June Fancy Food Box Review

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Fancy Food Box
June Fancy Food Box

I got an e-mail yesterday afternoon saying that my June Fancy Food Box was on it’s way and I was quite surprised. Of all the Fancy subscriptions I get or have gotten, Fancy Food Box seems to run the most smoothly. I was billed on 5/19 and received my box today (6/11). No paying for two boxes before I even get one with the Fancy Food Box.

Fancy Food Box
The Box

Like last month I got the purple / pink Fancy Box. I’m not picky about the color of my Fancy Box anymore.  Now that I have gotten all the boxes, I am cool with whatever.

Fancy Food Box
First Look

Fancy Food Boxes are always heavier than regular Fancy Boxes.  Much much heavier actually!  My FedEx lady was kinda late to deliver this today.  Her truck broke down, so she was doing deliveries in a Budget Rental Truck.  Does anyone else’s FedEx person do this?  This happens at least a few times a month around here.  I think she needs a new truck.

Fancy Food Box
The Information Cards

I had forgotten how big this information cards were.  I am so used to the tiny ones that come with the curated Fancy Boxes!  And I had such trouble trying to organize these cards.  Such trouble.  I hope they don’t send an uneven number of cards in their next box!

Here’s what the June Fancy Food Box included:

~TIN Mustard ($7):  B got this in a previous box (Bespoke Post I think) and really liked it.  I, however, dislike mustard, no matter how fancy it is.  However, I suspect that B slips this in food when I’m not looking and then I end up telling him how much I like the meal.  I suppose that’s fine, but I never want to know.  Ever.

Fancy Food Box
TIN Mustard

~rick’s picks’ handy corn (corn relish) ($5.99): I wasn’t overly thrilled by this at first, but I’m coming around.  B will make up burritos or tacos or something and I’ll end up thinking this is the best salsa ever.  I was originally thinking relish = hot dogs = icky, but I realized there is more you can do with corn relish than just throw it on a hot dog.

Fancy Food Box
rick’s picks’ handy corn (corn relish)

~Rufus Teague Honey Sweet Flask BBQ Sauce ($6.95):  Ohh, this is perfect!  B leaves for Bonnaroo tomorrow and there will be a lot of grilling going on there so he’ll totally take this with him.  Wait maybe not since it’s glass.  But, the more he prepares for Bonnaroo, the less fun I think it sounds.  He’s going to be camping for 5 days.  In like 80+ degree heat.  With sketchy cell phone reception.  Staying home with the kids suits me just fine!

Fancy Food Box
Rufus Teague Honey Sweet Flask BBQ Sauce

~Morris Kitchen Ginger Syrup ($14): I have no idea what one does with Ginger Syrup.  Fancy included a receipt card with a “Cho Lula” cocktail that calls for this syrup and tequila along with a few other things.  I’ll totally try that and then plan to GTS to figure out what else I can do with this.

Fancy Food Box
Morris Kitchen Ginger Syrup

~Salty Road Salt Water Taffy (Salty Caramel Apple) ($6.50): Yummy!  Salt Water taffy reminds me of summer and the beach and I love it.  I never buy it when I’m at home, so this is a fun treat.  I got hungry when I was writing this review so I opened it up and tested it.  It’s good.  And makes me want to go to Mackinac Island.

Fancy Food Box
Salty Road Salt Water Taffy (Salty Caramel Apple)

~The Cravory PB Overload Cookie ($2 ):  Mmmmm.  This cookie was also eaten during the writing of this review. It was just staring at me.  And it was fabulous.  I checked out The Cravory website and it looked like they have a ton of great flavors.  I need to bookmark this site for future gift ideas!

Fancy Food Box
The Cravory PB Overload Cookie

~Gama Go Cool Pop Spatula ($10): Hello lover.  I was JUST talking about this exact spatula (only in pink) and how I used my credits from Fancy to buy it once.  I couldn’t be more thrilled to get another.  And if you don’t believe I am this excited about a spatula, well, check out my spatula family.  Do I use all these?  No.  They are more collectors pieces ;).

Fancy Food Box
Gama Go Cool Pop Spatula
Fancy Food Box
The Collection (*)

All totaled I came up with a value of $52.44 for the June Fancy Food Box. Higher than the $46.95 cost of the box ($39 + $7.95/shipping), but not some crazy insane value like some of the previous boxes. Of course, I use online prices which don’t include shipping or any of that and not retail prices like Fancy Box does.  Still I enjoyed the box and will go for another next month!

Did you get a Fancy Food Box this month?  What’d you think?  If you are interested in subscribing or want to learn more, click here.  Ohh, and if you are having trouble finding the different Fancy boxes, just do a search for “Fancy Box” and they will all come up!  And I STILL cant find a Fancy Box code.  UGH.  You can use “FOLLOWUP10” to save 10% off your box, but I’m still on the hunt for something bigger!

(*) I have no clue why I have all these spatulas. I’d buy them because I thought they were cute and then one day I opened the drawer in the kitchen and realized it’d gotten a tad out of hand. It’s a running joke now.

Disclosure: This post contains referral links. You buy a Fancy Box, I get a small credit which supports my Fancy Box habit.  And then I can give stuff away because my Fancy Box wasn’t full price.  Full circle.

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  1. Suzanne

    I love your spatula collection! I have several but not that many. Since I sell Pampered Chef most of mine are from them. I really like that they are heat safe & the end doesn’t come off since it’s molded on. I am the same way with reusable shopping bags and have quite the collection (make that addiction)!! Whenever I see a cute one by the register for $0.99 I can’t resist. Trader Joe’s are the best.

  2. Alexia561

    Your spatula collection is too funny! I think you’re addicted! I shouldn’t really say anything though, as I’m swimming in tote bags. 🙂

  3. Tara M.

    OMG you just had me laughing out loud about your FedEx lady. No I have never seen this I am outside Boston and I think the lady needs a new truck haha. Looks like a good box! I am most jealous of the cookie and salt water taffy I love the sweet stuff! The taffy that was included in Julep was yummy and I think I need to order me some!

  4. Jenny

    When I saw the picture on the spoiler board I totally thought of you with the spatula. LOL I don’t have many and I don’t really use what I do have but they are so cute I can easily see the addiction.

    Corn Relish is a great salsa. I use the Stonewall Kitchen Version and then add in chopped up tomatoes and avocados. Eat with some scoops and oh so yummy. This is a staple on the scrapbooking weekends with the girls and we devour it quickly.

  5. kimberlee

    got mine today too…the Ginger syrup made my week. I am making mt own Gingerale

  6. Sophia

    I alwaysss look at the Cravory’s site when I’m on diets. I’m always really tempted to order a bunch of cookies. Let me know the cookie is yummy!

  7. Emily KG

    I was initially disturbed by your spatula collection and then remembered how many I’ve bought on holiday clearance that are in storage. I still don’t have that many, but I’m guilty of spatula hoarding. Who can resist when it’s 90% off? NO ONE!!!

  8. This post made me laugh. Between the coloured Fancy box collection, the obsessive organization of the Fancy info cards and the AMAZING spatula collection… it reminded me of… me. 🙂

    I wish the Fancy Food Box shipped to Canada… it’s my dream come true – especially since it ships on time!!

  9. Jackie

    I think that camping for any amount of time with other smelly, drunk people…does not sound like a great idea haha no matter how good the music is. Also- you don’t like mustard?

  10. Victoria

    Ginger syrup is great with Bourbon based cocktails! Bourbon, ginger syrup, lime juice and a splash of soda OR Bourbon, ginger syrup, and lemonade OR Bourbon, ginger syrup and apple cider! The possibilities are endless.

  11. Dayo Steph

    I love the Morris Ginger Syrup – I’ve ordered this several times from Fab.com. I use it in my soda stream, or mix it in with a splash of orange juice and water for my own “vitamin water”.

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