And I won’t even tell you to READ the rules. You know. This giveaway will end on 7/10/13 at 11:59pm.

Good luck!!!!!!!

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  1. Amanda

    Love this giveaway! My summer bucket list includes lots of time at the beach and by the pool!

  2. Jackie

    Awesome giveaway!!!! Thank you! 😀

  3. Debbie

    Thank you for doing the giveaways, they are always fun to try and win.. I hope you have wonderful day today…

  4. Laurie

    Summer bucket list: East Coast Canada trip

  5. Susan

    This is awesome!! I would be beyond stoked if I won! Happy birthday!

  6. Amber

    My summer bucket list is to take our new puppy for a walk.

  7. Kaitlin V.

    This looks great – how convenient that your favorite things line up with MY favorite things! haha

  8. Mindi

    On my bucket list is getting my daughter to enjoy the pool!

  9. Shelby

    what a nice giveaway!

    on my summer to do list : go to Martha’s Vineyard!

  10. Tia

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!! My summer bucket includes potty training my 2 year old and spending a wonderful “unplugged” week in Canada!

  11. Gina F.

    Yay!! Happy Birthday!! One of the biggest things on my Summer Bucket List is to finish the boys playroom!!

  12. Mary

    Happy Birthday!!

  13. Jillian

    Great Giveaway! Happy Birthday 🙂

  14. jmd

    Unfortunately my summer will be taken up by construction 🙁 But I am hoping for a trip to Boston after Labor Day – does that still count? And June is my birthday – Please I want to win something! Happy birthday to you, Jen

  15. Alicia

    My summer bucket list includes going to the beach!! I have yet to go but by this time last year I had gone a few times already. I’m slacking this year.

  16. Elizabeth

    My summer bucket list includes taking a real day trip/vacation where I actually get to relax 🙂

  17. Yivanna

    Great Giveaway! Happy Birthday!

  18. Jenny

    Wow not sure I have a summer bucket list but here goes. I want to finish the book I’m reading so I can read the new Kresley Cole book that comes out next week 😉 And I need to not completely break down when N started kindergarten in a month. Really a month where has the last 5 years gone. No way is he old enough for school and to be gone from me all day 🙁

  19. Glenna

    My summer bucket includes a day trip to Niagara Falls and getting a sprinkler for my kid!

  20. Mel

    Summer vacation in Marco Island. If I can pull it off, it’s all that needs to happen this year. lol

  21. Amanda

    whoops I entered sorry…remove my entry. It’s the Canadian here…looks like a fun giveaway! Woohoo! Birthday Giveaways!

  22. Melissa Bean

    My summer bucket list includes a vacation of some sort. Nothing extravagant since I shouldn’t fly in my third trimester. I’m thinking just a few days away, preferably without the kids 🙂

  23. Kelsey N.

    One of my things on my summer bucket list is to take the boys to the movies. I have not been to the movies since I was pregnant with Mason and took Dillon to see Toy Story 3

  24. Melissa

    Love it! I never win anything, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this one – lol

    1. Melissa

      @Melissa: and I guess I should say my summer bucket list involves a tan!

  25. Krista

    My bucket list for this summer is pretty lame. I have one week until I finish my summer semester class. Then I plan to spend some time with my daughter before she goes off to camp and I start getting ready for nursing school. 🙂 We booked a cruise for 2 weeks before class starts so I can de-stress before I re-stress. I may not get another vacation until after graduation so I’ll take advantage of the time off now while I still have my sanity.

  26. jordan

    This giveaway would be great! My bucket list includes losing some weight, to feel comfortable at a beach/pool setting!

  27. christina

    spending lots of times outside with my kids!

  28. Margo

    You rock!! Love everything

  29. jordan

    Oh & Happy Birthday 🙂

  30. Diana Garza

    On my bucket list this summer is to go to beach and get a great tan (we leave to Cancun on July 5th – yay!) and to take my boys to go see Monsters University and Despicable Me 2! 😉

  31. Kate

    Thanks, Jennifer! Lots of fun favorite things this time around!

    1. Kate

      @Kate: Err, space-cadet moment. My summer bucket list is full of craft projects (and a craft organization project).

  32. melanie purcell

    ohhhhhhh this giveaway is sweeeeeeeeet!!! you da best!
    on my summer bucket list is to surprise my kids with a trip to disneyland!

  33. Sharon

    Skydiving. I soooooo hope I win, I need all of these things! I’m poor 🙁 lol

  34. MurdocksMama

    I would faint if I won the iPad…awesome giveaway!! 🙂

  35. Toni

    My Summer bucket list includes going to the beach and having a summer cookout…yum!

  36. Chrissy

    My summer bucket list is boring! I just want to go to the beach!

  37. Melody

    Actually have a good summer for once!

  38. Mandy Hillman

    Amazing Giveaway! My summer bucket list includes hanging out at the pool and organizing the new house! Happy Birthday!

  39. marzena j.

    Thank you for the giveaway!
    On my bucket list this summer organizing my closet and prepare my son (or myself) for preschool.

  40. Erika

    Vacation!!!!! Is in my bucket list! Heading to West Branch in a few weeks for a whole week on the lake with family. So fun!!

  41. Stacey

    You are the most generous person I know hands down!! This giveaway is holy-fantastical if that is even a word!

    I would like to make it to the beach one day this summer if the weather is ever nice enough!


  42. Sela

    Work out!

  43. Antonia

    This is such an awesome giveaway! My bucket list involves spending as much fun outdoors with my family as possible and remembering to take time to relax.

  44. Lynsey

    Summer bucket list… not burn! Oh wait I already messed up 🙁
    Awesome giveaway!
    And Happy B day AGAIN!! xoxox

  45. melissa g

    What a great give away@

  46. Anne Marie

    Summer bucket list… Moving!!!!

  47. Tori

    Happy birthday and thanks for the awesome giveaway! And, PS: I got the Spark samples in the mail over the weekend. I am currently enjoying the Fruit Punch flavor! Thank you!

    1. Tori

      @Tori: And, on my summer bucket list is to start training for a half marathon. I will be signing up for my first half at the beginning of October! Woohoo!

  48. Mary Frances

    Happy birthday! Sounds cheesy but being able to get through a book this summer would be number one on my summer bucket list.

  49. Julianne

    On bucket list is taking my 18 month old to the beach for the first time! I also have already gone to San Diego! 🙂

  50. Donia

    Love this Giveaway! Summer Bucket List: Have a baby! 2 months to go!

  51. Kellie

    Spending my summer going to the beach! SO glad to live by an Ocean Again!

  52. Ellen A.

    Yay!!! How fun! It’s my birthday month too (June 28th)! My summer bucket lists includes staying indoors to avoid the excessive heat, getting the house ready for baby, and giving birth… lol.

  53. Christine

    The number one thing on my summer list is a really good tan and spending time with friends. I’m done with school so I have time now to actually see people!!

  54. Sanja

    This is gonna sound so boring but I really really want to finish my Calculus class and finally get into my Masters program – I am one final exam away (today!). Then I can go back to being normal again – paint my nails, blog more, go and “try” camping, organize stuff.. It’s a huge bucket list lol
    Thank you so much! The water bottle looks so great !

  55. Mikkii

    Oh my gosh Jenn!!! What a crazy huge giveaway!! Lol…amazing that you do stuff like this 🙂

  56. Alice

    Never thought of having a summer bucket list but I think a lame item on it would be to finish the 3 non-fiction books on my Kindle to balance out all the uhh less academic summer beach reads that I have been reading. (FYI Crazy Rich Asians is crazy good)

  57. Evelyn

    I asked my son what he wanted to do this summer and he had some cute ideas. So, we’re going to have a picnic, swimming, farmers market, zoo trips. I love the mind’s of children. 🙂

  58. Stephanie

    How are the Costco mason jar mugs NOT included in your favorite things giveaway! LOL! Good thing I bought them in the greens/purples! Summer bucket list includes camping and going to Legoland!

    1. Amanda R

      Legoland is so fun!

  59. Pilar

    My summer bucket list is to go to Africa!

  60. Mary M

    This giveaway is wonderful! My summer bucket list to complete all of my massive to do list in my new home!

  61. Shana

    Starting a book club and going to a waterpark. We are overdue!

  62. Christina G

    Wow! Amazingly generous so thank you very much and a HAPPY birthday to you!

  63. Jessica

    Awesome giveaway hope I win.
    My summer bucket list is have fun.

  64. Jill

    On my summer bucket list is going to the beach!

  65. Mackenzie

    My #1 item on my summer bucket list is to have a campfire! With s’mores!

  66. kara

    Bucket list is yo get the boat up and running. Enjoy the lake.

  67. Sam L

    Bucket List: Visit Hawaii 🙂

  68. jacki

    Happiest of birthdays! My summer bucket list includes a wild bachelorette party before seeing my best friend walk down the aisle.

  69. Mary

    #1 on my summer bucket list is going to the mixtape festival in hershey! so many amazing acts

  70. Amy

    This is a great giveaway!

  71. Jen

    Spending time at our cabin, swimming & some fishing!

  72. Tiffany

    Summer bucket list; go to universal Orlando’s Harry potter world, ride my motorcycle on the beach, go swimming in south Florida 🙂

  73. Cathy@Five Boys

    Several looong (100+ miles) bike rides are on my bucket list for the summer.

  74. Annette

    OMG at this giveaway lol

    summer bucketlist must do:

    i’ve been on my group of friends to go camping forever it feels like and we still haven’t timed it out right. not this summer! this summer there will be beers around the campfire and uncomfortable tents laughed off with s’mores!

  75. Janine

    I really want to stay at the beach for a few days and have fun with my dog and husband 🙂

  76. Katie

    Bucket list item #1….get the pool open!

  77. marcy

    Visit my family in western Montana 🙂

  78. Molly

    Awesome giveaway!!! My bucket list is to go to the cabin as much as possible this summer!!!

  79. Sara

    This giveaway is crazy good! Things on my bucket list include a trip to the beach and take the kiddies to the zoo.

  80. Alena

    This giveaway ends on my birthday! Perfect! My summer bucketlist includes: Organizing this mess-and finding some beach time!! 🙂

  81. Alena

    This giveaway ends on my birthday! Perfect! My summer bucketlist includes: Organizing this mess-and finding some beach time!!

  82. Crystal Diebold

    My summer bucket list goal is to own a kayak by the end of summer!

  83. Shannon

    Kayaking is on my summer bucket list. I want to improve my time from last summer.

  84. Lola K.

    My summer bucket list includes cooking more for my family, getting some beach time, and spending quality time with my family!

  85. Megan

    Happy Birthday! Hope you B got you that water bottle you had your eye on. 😉

  86. Amanda R

    Summer fun with my girls….beach, waterparks,….outdoor life.

  87. Janaya

    ahhh! This giveaway is amazing!! One of the things on my summer bucket list is to travel!!

  88. My summer bucket list…hmmm….get a tan. I use sunscreen because I fear for my older self but I would like a nicer golden color.

  89. Kristen Maria

    Wow! Great giveaway! Hiking 12 miles on my vacation next week is on my bucket list for the summer!

  90. Tabitha

    The number one thing on my summer bucket list right now is to get some scrapbooking done!

  91. Kaitlin

    Summer Bucket List: Get my house clean and in order before heading on vacation to Charleston! Thanks for your amazing giveaways…

  92. Kim O

    This is such a wonderful giveaway! My summer bucket list includes hanging out by the pool, white water rafting, catching up on fun reading, and eating a ton of frozen yogurt!!

  93. Shauna

    Going to vermont for my bday which is also in july is on my summer bucket list.

  94. Very generous of you! And happy early birthday! My summer bucket list involves rest and relaxation. I’ve been working way too much.

  95. Judy L

    My #1 item on my summer bucket list is definitely to get fit.

  96. Kari

    Happy Birthday! It looks like a great week!

  97. Sarah

    Very cool giveaway!

    My summer bucket list includes: Passing my summer class (ugh math), scanning all of my photo negatives, and converting all of my VHS home movies to digital. Maybe I should add in something fun since these all sound boring!

  98. Katrina

    Well, on my summer bucket list was “Buy something, just because I want it.” which I actually just got home from doing! I just bought a camera that I don’t NEED but am super excited about anyway 🙂

    I guess now my bucket list item is to have a garage sale.

  99. Kayla

    Love this give away!! Would love that mini iPad and the sunglasses 🙂 thanks again for such a great giveaway.

  100. Sophie

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for this oppotunity!

  101. Sue

    I need to win this give away!!! It”s awesome!!!!

  102. Mary m

    Kinda silly, but I want to go to every park in my town. We always to the same 2….boring!

  103. Michelle Myers

    My summer bucket list includes lost of time in the water at the beach, lots of time outside playing with my boys and just lots of family time. Oh and going to fairs and festivals.

  104. Sam

    The main thing on my summer bucket list is to go bike riding more often.

  105. Linda

    We live in Georgia and climbing Stone Mountain is on my summer list. Happy Birthday to you!

  106. Suzanne

    My summer bucket list includes a vacation – somewhere, anywhere please! Also, at least one camping trip even if I have to drag everyone kicking & screaming with me. Do you have the slush maker? If so how does it work? It looks really cool.

  107. Joanne

    My summer buck list is to enjoy summer and use as many products as possible from my subscription boxes.

  108. Ryan

    Big rollercoasters!!

  109. Ashleigh Phillips


    Happy Birthday!

  110. Jenn

    My summer is never complete without a lobster bake! all the fixins, friends, family, drink and music ! BTW, some of these subscription box curators could learn from the packages you put together for your giveaways! Amazing as always, and Happy Birthday!

  111. Jen

    What a cool give away! It’s my birth month too. I love having a summer birthday.

    The current thing I’m trying to accomplish on my bucket list is getting through seasons 1, 2 and 3 of PLL so I can watch the new season that I have been recording. I finished season 1 yesterday.

  112. Alice H

    Happy Birthday! No big plans this summer, just being with the family. One of my favorite things to do is watch Big Brother.

  113. Lauren

    So excited about this giveaway! My summer bucket list includes TRAVEL! I cant wait to go to our family lake house.

  114. Cindy

    My summer bucket list includes working on my tan!!

  115. Joi

    What’s on your summer bucket list?? Losing weight!!!!

  116. Breann M

    Summer bucket list for me: definitely a fun vacation with family to Simply relax and create memories!

  117. Norma

    Our summer bucket list includes seeing as much family as possible & enjoying each other… With so many illnesses in the family lately I definitely think we need to just all get together & catch up. Life is way too short! And tomorrow is never promised!

  118. Sonya Byrd

    My daughter and I have 3o things on our summer bucket list, my personal list is to make it through all 30 of hers.

  119. Sara

    On my bucket list is to get through the newborn phase this summer in one piece! 🙂 and not neglect my 5 year old in the process!!

  120. Pattie

    Amazing giveaway! Love the summer – bucket list for the summer – use the pool at least 3 times a week, walk 5 times a week along with finishing 3 summer books!

  121. Katy

    Happy birthday! My summer bucket list includes a trip to old orchard beach, reading as many books I can and catching some rays!

  122. Rachel

    This looks awesome, fingers crossed I win – Happy birthday! It’s my birthday too 🙂 The main thing on my summer bucket list is to book my first ever trip to Europe for this fall!

  123. Kali

    Happy, happy birthday!!! I hope your day is amazing :)! This is an awesome giveaway!!! I so love slushies and do want to try this Zoku Slush maker :).

  124. Jocelyn Dunlop

    I NEED to buy some intertubes and just float on Lake Michigan one of these days. My boyfriend HATES crowded beaches (and the ones here in Chicago are VERY crowded) and doesn’t like hot weather/sun BUT forcing him into doing this with me is on my summer bucket list.

  125. Rebecca

    I love this giveaway! My summer bucket list is to hit as many pools and waterparks as possible!

  126. Ashley

    My summer bucket list is to put our house up for sale and get my husband to apply for a new job!

  127. beautybabbling

    My summer bucket list includes going to see a Drum Corps show.

  128. Cayla

    Happy Birthday! This giveaway is awesome!! My summer bucket list consists of going to the lake with the kiddos and at least 1 date night with the hubs! I can’t remember the last time we had one.

  129. Tara M

    Happy Birthday! Lots of pool time and fun stuff w my babies! :). My in laws come tomorrow for two weeks and we are excited about that 2 :). Love me some summer time!

  130. Brittany

    My summer bucket list includes tons of pool time & tanning! Oh, and a weekend trip to NYC! 🙂

  131. Olga

    My summer bucket list is spending time at the beach!

  132. Jean K

    I would like to take my daughter out on a mommy-daughter date once a week

  133. Anne B.

    On my bucket list this summer is going to Morocco!
    And wishing you an Happy Birthday!

  134. Brandy Fisk

    Lots of sun, swimming, splash parks, zoo, parks, and children’s museum plus a trip to Worlds of Fun!

  135. julie

    happy birthday, fellow cancerian!

  136. Jillian Madrigal

    Awesome giveaway! My summer bucket list includes getting to the end of my reading list!

  137. Esmeralda

    Happy birthday!!! I hope you ended up doing something fun besides mopping lol. I love this and hope
    This summer, since I’m in a healthcare program I don’t get to do much besides be a mom and study so I hope I get a vacation on my list and to pass my mid program assessment exam

  138. alison

    To cook with shrimp! I REALLY want this give away! I’ve never won any give away before!

  139. Amanda

    Get a tan!

  140. Nicole N

    Summer bucket list – get to the lake and enjoy some nice weather!!

  141. Nicole

    Really hoping to make it to the lake this summer, but with 2 small kids its looking doubtful.

  142. Lisa

    Summer bucket list is probably not going to happen, but it would be attempting a road trip with two toddlers. Lol I know I’m crazy!

  143. ashley gould

    My summer bucket list is to do lots of fun things with my 2 year old. Really hoping to take her to the DC Zoo. Love the giveaway!

  144. Michelle R

    My summer bucket list item is a trip to Vegas!

  145. Kate!

    Buying a new car is on my summer bucket list. I’ve had the same Toyota Corolla since I got my license, 15 years ago!

  146. Sarah

    On my bucket list is to buy a paddleboard and go paddleboarding every weekend:)

  147. Vanessa F

    Thanks for the giveaways. I love your site. On my summer bucket list? Taking my 18 mo old to the pool for the first time!

  148. Gris

    Ooooh lala what an awesome giveaway!

  149. Courtney Lane

    Amazing giveaway! I’m really hoping I win this one, I keep eying the iPad mini for myself since Wilito took over the regular one!

    My summer bucket list includes: wearing a bikini again (maybe), going to the zoo, and actually doing something for the 4th of July this year!

  150. My summer bucketlist includes reading lots of books on my Nook, taking my son to see at least one new movie this summer Monsters University or Despicable Me 2, and some fun summer concerts with the hubby!

  151. Jamie

    My Bucket List: To try to find me time during my rotations for Pharmacy School.

  152. Ruby Yoshi

    A trip to Las Vegas

  153. Michelle

    On my summer bucket list is to visit the tall ships in Duluth, MN in July. Can’t wait!! 🙂

    Thanks for another awesome giveaway!! Happy Birthday too, again! 🙂

  154. Becky M.

    On my summer bucket list is a road trip to Nashville, TN with my husband and our friends!

  155. Crystal

    Awesome giveaway

  156. Denise F

    Getting married 😉

  157. Sarah

    Yay! I love your giveaways!

  158. Lesley

    My summer bucket list includes hitting the beach and taking at least one spur-of-the-moment road trip 🙂

  159. Gary

    I’d like to hit the beach this summer

  160. soon p

    Summer bucket list – clean up my stash of goodies

  161. miranda

    I want to travel this summer

  162. Mimi

    Summer bucket list – pool time with the kiddos!

  163. Lauren

    Happy birthday! This might just be the best looking giveaway I’ve ever seen!

  164. Katie Petersen

    Happy Birthday! This is an amazing giveaway. On my summer bucket list I want to travel more, spend more time outside and simply enjoy summer!

  165. Isa

    My Summer Bucket list: deep clean my house and read more books.

  166. Lara

    Amazing giveaway, I want everything! THANK YOU 🙂

  167. Kristin Lockwood

    My summer bucket list… To go visit family in Vermont, Muskegon, and to attend Vitality (expenses pd) in Orlando! Sown lots of time in and by the pool with my Daddy and my boys. Also, a clean scan for me and a good / great / miraculous scan for my Dad. Plus Huckleberry railroad for Thomas, a few Toledo Zoo trips and a quick trip to Chicago!

  168. Kristen

    Another great giveaway. On the bucket list is: enjoy time a our favorite beach spot, get my 5 year old through her first set of swim lessons, clean out the garage (finally) and do as many of the craft type projects I have pinned on Pinterest as possible.

  169. Lauren M.

    Wow! Awesome give away! Really, I would just be happy with that apple ipad mini! I want one so bad! (Everything else is AMAZING also)! My summer bucket list is to win this give away! Ha ha…. just to get back to the good old midwest to visit my family and friends, which I AM doing in 3 days! Yay! Nebraska here I come! Then there’s just the give away to work on! 🙂

    1. Lauren M.

      @Lauren M.: PS: I might have to break down and get a Twitter account just so I can get 10 more entries…. but we will see! Lol

  170. audrey

    potty training, getting a tan in the rainy northwest (ha), and putting together my wedding album finally.

  171. Sandra

    The idea of calling my summer plans a “bucket list” feels so dramatic. Overall my summer probably doesn’t seem too exciting. But it should be relaxing and fun. Lots of time with my kids and husband. Traveling to visit some relatives. Buying lots of locally grown food at a farmer’s market. Spending time at parks and pool.

  172. Lindsay Sense

    To get my 8 month old to sleep through the night!

  173. courtney king

    Summer bucket list … I want to get a suntan this year that doesnt come from a bottle 🙂

  174. Samantha Vermeulen

    I’d like to finally sit down and read a book!

  175. kirstyn

    Awesome giveaway! I just wanna take a trip before summer is over

  176. Sabre Pacheco

    My summer bucket list includes: eating healthier, more family time, and a mini vacation to San Diego:)

  177. Aimee A

    Awesome, my summer bucket list… One thing I really want to do is have all my nieces and nephews over for a water fight and sleepover!

  178. Carolyg


  179. Lauren

    These giveaways just keep getting better! For my summer bucket list I’m going to keep working out so I can look good in a bikini again (hopefully by the end of summer I’ll be there!)

  180. Shelley

    To find a new place to live!

  181. Tasha

    Happy Birthday!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    My summer bucket list mostly consists of getting a tan. I’m so pale compared to my siblings.

  182. Kim Kjerulf

    Thanks for the opportunity to win. My bucket list is just to have a vacation since we haven’t had one in two going on three years. It probably won’t happen because I don’t want to board my dog who is close to going over the Rainbow Bridge and I can’t find anybody to watch her.

  183. Britt

    On my summer bucket list is to visit as many concerts as possible and just travelling around. It might be the last summer before we have kids so I want to make sure to make the most of it. (and I would say that we are pretty good at it… we travelled 3200km last week to see some live acts – all while both working full time).

  184. Chrissy Shick

    My summer bucket list contains quite a few books that I really need to get caught up on! I also wanna be more adventourous outside!

  185. Gabrielle

    Jen, you have outdone yourself! What a fantastic giveaway 🙂 My summer bucket it list is solely to get back to the U.S. in one piece, see my family and my wiener dogs! It’s been a long time away from them.

  186. Erin

    Watching the Fourth of July fireworks on Jetty’s Beach on Nantucket with my family. Plus, heading to IN to visit family.

  187. Joules

    Thanks for the giveaway!! Bucket list: Going to Japan…or getting a part time job (^^:)

  188. Melissa M

    AWESOME giveaway! best one yet! My summer bucket list includes finding the perfect maxi dress/ floppy hat combo, successfully convincing my boyfriend that we’re getting a Great Dane puppy and finding a new job!

  189. Heather

    My summer bucket list includes canoeing on the river!

  190. HEAVEN C

    We plan on camping a few times this summer!

  191. Danielle

    On my bucket list this summer is to make sure I get to see the power tour when it arrives in Michigan since we didn’t go last year due to new baby!

  192. Ricki

    Happy Birthday! My summer bucket list included (just completed) participating in the 48 Hour Film Project.

  193. Anna

    What an awesome giveaway!!!

  194. Rose D.

    I want to see some old friends this summer!

  195. brittany

    – Go to the Philadelphia Italian Market
    – Read at least 5 books
    – Plan a spontaneous weekend getaway
    – Spend more time with my husband 🙂

    Happy birthday, and thanks for the great giveaway!!

  196. Alicia

    That slush/shake maker is so cool! I feel like even if I don’t win I need to get one!

  197. Jenny Whiskey

    Despite the fact that 30 min from the beach, last summer i went….ONCE. So this summer i vow to get as much sand in my shorts as possible!

  198. Sara

    Summer bucket list: to relax and enjoy. The past two summers have been very stressful for different reasons (family illness and morning sickness) and I’m hoping this one will be calm and fun!

  199. terri s

    Happy Birthday to You! I just celebrated my 59th birthday on june 13th so maybe i’ll be the lucky duck this time….
    my summer bucket list not much going on. since being laid off (after 30 years at same company 🙁 I don’t go too far from home but I do try to stay busy; I love doing things in the yard with my flowers and stuff also sitting on my front porch swing just enjoying nature usually a glass of wine/beer in hand lol. I do housekeeping and dog-walking for friends; gotta have some pocket change ya know.

  200. Mandi Overby

    Awesome giveaway. Something from my summer bucket list is to take my kids to the beach more often.

  201. Erin

    My bday was on the 22nd. Cancer chicks rock!!! Awesome giveaway too. On my summer bucket list….take my boys to the beach for the 1st time.

  202. Hillary

    Sky diving is on my bucket list!

  203. Alicia

    Summer bucket list??? Get my house under control, LOL!! That and lot’s of swimming for the kiddos and a road trip to Georgia to visit family!

  204. Jen K

    Wow! This is an awesome giveaway.

    Lose weight and make sure the kids have an awesome summer. My daughter is two and this is the first summer that she actually gets to run around and have fun.

  205. Jennifer

    My Summer Bucket List…
    both daughters bday parties in July-Oy.
    Preserving the summer fruit and vegetables for fall
    Seeing my geriatric animals through the summer (normally we vacation, but my animals are sick)
    Moving my Grandma back to New York!!
    Sell enough stuff on ETSY and Ebay to cover my subscription box habit!
    Avoid putting on weight while I can’t get to the gym for 2 months.
    Spend oodles of time playing with my daughters!

  206. Haleigh

    What an amazing giveaway! Summer bucket list: Skydiving!

  207. Megan

    Travel to go see my parents (they live about a 22 hour drive away from us) & finish working on our landscaping… ps. All of these great ‘favorite things’ would make my trip just wonderful 😉

  208. Jamie

    My summer bucket list includes Vegas for my anniversary (! 🙂 ) and getting our landscaping done on our house.

    Hey can you post instructions about following/using blog lovin? I just bookmark my favorite blogs but if there is a better way,…… Plus then u can follow you on it and get more entries…… I really want this one mostly for the infused glass and the shake mixer!!!! 😉

  209. Riann

    My summer list includes a bunch of local attractions to see with the kids (fun!) as well as some outstanding projects around the house (not as fun!)

  210. Sarah

    Summer bucket list–going to Toronto. We went in college, and I’ve always wanted to make it back. Hope you had a great birthday, by the way!

  211. Caroline P

    my summer bucket list includes:
    -many winery tours
    -start running again
    -visit some farmers markets

  212. Emily W

    For my bucket list this summer I want to make it to the drive-in movie theater!

  213. Jennifer Cochran

    Jen, this is the best one yet! My summer bucket list is to get the entire house organized. I’m going to home school my sixth grader next year!

  214. Amy J.

    Great giveaway and happy birthday!! 🙂 On my summer bucket list is to lay on the boat all summer! 🙂

  215. Danielle

    I’m so obsessed with bucket lists and checking off all of my crazy ideas so this question is right up my alley! The top of my summer bucket list is riding an elephant! I know this sounds kinda strange especially since I live in the lame state of Michigan….BUT last summer we went to a carnival somewhere in BUFU Michigan and THERE WAS AN ELEPHANT that you could ride on. However, I was 6 months prego and even after begging the elephant handler he would not let prego people ride! I was totally bummed but I swear I’m going to find that elephant again and ride it this summer! Woohoo!

  216. Ashley H.

    Thanks for another great giveaway!

    What’s on my Summer Bucket List? Hmmm…to see the Alamo! We’re going down to San Antonio next month and my parents have warned me it’s disappointing, but I still want to see it…just to say I did. 🙂

  217. Mikkii

    summer bucket list: get the kiddos to the beach, go to a waterpark, go visit with dad’s family b/c we never get to see them, go spend time with my brother and SIL b/c we rarely get to see them these days either, go somewhere out of state, get the firepit finished before the warm weather is gone, make real roasted marshmallow smores with my babies

  218. Lori

    I’ve been wanting to try the Zoku Slush and Shake Maker so bad!

  219. Clarisse

    Another great giveaway!!! ON my summer bucket list to try Paddleboarding, go to some outdoor summer concerts and sell my car!

  220. KarenAnn

    Summer Bucket List=vacation. We finally did it after four years!

  221. Karissa H

    Take the kids to a water park.

  222. Lauren S

    Bucket List…sleeping 😉

  223. Ashley

    My birthday is June 29, so I would love to win this as a present! 🙂

  224. I had a huge summer bucket list before I was sidelined by the doc, lol, now its just to enjoy what little free time I have left with my husband! We plan to finish the nursery, get lots of swimming in, go wander the Museum aimlessly for hours at a time and maybe take a calm raft trip or two! But mostly get in some sleep and couple time before Peanutty arrives in November/December!

  225. Bran

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway, fingers crossed I win 🙂

  226. Simone

    Thank for doing another awesome giveaway! On my bucket list is to stay indoors or in the pool as much as possible and get to the beach.

  227. Pixiepower

    My summer bucket list consists of dropping unwanted pounds and traveling. Not sure how they are going to co-exist but I’ll try.

  228. Jayme

    My summer bucket list includes lots of time relaxing by the pool, geocaching, visiting the Grand Canyon, and going to Comic Con in San Diego.

  229. ana ebright

    I would love the ipad or glasses. You have the best giveaways !!!

  230. Nikki Greiert

    You have amazing giveaways. Tops on this summer’s bucket list is doing nothing other than laying on the beach for 3 full days!

  231. kara

    On my bucket list for summer is to go camping in the U.P.

  232. Kristin

    My list includes reading all the books I said I’d read this year!

  233. Danni

    A garage sale

  234. Kyra

    My summer bucket list – lots of beach time, a camping trip with friends, lots of $1 theatre movies, the aquarium, “playing” school in prep for Kindy!

  235. Val

    With baby #1 due in the fall, my summer bucket list includes getting lots of things done around the house (that luckily my husband will mostly handle since he won’t let me do much already), to not turn into a tub-o-lard, and enjoy my last few months of sleeping in on weekends. Oh -and stock the freezer with meals so I don’t have to worry about cooking after the baby.

  236. Annie

    OMG is all I can say about this giveaway! And my on summer bucket list is just hanging with the fam doing lots of low key, low stress stuff!

  237. Crystal G.

    What a crazy give away! Every summer my bucket list includes: Beach, pool, at least two backpacking trips, and RELAXATION!

  238. Kelly D

    It would be awesome to win because my birthday is next week!! My summer bucket list includes saving money to buy a car… not so fun 🙁 But I also want to get to the beach a lot!

  239. Stephanie

    Amazing list for summer. I’ve been so wanting one of those water bottle flavorers.

  240. Tabitha Stevenson

    My bucket list is to make the most of this very hot Alaskan Summer.

  241. Lily S.

    My summer bucket list includes camping, which I will hopefully cross off this weekend! Other than that… Just enjoy nice weather every chance I get! Thanks for the awesome giveaways!

  242. Vivian

    My summer bucket list includes: getting lobster in Maine, getting the garden back in order, and of course going to the beach!

  243. Nicole A

    C’mon! Momma needs a pair of aviators!!

  244. Jen R.

    My summer bucket list includes hiking through the greenbelt, going to Hamilton Pool and preparing for a bridal show! This is a great giveaway!

  245. Abby

    I would love to hit up Vegas this summer!!! Thanks for the giveaway and happy birthday!

  246. Chelsea

    I love your site!

  247. Jessie

    To Take my little one swimming for the first time!!! She’s 6 months and I can’t wait!!!

  248. Chelsea

    Summer bucket list: visit the Harry potter theme park!

  249. Enrica

    Read 3 books! LOL

  250. Shelly

    Something on my summer bucket list.. take my little one to the beach to see what she thinks of sand!! Love the giveaways! One of these times maybe I will win something lol

  251. Brandi

    Summer bucket list: GET A JOB! 🙂

  252. Karina

    My summer bucket list is not that long. I’m going to LA on July 2nd for a week and I hope to have fun over there. I also will be working for the Girl Scouts this summer for the 3rd year. So I hope that our summer is youthful and I can influence the girls for better. I also want to do adventurous things, like sky diving, river rafting and zip lining.

  253. Farida

    To work out and so far it ain’t happening. 🙁

  254. Kirstin G.

    Happy Birthday!!!

  255. Amanda

    Great giveaway! My summer bucket list is spending as much time with my son before he starts school this fall.

  256. Jackie

    Summer bucket list would be alllll about six flags. haven’t been in awhile, and it’s about time I scare the pants off myself on a roller coaster 🙂

  257. Leslie

    Summer bucket list: Lose weight for bikini season then hopefully get pregnant by end of summer!! 🙂

  258. Lily

    great that you always do this 🙂

  259. Deannie Reyes

    My summer bucket list includes but is not limited to become more active, spending more time with my little one and learning how to meal prep.

  260. Crystal R

    Firstly Happy Birthday! I am always in awe of how generous you are in your giveaways. Thank you, you bring sunshine to a lot of ladies’ lives.

    This summer my focus really is in getting into the best shape that I possibly can. I know that isn’t super exciting but there it is. 🙂

  261. wenny yunita

    First of all, Happy Birthday !!! and what a great giveaway ! My little one is turning one tomorrow!
    Summer bucket list: hmmm maybe just do nothing but chilling by the beach in Hawaii LOL

  262. PGT

    Happy Belated Birthday! And wow what a fabulous giveaway! Great summer items 🙂

  263. Stephanie Ann

    I’m wanting to go out on a boat before the summer is over!

  264. kelly

    Pool Beach Pool!!! Having fun times with my little one 😀

  265. Emily

    So excited for this give away . My son really wants an iPad mini ! Thanks for the giveaway.

  266. Emily

    Sorry my phone didn’t let me finish my comment. Our bucket list is to rude the jet boats by our home! Kids want to go so bad we did last year it was so fun

  267. Maryann

    Awesome giveaway! Just started reading your blog not too long ago for your SubBox reviews. I love it :3 My Bucket List includes going to Australia, Japan, and Ireland!

  268. Sarah Q

    On my summer bucket list?? Well I already crossed off one, tour a cave! I was able to overcome my fear and do it! WOOHOO!!

    Still on the list is doing an Amish country drive with friends!

  269. Dawn

    Totally low key… #1 on my list is RELAX. Our summer’s are usually crazy and go way too fast. I want to slow down and enjoy having time with my kids!

  270. Mary

    My bucket list for the summer includes running my first 5k, celebrating my 28th birthday, and spending at least one long, lazy day at the beach!

    Hope you had a Happy Birthday! And thank you for doing giveaways like this. It’s exciting just to think about winning, kinda like a lottery ticket.

  271. Hsin C

    Happy Birthday! My summer bucket list: Beach and Swim and lots of fun time with my bunny haha 🙂

  272. Rob N Sara

    The biggest thing on our summer bucket list is lots of camping trips with the kids. They are finally at the ages where all of us can have fun camping. Awesome giveway.

  273. Alexandria

    What an amazing give away!! I would love to win(:

  274. Abby

    Amazing giveway!

  275. Hilary A.

    Beach time & margaritas! This is one of the best giveaways I’ve seen, thanks for the chance to enter 🙂
    x Hilary
    hilary . l . adams @ gmail . com

  276. Lynda Del

    A road trip to both the Florida Keys and the West coast of Florida.

  277. nichole B

    Summer bucket list
    #1 Jacuzzi in my backyard
    #2 Do 1 5k not that ambitious but its happening maybe the color one that could be festive
    #3 get a nice tan
    #4 spend time on a beach on the east coast

  278. Noelle

    I’m moving from where I’ve lived for four years so my bucket list is LONG! I have a lot of day trips I’ve never done and places I MUST go back to. Oh, and spending every possible moment with my friends here!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  279. Sarah

    I seriously love every single one of these items!! Possibly a belated Birthday Gift to me? Ha, Happy Birthday to you! My summer bucket list includes Disney World (family reunion, check!), the beach, more family reunions, playdates, kiddy pool fun & lots of sunshine!

  280. Emily KG

    My bucket list is to spend as much time with my kids doing as much fun things as I can and continue to keep up with my awesome blog (and maybe do my nails so they don’t look like crap…finally use some of that Julep!).

  281. Meredith

    Summer bucket list….take a vaca somewhere!! I never go on vacation.

  282. Sara D

    I need this for my birthday! I love it all. My summer bucket list is enjoy my house before we have to move and host a party or two. Oh and to make homemade popsicles and peach pie using peaches from our tree!

  283. Jhordanna Allen

    go to the zoo

  284. Dayo Steph

    My Summer bucket list includes a trip to Alaska (Woo hoo!) some time on the beach in Chicago, some biking, lots of pottery creation and hopefully taking some time off of work just because. 🙂

  285. Juli

    My summer bucket list consisted of a MAJOR trip back east to see the family. I just got home today (to a HUGE USPS tote of subscription boxes!) List complete!!! 🙂

  286. Karla

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Summer bucket list? Taking the girls camping, even if it is in the back yard =)

  287. Christina C

    Go to disney world!

  288. Jeanine O'Neal

    On my summer bucket list is to buy a house. That’s a biiiiggg to-do.

  289. Deena

    My summer bucket list includes an Argosy whale watching cruise and a visit to the beach. And to also explore Seattle more.

  290. Kayla Flynn

    Go to p town on the cape!

  291. Maria

    To read a cheesy romance novel in one sitting !

  292. Manda

    Summer bucket list? Hmm…Getting my garden started and getting my online store to be successful!

  293. Victoria

    Happy bday! Summer bucket list: perfect the homemade margarita!

  294. Sarah

    Amazing Giveaway!!!!

    1. marie s

      Teaching my daughter to swim!

  295. Jennifer Gilmore

    This is awesome! Spending time with my kids is what I’m hoping to do all summer!

  296. Kristen

    Best giveaway ever!!!

  297. Kristen

    And on my summer bucket list, take tennis lessons!

    P.S. Happy Birthday!

  298. Kristin t

    Go camping, get a tattoo, and get to the beach! Happy birthday!

  299. Elizabeth

    Have a baby (due July 16) and tickle my toes in the sand at some beach even if just for a day with all my boys! 🙂

  300. Haley

    Happy Birthday!!

    1. Haley

      @Haley: woops, didn’t click the giveaway! My summer bucket list is to finallllly lose my holiday weight ; )

  301. beth

    summer bucket list – finally getting rid of/selling all of the clothes junk i have around the house!


    Getting to the beach more

  303. Shauna

    I’m so sorry I didn’t get here yesterday to wish you a happy birthday. So, Happy (belated) Birthday!

    Between taking 13 units in school in 12 weeks, working a 20 hour a week internship, and working 24 hours a week, I don’t really get a summer break so my summer bucket list isn’t terribly long. I did set a couple of goals for things I’d like to do this summer, and I’ve already achieved them. They were to start my blog, and expand my subscription box memberships. At this point, I’m really just working on maintaining both. Thanks for being my role model for both!


  304. Lindsay

    It was to take our son up north to swim in the lake, and we are here right now! Hope you enjoyed your birthday!

  305. michelle tovar

    I did what was on my bucket list already and signed up to receive popsugar! i was a little disappointed that i wont receive it till august, but they assured me august is gonna have a surprise..arent all the the boxes a surprise?! haha I hope i win this giveaway and im really enjoying your blog!! Thanks!!

  306. Breanne

    Visit family out of state!

  307. Christina

    Reconnecting with old friends is definitely on my bucket list!

  308. Katie

    This is so great! Summer Bucket List… Learn to surf! I’ve been out once and loved it (up until I got slammed trying to get back to the sand)… Here’s hoping I actually get good at it! Happy Summer, and Happy Birthday!

  309. Jenn S

    lots & lots of swimming, and also grilling!!

  310. Erin Renee

    Wow, what amazing products!! This summer I’m most excited for lake houses and free music in Millennium Park.

  311. Heather

    Awesome give away!! On my bucket list for the summer is to get out of town (and more than just going to my parent’s cottage). Also I’m super psyched to go to the Kid Rock concert!!

  312. Kristin

    Summer bucket list…time to get organized! Thanks for a great give-away!

  313. Greta

    What a cool givaway!

  314. Brianna

    My bucket list includes getting my garden in shape! 🙂

  315. Debbie F.

    My summer bucket list includes learning to surf and paddle board, perfecting my tennis serve and cleaning out all my junk drawers!!!!

  316. Samantha Vermeulen

    Read a book!

  317. Gabby Rodriguez

    My summer bucketlist is to get out in the sun more often with my pups.

  318. christine h.

    Summer Bucket List:
    Visit a few cities I haven’t been to yet – Charleston, SC, being one!

  319. Mike Dalton

    Summer Bucket List: Take our baby boy on his first summer vacation to the beach 🙂

  320. Margaret

    My summer bucket list would be to see one movie @ the theater every weekend

  321. Kristin Jesneck

    This is an awesome give away!

    On my bucket list for this summer: Get a job to put this MSW degree to use and for my husband and I to officially begin house hunting! Hoping to be in our own house by the end of the year!

  322. Wendi

    My summer bucket list includes:
    hosting a foreign exchange student: in process.
    A trip to Door County: to complete this weekend
    Raspberry picking
    Taking the kids to a Taylor Swift concert
    Painting my front door a fun color
    At least 3 get together/parties on my patio: 1 down
    A trip to the Vera Bradley outlet store

  323. Alexandra Lewandowski

    My summer bucket list is to spend as much time as I can with my friends and family! <3

  324. dori

    a vacation. that is all 🙂

  325. katrina

    Lots of camping!

  326. Merissa

    My summer bucket list is to read a few more books and MAYBE get a tan!!

  327. Lauren jones

    Great giveaway!!!!!!

  328. Kelly G.

    On my summer bucket list— get a nice tan, make it to the beach, and just enjoy the summer!!!

  329. Kimberlee

    my summer bucket list… easy to spend a day out ANYWHERE with my family…just to get out and this house and enjoy the sunshine with others.

  330. Alicia Diane

    Amaaaazing giveaway! Fingers crossed! My summer bucket list includes moving into and decorating my first “real life” apartment (FINALLY!)

  331. Catherine C

    wow what an awesome giveaway! thanks and happy birthday! 🙂

  332. Catherine C

    summer bucket list: travel, soak up the sun, make a painting! 🙂

  333. Rachel

    My summer bucket list includes spending time around the fire pit with my kids and guy.

  334. Liz

    summer bucket list? get an air conditioner!

  335. Agus

    Going to the beach, reading, and blogging! thanks for the chance to win this awesome giveaway!!

  336. Jennifer Frank-Lopez

    Taking my mom to the beach to go seaglassing is #1 on my summer bucket list. It’s her favorite thing in the world to do, but she was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer & chemo treatments took a lot out of her. But she is feeling so much better now & we decided for her 2 yr cancer free anniversary on July 4th we will be going seaglassing. Life is good 🙂

  337. Sonya M.

    Summer bucket list…take my girls to Disneyland!

  338. Alexia561

    My summer bucket list includes getting some color and spending some time at the beach! Now that I’m within 3 miles, I need to go more often. And maybe tan while I’m at it, as I still look like a Northern Girl!

  339. Theodore

    Summer bucket list…? I just want to have TONS of fun with friends and family!

  340. Monica

    On my summer bucket list is going to see Jimmy Buffet this July!! Woot woot! And maybe start running again…

    Happy birthday!

  341. Ashley C.

    Zoku makes a slushie maker?! Whoa, thats awesome!! We have their zoku pop maker, and absolutely love it! Nutella fudgesicles are the kids favorites! Our bucket list includes: seeing fireworks, making homemade lemonade, going to a petting zoo, taking the boat out on the water and fishing, and making some giant bubbles, among other things!

  342. Melissa

    I’d love to be able to finish up the 2,386 projects that are half started and get my house in some kind of order. :/

  343. cassie p

    Only one thing on my bucket list. To get out of az for a weekend. Its suppose to be 118 on saturday! Yuck

  344. Sarah

    My summer bucket list is to get my house clean. Not fun at all, but it’s been a year since we moved in and there are still boxes…. I have a random week off work in July and my plan is to get my house in awesome shape and then have a few relaxing beach or pool days.

  345. Erica Logan

    My summer bucket list includes barbeques, beach days, smimming, late nights, tan lines, beach trips, and just enjoying every single moment.

  346. Ginger S

    I would love to finally get settled in to our new house which we moved into in March. I also I nice trip to the beach and the mountains sounds nice.

  347. Ace

    Bucket list would be get my open water scuba certification, run my first half marathon next month, and enjoy all my other races, actually make it out to Catalina and Alcatraz, lose those 13 lbs I gained, take my first flight on a plane, go camping, swim with a shark, make it Havasu Falls and Yosemite. I think that’s it but I’m constantly adding things.

  348. Shannon

    Awesome giveaway! I live in Boston, and my summer bucket list priority is taking a day trip to one of the Harbor Islands!

  349. Jeanne

    Happy Birthday!! What a great giveaway. My bucket list is to go on vacation to the beach and read as much as possible while I’m there!!

  350. Hannah

    Happy Birthday! My summer bucket list is to find time to read a book every month.

  351. Gyps

    I just want to read a book. I am surprised it hasn’t happened yet…usually this is my prime reading time but I’ve just been so busy and tired 🙁 I started reading yet another romance novel about a month ago but it was the week I found out I was pregnant and it just felt wrong at the time.

  352. Katelyn Pelletier

    Awesome giveaway! My summer bucket list definitely consists of convincing my fianc? that we need a pool in our backyard!

  353. Kristie

    summer bucket list… camping(done), beach(done, but will repeat, repeat, repeat), pool, drive in movie, Chicago….

  354. Rachel S.

    Definitely getting out of the city and making it to a beach!! Which requires me to actually hit the gym 😛

  355. Avery

    My bucket list includes hitting the beach and eating as many snow cones as possible.

  356. Jessica E.

    Thank you for the giveaway! Your summer list is perfect!

  357. Kellie Rose Wilson

    To enjoy the little moments

  358. Sarah

    More reading and relaxing is at the top of my summer bucket list.
    Especially reading out on our porch. : )

  359. Kristina O.

    So far I have had a REALLY good summer. So far I have taken 2 trips and I am about to take 2 more here very soon. My birthday is July 19th so Summer has always been really special to me. I am vowing to make this the best summer ever, having adventures, being open to new experiences and soaking up all the sun (with out getting burned of course). Happy Birthday to you sweet lady and thanks for doing such an awesome give away!

  360. Amber

    What a lovely giveaway! So many awesome prizes. This summer I am hoping to take a surf trip, go on vacation, and finish working on my novel that I’m writing! 🙂 Thanks!

  361. DebiB.

    To walk the threadmill everyday for 30 minutes when I am not at Pulmonary Rehab.
    To plant (well,my hubby will) plants and bushes outside
    To get the “BOYS” to clean the damn garage !!!!!.
    and take my scan and pray there is no more cancer!!!!!!
    Thanks for a great contest. you are the best…

  362. DebiB.

    Crap, I meant to say …Plant flowers and bushes
    I guess the top thing to do is find my mind, I seems to misplace it a lot :*(

  363. Diana

    Going to the Grand Canyon!

  364. Linae

    Awesome giveaway!! Hope I win!

  365. Brooke

    To meet my savings goal and begin blogging!

  366. Andjela Nikezic

    Amazing giveaway!!

    On my summer list is to start to exercise, to lose my weight:) :/

  367. nicole

    awesome giveaway! thanks for the chance

  368. Ryan

    My regular life is nuts, my bucket list would include lots of laying by the pool! Haha!

  369. Vera K

    Summer bucket list – top priority is staying healthy and not getting hurt (during athletic endeavors).

  370. Jessica

    My summer bucket list includes going to the Farmers Market each week and to plan an actual vacation since we haven’t had one in 2-3 years now. I can’t wait!

  371. Chasity

    My summer bucket list is to get a freakin’ tan. I know that’s bad, but I have had close to zero pool time this year!

  372. Melissa

    Bucket List:
    -Find a new job
    -Get my blog up and running (partly there)
    -Hit the beach
    -Go to some amusement parks

  373. Andrea Boyd

    Hey Jen,
    Really enjoy your blog, crossing my fingers to win this great giveaway!!!

  374. TrishCF

    I want to relax and take some great trips with my husband and kids and work on some great memories. Thank you for a wonderful giveaway!

  375. Rust

    Spending some time at the beach, just relaxing.

  376. Krista

    This is such a great giveaway! Thanks for doing this! 🙂

  377. Kim H

    Getting organized and looking for a new job!

  378. Dejah

    Having a bonfire at the beach! On my summer bucket list every year!

  379. Charlotte Conway-Lusted

    I would say my top bucket list item would be get out into the sun when I can, not much sun in england and it looks like its about to rain at the moment 🙁

  380. Sidney Sanchez

    My summer bucket list is give my boyfriend the best summer ever. My family are big cruise people. We love cruises! Every summer vacation consist of going on one. My bf has never been on one so he decided to book with us!! I’m excited 🙂

  381. Kristen

    Another thing on my summer bucket list, enjoy time at the community pool and dive off that high dive!!!!

  382. Karla

    Just noticed the “US Residents Only” rule. =( Is it for all your givewaways or just this one?

  383. Allison

    On my list is going to Michigan to visit family and taking my little one to the beach for the first time!

  384. Sloane

    My summer bucketlist is to go to the beach, finally start my adventures of a single mom blog, catch every episode of MTV Rivals 2, and to not sign up for anymore beauty subscriptions until next year, maybe lol. . . . .

  385. Natalie Hinkley

    Hit the beach!

  386. Marilyn

    Lets see … On my list would be hit the beach, visit my family in PA, host some bbq’s and relax and read a couple of books!

  387. Brandy Durham

    To take Noah swimming!! I already checked that off!

  388. Leigh

    My summer bucket list includes going to the beach… at LEAST once!

  389. Jen

    Loving this giveaway!!! Buxom is my fav!! I also love (and just ran out of) the urban decay setting spray!

  390. Sheena

    Thank goodness for the newsletter…I almost missed this!!!

  391. Tiffany g

    Everything in this looks great! I want it all as my birthday present to myself!

  392. fernanda

    cut my hair short and black dyed, visit my mom, and do some shopping :3!!

  393. Pam Lodge

    My summer bucket list is to exercise, relax and enjoy my beautiful family!!!

  394. Kathy

    A trip to our favorite outlet mall out of the state. It’s usually a day of marathon shopping from early morning until they close!

  395. Tiffany

    Summer bucket list….pass my nursing boards! And maybe a vacation to celebrate!

  396. M Cooper

    My summer bucket list: to grow closer to God and spend more time with my husband.

  397. Shane

    Boating on the lake! Thanks for this fantastic giveaway!

  398. Sloane W

    Spend more time reading and relaxing outside on my patio

  399. Cass

    My list includes a re design of our bedroom & a trip to a theme park!!!

  400. Jackie

    Awesome giveaway!

  401. Holly

    Thank you:)

  402. Amanda

    The number one thing on my summer bucket list is to roast marshmallows on the fire and make s’mores for the first time with my daughter and see her expression as she tries it for the first time!

  403. Joy Campos

    I want to lounge on the beach and take a nap. Also lose 15 pounds.

  404. Stacy Vu

    I have a camping trip in Colorado on my bucket list. Also, getting out and exploring our local swimming holes!

  405. Hildee

    My bucket list – a beach weekend with no kids, no hubby – just a girl friend, a pretty pedi, tasty drinks and a good book.

  406. Nikki

    Bucket List for July:

    Finish my 24 day challenge!!!!! Wahoo!

  407. Cyndi

    Bucket List Summer 2013: new tattoo

  408. Alli

    So many cool gifts!

  409. Bonnie Elwell

    On my bucket list this summer…get bangs! check….go to pool as often as I can, wear flip flops as much as possible, have hot dogs for lunch and ice cream for dinner! YUM

  410. Stephanie

    I wish I could take a trip to basically anywhere. Time to stop procrastinating on that passport lol.

  411. Kristin S

    I don’t know how I missed this! So happy you posted a “last call” on FB! 🙂

  412. Libby Sawyer

    Well, what waaassss on my bucket list was to buy a house. But it looks like that isn’t happening any time soon. 🙁 Guess I’ll just plan my son’s first birthday party instead.

  413. Courtney Cuellar

    Summer Bucket List:
    San Diego Comic Con!!

  414. Christina

    this giveaway is ridiculous!

  415. Chrissi

    All items would be great for my upcoming wedding out of town!! 🙂

  416. Sheena

    Bike Trail….on my summer bucket list

  417. ana ebright

    Love this! This summer’ s bucket list: get in shape, get my garden together at the new house and go for one hike a week,

  418. c.c.

    i gave away one of those slush makers last month. they’re so cool! and an ipad mini? WOW. that’s awful generous.

  419. Blessie Nelson

    To learn to swim!

  420. Angela

    Hmmmmm I think my summer bucket list was a relaxing vacay with hubs and the kids on the beach and we accomplished that. Whew! Love the giveaway idea 🙂

  421. Lorna

    Love this giveaway! Our bucket list is beach time, which we’re away getting right now!

  422. Jenni

    Bucket List: To participate (and complete!) in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in Santa Barbara!

  423. Marty Weathers

    These are some fabulous goodies! Would love to have them allllllll!

  424. Jamie

    Happy Birthday Month to you and me, well almost just a few more days

    my summer bucket list, a staycation for sure, to busy at work to get time off but a weekend staycation in town by the pool is great

  425. Rachel C.

    My summer bucket list – catch up on some reading, getting back into a daily workout routine, and spending extra time outdoors!

  426. Julie P.

    One of my summer bucket list items is to eat a lobster roll in Maine!

  427. JT

    I love your blog/giveaway…and fear my developing addiction to subscription boxes!

    My summer bucket list…I’m training for my first full marathon 🙂

  428. Missy

    This is amazing! Thank you for doing this!

  429. Beth

    You are one smart blogger sister! 🙂

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