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Unmentionably Cheeky

June Unmentionably Cheeky

Unmentionably Cheeky is a new monthly subscription service which brings you 3-pairs of panties to your door each month for only $8 (it’ll eventually increase to $11/month I believe). Seriously. 3 pairs for $8. When Unmentionably Cheeky contacted me to see if I wanted to check out their service, I jumped at the chance. 3 pairs of panties for only $8/month? I had to see this!

Unmentionably Cheeky

The Package

I’d never seen a review on Unmentionably Cheeky before, so I wasn’t sure what to be looking for in the mailbox. But let me tell you, I was thrilled when this little pink envelope appeared in my mailbox. I didn’t know what was in it at first, but I knew I liked it.

Unmentionably Cheeky

First Look

I was pleased that everything was wrapped neatly in the package.  It was like opening a present.  The tissue paper was folded up like a box almost.  I was very impressed because I have tried to neatly fold tissue paper like this, but I can never do it.

Unmentionably Cheeky

The Card

Unmentionably Cheeky doesn’t have a real information card (I mean really how much can you say about panties), but they do include a postcard with their website, social media sites, etc. on it.  And you can actually mail along the postcard to a friend who you think would be interested in the service.  WB was actually pretty interested in the girl on the information card.  Just saying.

Here’s the 3 pairs I received:
~Blue Cotton with Lace: These are totally cute and very well made. I didn’t have any problems when I washed them either.

Unmentionably Cheeky

Blue Cotton & Lace

~Pink & Black Lace: Again these were very well made and I looked everywhere to see if there was anything wrong with them, but I couldn’t find a flaw at all. Sometimes lace is easily snaggable (is that a word), but I didn’t find that to be the case here at all!

Unmentionably Cheeky

Pink & Black Lace

~Black Lace: I should have taken a picture of the back of these because these aren’t  like a g-string thong (you know what I’m talking about), but have less coverage than the other pairs.  So they are thong like, without being a thong.

Unmentionably Cheeky

Black Lace “Thong”

I was super impressed by Unmentionably Cheeky and was honestly shocked that the quality was as good as it is.  All panties have Unmentionably Cheeky labels on them and I’d say they ran true to size.  They actually sent me two different sizes so I could compare between the two.  The styles were mainly the same, but there were some color variations.

Unmentionably Cheeky

Unmentionably Cheeky

What do you think of Unmentionably Cheeky?  Is it something you’d be interested in?  B certainly thought this was a great box ;).  If you are interested in learning more or want to sign up, click here. And make sure to use the code: “SUMMER” which will lock you into a rate of $8/month for life!  And if you aren’t totally 100% happy, they offer a money back guarantee so you’ve really got nothing to lose.

Disclosure: This box was received for review purposes. All opinions are my own and, as always, no compensation was received.  This post, however, does contain affiliate links!

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20 thoughts on “June Unmentionably Cheeky Review

  • Jenny

    Oh a cute box but I only wear thongs 😉 I’ll have to see if that is an option. I’m currently hooked on my hanky pankies. Darn POP had to introduce me to new expensive panties. LOL

  • Courtney Lane

    This is a great deal! You know what I wish you had? I wish you had the FB like button at the end of your posts! Like, like, like!!!

  • Mackenzie

    Seems like a good deal, but it’s a low enough price that I’m wondering what’s the catch? Like, it’s too good to be true.

  • Jennifer

    I loved my order as well. The only problem was that 1 of the 3 was a lot smaller than the other 2. This is weird because all three of them said the same size on the tags. I must admit that I like this subscription a lot better than Panty Fly…which cancelled my prepaid 3rd month due to fulfillment issues.

  • lynn m.

    I know you said they sent you 2 sizes, did your normal size fit or did the other size fit? I am super interested in this, but want to make sure what I order fits. I know they have a size chart but that doesn’t always mean much in the clothing world 🙂

  • Lauren

    Super cute! I signed up for this box yesterday I think, or the day before. Anyhow, I’m super excited about it! I don’t know who could say no to 3 pairs for $8!!! Most of my undies are V.S. I don’t know why, I think its stupid to pay that much for underwear but for some reason I do… So if this keeps me away from V.S. then money well spent I say! lol

  • christina

    I subscribed to pantyfly and while I didn’t have a bad experience like other people did… the drama surrounding pantyfly left me not feeling great about the company so I would love to try this subscription out

  • mari

    Jennifer (8:29pm), I found the same thing to be true with mine. Two pairs fit perfectly but the 2 color lace ones were too small. They are going to my teenage daughter, so not that big of a deal.

  • Krista

    Do NOT give them your credit card, it is Impossible to cancel your order with this company. I have been trying to cancel my order since august and they keep charging my card. I have 10 different emails stating they will refund me and will cease and desist and cancel my order.. Terrible business practices. If you do not mind having to Fight to have your credit card not be charged ( finally had to CANCEL my card and contest the charges).. Do not waste your time, while the product is great the service stinks.