June 2013 ipsy My Glam Bag Review

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June ipsy
June ipsy

Ahh, ipsy. The May ipsy bag was so amazing that even I was excited to see what the June ipsy bag would hold.  I guessed it wouldn’t be as amazing as the May bag (I mean how could it be), but I was still excited!

The Pink Envelope

As always, I loved seeing that pink envelope in my mailbox.  And yes, I do reuse these too.  It always irks me when I have to buy packaging supplies, so I try to save everything I can to reuse.

The Information Card

ipsy doesn’t have a true information card like most subscription boxes.  Instead they have a card which lists all of the brands in that month’s bags and the discounts they are offering to ipsy subscribers.  Not everyone gets the same brands, so it’s fun to check out what other people received.  The June ipsy theme was “On the Wild Side” and my bag included the following:

~Starlooks Lip Pencil (Bare) ($12):  I have the same issue with lip pencils that I have with eye liners. I just can’t use it fast enough to get a new one every month.  I do love this color though, so I think the ipsy match system did a good job with this one.

Starlooks Lip Pencil

~NYX Cosmetics Mosaic Powder Blush (Silk) ($7): I think blushes like this are so pretty and cool that it almost pains me to use them.  Please tell me someone else feels this way?  With all the blush ipsy sends me, I swear, I will never have to buy blush again!  I love the colors here, but it will be a while before this one gets used since I have so many others already open!

NYX Cosmetics Mosaic Powder Blush

~J.Cat Beauty Sparking Cream Palette  (Volta) ($4.49): There is a bit of controversy with this as no one really seems to know what to do with it?  It’s chunky glitter and the J.Cat website (and ipsy) basically says it should not be used around your eyes.  I’ll admit it, I totally thought it was eye shadow and didn’t even think about chunks of glitter getting in my eyes.  ipsy suggests using it as a body glitter or to add a little sparkle to your lip gloss.  But that’s really not my style, so I’m going to let L go to town with this and make a crazy piece of art ;).  So while at first I was a tad annoyed, I am now super excited about this and can’t wait to do the project!

J.Cat Beauty Sparking Cream Palette

~Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil by Chella ($18): This is fun.  It’s like a the eraser tool on Photoshop.  It “visibly lift your eyes when lightly applied on the brow bone, dark circles, blemishes and redspots.”  I tested it out and I really like it!  Would I have bought it onmy own? No. But that’s what subscriptions are for!

Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil by Chella

~J.Cat Eyelashes + Eyelash Glue ($3.99):  False eyelashes aren’t for me (I’m still unclear on how to apply them), so I will be passing these along to a friend.  Or a friend’s daughter.  I’d love to know what I put in the my ipsy profile that made them think I would enjoy false eyelashes more than dry shampoo (that was what others got instead).  Because I need to change that stat.  I love dry shampoo!

J.Cat Eyelashes + Eyelash Glue

~the Bag ($3): This bag totally reminds me of Snooki. Not that that’s bad or anything, but I do love (and totally miss) Jersey Shore, but can’t you just picture Snooki wearing a dress like this?  Lime detail and all??

the Bag

Bonus Item: O-Ring Stud Wrap by BaubleBar: I’m not going to lie, this is my favorite part of the June ipsy bag.  I got it for referring two friends last month and I totally love it.  Love.  It’s something I would for sure buy on my own and will totally wear.

O-Ring Stud Wrap by BaubleBar
O-Ring Stud Wrap by BaubleBar

All totaled, the June ipsy MyGlam bag has a value $48.48.  A total value for sure since ipsy is only $10/month.  Still I wasn’t overly wowed by the bag.  I don’t know what it is about ipsy?  Is it because they release spoilers in advance so I’m not totally surprised about it?  I don’t know.  I do want to keep my subscription though, just for those amazing months –  like May.

Did you get this month’s ipsy bag? What variations did you get? And what’d you think? If you are interested in subscribing or interested in learning more, click here.   Ohh, and I will post a picture of the glitter art product on Instagram in the next few days ;).

Disclosure: This post contains referral links! You subscribe and I might just get a bonus item next month. If it’s as cool as this month’s bracelet, I will owe you all big time!
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  1. Clarisse

    I got the exact same bag as you and yes the bracelet is my favorite part

  2. Jocelyn Dunlop

    WHAT, those aren’t eyeshadows?! Oh noooooo. I was totally thinking they were eyeshadows. I don’t know how else to use them. WTF. Also, I wish I were getting the falsies instead of the highlighter pencil… I already have plenty of highlighters. I’m an ipsy fan through and through but this month isn’t really doing much for me, either.

  3. blueariel26

    I love this Ipsy bag. I didn’t refer anyone so I didn’t get the bracelet but all my products and colours are the exact same as yours except for the lashes. I received Cailyn gel eyeliner instead.

    Blueariel’s Beauty

  4. Jenny

    I totally want to use the glitter for eyeshadow when I go to the NKOTB concert this week. hmm I wonder if the glitter will really bug my eyes or not. I’m not into the falsies either but since dry shampoo gives me the willies I’m fine with them.

    So do you like the size of the bag? More square this month then rectangle like the last couple of months. I get the referral gift next month. I can’t wait to see what it is.

  5. Alexia561

    Haven’t gotten my bag yet, but I don’t see how it could live up to May. Do like the wild Snooki bag though. Very cute!

  6. Lauren

    So I totally didn’t know that was NOT eyeshadow… first thing I did when I opened my ipsy bag today was put some of that glitter on my eyelids! lol… I don’t care what they say, on the very rare occasion that I want to be all glittery, I WILL be using it on my eyelids! 😉
    (PS: I got the dry shampoo…. I’ve never used dry shampoo so I’m anxious to give it a try!)

  7. Amanda

    I haven’t gotten mine yet .. Can’t wait it going to be my first one 🙂

  8. Sandra

    This will be my first ipsy month. I really should not have looked at the spoilers but I couldn’t resist. Other than the chunky not-eyeshadow, I am happy with all the items. Too bad I didn’t start last month, but I think I will like ipsy than birchbox.

    I hope that I receive the false eyelashes. It’s something that I’ve never purchased but I am interested in trying them. I have sparse, short eyelashes and no amount of mascara can change that. I once tried the semi-permanent false eyelashes from a salon and I loved the effect. But I only did it once because it’s so expensive and lasts less than a month.

  9. Ashley

    I want the bracelet so bad, it’s totally my style! I’ve only referred one friend so far, and I’m stuck there. Why is it that all of my friends are too cheap/don’t wear much makeup? arghhhhh

  10. Sarah H.

    No falsies for me (thank God, what am I, 17?). I got gel liner instead, which still scares the hell out of me. As for the glitter, I’ll probably give it to my little sister, who dances. They use glitter all over every surface imaginable.

  11. carol

    I like the Ipsy, I don’t like Birch box. Don’t think I’ll use the glitter unless I’m playing dress up for hubs LOL
    I got my Stitch Fix box today and I was like Yikes when I opened it but once I tried it all on it looked good. I would never have picked that stuff out on my own and thought it was all ugly but once on I loved it all except for one thing. This ones a keeper. Thanks for sharing it

  12. Lisa

    Oh I love the blush you got! Why couldn’t they send me that one?! I got a cream blush. Not my favourite, but the colour is nice.

  13. W

    I’m actually super tempted to sign up for Ipsy now just b/c of that highlighter pencil! Am I the only one crazy for it? :S Everything’s else is a meh IMO.

  14. Courtney Lane

    That highlighter pencil looks great and that bracelet is adorable!! My ipsy subscription was just activated this morning…for July’s bag. I’m excited!

  15. Christina G

    I haven’t got mine in the mail yet, but I’m super excited for the highlighter! My old one is about done so the timing is good. But seriously that’s not eyeshadow? I have a friend with a few young girls so I guess they’ll get that. Weird right? Why would you put those colors on your body if it’s body glitter? I mean where would I smear dark brown glitter? I feel like maybe it was eyeshadow at some point and someone got it in their eyes and sued them and so now they say it’s “not” eyeshadow. Boggles my mind…

  16. jenn

    Loved the gel eyeliner. Amazing!

  17. Mary Q.

    Haha, it’s a little sad that everything I got in mine made me wonder how it should be used. I got the gel eyeliner, lip pencil, highlighter pencil, cream blush, and sparkling palette… none are products I’ve used before! Yet somehow it makes me want to continue with Ipsy. I guess ’cause I’m learning a lot and I’m now addicted to trading. Didn’t think I’d like the bag based on spoilers, but in person it doesn’t seem so bad.

  18. Lisa S

    I got the exact same bag you did. I’m with you on the false eyelashes. I was also disappointed in the body glitter. That just doesn’t work for the majority of the population. I did see on Ipsy ‘s website that someone used it on their nails and it looked cute. It said to apply it to mostly dry nails and add a top coat. Would’ve loved the eyeliner.

  19. reader

    I found your website while researching about ipsy before I joined it. I like the blog..you post a lot of pics but there is one thing that really bugs me. You never show swatches of the colors of makeup you receive and you never really describe how stuff taste or smells. I would really like it if you showed how the lip liner, or glitter, or lipsticks looked on your hand or even on the part they belong. When you get food stuff, unless its cookies you really never tell us how it taste, you always say you look forward to trying it or can’t wait. But how am I supposed to want to know if I want to buy it if you don’t give us any clue what it taste like. I have read the past two months of entries and it’s very very frustrating that you never give detail. You get a kid toy and say the kid is going to love it…but you never tell us if they really did. Isn’t the point of a review to actually review the item not just describe it or relay the same info that the product people give. I would really enjoy a little more real life reviewing on the products you receive rather then “I can’t wait,” or “I’m sure I will love it”. Did you love it, did you hate it, was the sauce good, or tangy, or spicy, how did it cook, was it thick, what were the background flavors, in what way was it prepared. Did the makeup go on nicely, did it last, could you kiss with the lipstick and still have it on, did it have a taste, was the color sheer or dark or smudgeproof”? Etc, etc.

    1. Jennifer

      When I started reviewing boxes, it was mainly to show what was in the boxes – what products were included and to see if you were getting your money’s worth out of a box. I always wondered if the subscription boxes were a deal or if I was paying extra for the service for someone to curate a box for me you know? But I totally agree that I need to work more on giving some of the things a bit of a test run before I “review” them. However, I’ll never be much a beauty blogger because I’m not just not good at that sort of thing! At all! Plus, I’ll often pass along items that I know won’t work for me (like the ipsy eyelashes) so they don’t just go to waste. Even I don’t love something, I know I know someone who will! Thanks for the feedback!

  20. Crystal G

    False eyelashes are super easy once you get a hang of them, but at our age (& mom status) they should probably be saved for the rare “going out” haha a concert maybe? I don’t think I’ve worn any since the last Independence Day!
    I loved the bag! this one I’m keeping 🙂
    Body glitter? I’m not a stripper, so that & the beeswax liner are going elsewhere.
    Chella? yes!
    NYX? they sent me a dark bronze blush… I’m so damn pale I hope I can get tan enough to use it! We will see!

  21. Kristina O.

    I totally HATE the glitter. It seems like something one might buy at Walmart and wear at the club. We have almost matching bags. I was irritated with the lip liner at first because hello is it 1993? But I liked the color and can wear it shaded all over my lips for a matte color.

  22. Crystal D

    I didn’t receive the dry shampoo I received Gel Eyeliner instead of the lashes.

  23. Anne


    I stumbled over your blog via searching for the “June 2013 Ipsy Bag”. After reading your blog post on it- it didn’t seem like you were too crazy over the bag like most & myself included. I actually did not receive that months bag for I was placed on the waiting list instead. 🙁 I was wondering if by chance perhaps you were interested in selling the bag? I love love love that print & have currently been obsessed w/neon colors. Every where I look to purchase some ppl have the bag & a set for resale at $25. I only want the bag & have been dying to get my hands on it. I totally understand if you’re not interested in selling it. Just thought I’d ask. Thanks!

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