May Pawalla Box Review

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Edited to Add: Pawalla is no longer in business.

Pawalla Mini Box
May Pawalla Mini Box

My Pawalla Mini box arrived on Saturday and the furries were quite excited about it. I ordered a 3-month subscription when they had a deal back on and this was the last one, so they aren’t too excited about that! But something tells me another deal with pop up!

Pawalla Mini Box
The Box

I was actually pretty surprised to see the Pawalla box in my mailbox. I tracked it online on Friday and it said it’d been delivered. To a house in a few towns over. I figured I’d just deal with it next week and didn’t do anything about it right away, which worked out nicely since the box ended up arriving safe and sound.

Pawalla Mini Box
First Look

Pawalla sends out spoilers and some people had already gotten their boxes, but I didn’t really pay much attention.  Not that I don’t love pet boxes, but I don’t stalk them for spoilers like some of the other boxes.

Pawalla Mini Box
The Information Card

~In Clover – Grin Dental Chews($3.99): My dogs get in trouble every time they go to the vet because of their poor brushing habits.  These treats are suppose to help freshen breathe and encourage chewing to clean teeth.  I’ll try them for sure.  Hopefully the dogs are into them because I’m not into the cost of having the dogs teeth professionally cleaned.

Pawalla Mini Box
In Clover – Grin Dental Chews

~Cloud Star – Dynamo Dog Functional Treats: Tummy($5.99):  These are perfect treats for the dogs.  They are little and soft, which Baxter and Buddy like.  Plus we’re running low on dog treats since I sent my brother home with a TON the other day for his big dogs.  Baxter and Buddy just can’t keep up with their treat eating!

Pawalla Mini Box
Cloud Star – Dynamo Dog Functional Treats: Tummy

~Amazing Pet Products – Lamb Chop ($2): I can’t find this online anywhere, which annoys me, but I guessed that the price was about $2.  I certainly wouldn’t pay any more than that for it.  Baxter and Buddy will enjoy this, but I’d guess they’d rather gnaw on a real lamp chop!

Pawalla Mini Box
Amazing Pet – Lamb Chop

~Charming Pet Products – Lily the Lion Mini($2.99): Umm, this might be my all-time favorite dog toy.  Ever. It’s a balloon art squeaky toy.  For dogs.  It’s the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while and I get a lot of cute things, so that’s saying a lot!  They have a bunch of different ones and I want them all.  For me.  Oops. I mean the dogs ;).  Seriously, they are adorable.  Go look.  How could I not get Baxter the Bull for Baxter???

Pawalla Mini Box
Charming Pet Products – Lily the Lion Mini

All totaled I came up with an (estimated) value of $14.97 for the May Pawalla Mini box.  I don’t know if my values were low (?) or what because usually I come up with a value closer to $30!  But to me, this box was a winner.  I mean they could have just sent me Lily the Lion and I’d be happy!!!

Did you get a Pawalla Mini Box this month?  What’d you think?  And does anyone actually get the May box in May?  Anyone?  If you are interested in signing up or just want to learn more, click here.  If you sign up through my link, you’ll get $6.50 off your first purchase!

Disclosure: This post contains referral links! Baxter and Buddy think you should do it.
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  1. Jessica

    It might only be for new accounts but Plum District has a $12 off 2 months deal for pawalla. They also have a new KLUTCHclub deal up today.

    1. Susan

      @Jessica: I saw that too. It says new customers only, but not sure if maybe it would work to cancel, then re-sign up? Probably not, would be my guess.

  2. Karen O

    My 2 yro daughter has Lily the Lion, and loves her (she also likes the cats’ toys). She actually showed up in her school picture last year!

  3. Gyps

    I got the same box and same little lion toy. Jack’s never been into toys (only tennis balls) but Ellie loves ripping things apart. That being said, I think the lion freaks her out. After two days of it sitting there she finally walked up to it today and pushed it with her nose and quickly ran away to hide after it squeaked. I’m so glad I got to see it…too funny!

  4. Alexia561

    You totally have to get Baxter the Bull for Baxter! How did the boys like their new box? Miss seeing their picture with their goodies. Hope they enjoy!

  5. Sophia

    Confession.. I totally clicked on the Lily the Lion link.. I want one and I don’t even have a dog!

  6. Shauna

    So which do you like better; Barkbox or Pawalla Mini? We have a 12 lb. Toy Fox Terrier, and she could never get through all the treats if she got monthly boxes so I’ve been considering 3-months on, 3-months off. I can’t decide between these 2 though. Barkbox looks a wee bit better to me, but I was wondering which you preferred.

  7. Kristen

    I received the same exact box you did but I have a 75 pound dog so sadly the lamb chop lasted about 30 seconds. I love the lion toy but I wish I got the large one instead I the mini size. Luckily my dog is obsessed with the lion and loves cuddling with it.

  8. Katie

    I just stumbled onto this post while looking at dog boxes. Anyone else notice that ‘Lily’ the lion is actually male? Female lions don’t have manes!

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