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~I spent some time this weekend catching up on some blog things and getting organized around the house and I’m feeling good! I’m still not sure when this big garage sale of ours will be, but it’s so happening. Swear. B’s gotta get these races in while it’s still nice out though, so scheduling is rough. Has anyone ever done a Thursday night / Friday & Saturday garage sale? Or heck, Friday night / Saturday only? Thoughts?

~I’m not expecting too many boxes this week. I’m pretty sure I’m getting Citrus Lane, Barkbox, HelloFresh, TheBouqs, and Ellie.  The review for For the Makers is also coming this week.  Umm, let’s just say that my pieces don’t look quite like the ones on the website ;).  I *think* I am also getting Foldigo and The Fantasty Box, but I am not 100% sure they will be here by the end of the week.  I am still waiting on various other June boxes, but those are what I am expecting this week.

~I know some of you were interested in the Costco Mason Jar Mugs and I am headed there tomorrow.  So if you want me to pick you up a set, let me know!  They are $19.99 (plus tax and shipping).  I cannot imagine shipping being much more than $7 or $8?  But I’ll charge you whatever the actual cost is okay? And let me know which color set you want.

The Options

~I’m hoping I can get my Disney Cruise Review posted this week and a few other non-box things up, including some meal plans for the Challenge and some kids craft projects I’ve been wanting to do.  I’m going to try and take full advantage of this semi-slow week!

~Ohh, I should mention that B is back from Bonnaroo!  They left last night during Tom Petty when it started to rain and made it home without any trouble.  And luckily they did not have to wait in a huge line to leave like they had to wait in to get in!  I think he’d glad to be home.  He said he’d go again, but in an RV next time.   LOL.  He’s going to be sleeping in a tent again soon because L is SO ready to backyard camp.  He remembers doing it last summer and talks about it all the time.  Maybe it’ll be nice enough this weekend to do it then.

~L is already missing school.  Totally. Not the actually school part, but for sure the friend part.  He was so sad when he was talking about a few of his friends last night and how much he missed.  My heart was breaking.  Poor kid!  Luckily for him there’s a birthday party with those kids coming up soon, so he’ll get to see them again.  Nothing much is new with WB.  Still annoyed with walking and not so thrilled he’s (finally) getting teeth! Ohh, and here’s an outtake from the D-A-D pictures I did for Father’s Day.  Such work getting those boys WB to pose!

Alright, enough from here.  How was your weekend?  And what do you have going on this week?  Anything exciting?  Expecting any boxes??

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  1. Shannon Dew

    Yay for getting things done this weekend! I wish I was more accomplished this weekend! I feel so behind on blogs right now, I am a sucky blogger lately! I blame life. I think you could totally do a Friday/Saturday garage sale. Why not?

  2. Linae Pickard

    Good morning!

    I’m expecting my first birchbox to arrive this week! And when do Glossyboxes ship? Last month was my first one so I’m not sure when to expect it to arrive. I also impulsively ordered a Total Beauty Mystery Box last week (I paid $18 for 13 items worth over $100). Seemed like a good deal to me. Have you ever ordered one from them??? Also, my Advocare distributor kit should be here today! I’m real excited about that one!

    I’ll be spending my week getting ready for Vaca! Yipee!

  3. Kristen

    I got one of those Aladdin ‘Mason Jar’ mugs at Target over the weekend. Mine just has the plain silver top and pink straw, but I love it. I have used it non-stop since Saturday. So cute and convenient! Love the handle on mine. 🙂

  4. Courtney Lane

    Believe it or not there is NO mall where I am at. Which means no B&BW. I haven’t been in YEARS! So when I saw your post yesterday I went straight to their website and ordered a ton of crap on sale!! I bought my first Wallflower and I’m excited! LOL I can’t believe this sale goes on for 3+ weeks! I’m resisting another purchase!

    1. Courtney Lane

      @Courtney Lane:
      Oh, and an evening garage sale is right up my alley! I always hated missing them because of work! Even on Saturday mornings! And if you don’t sell as much as you want, you can always do another one!

  5. Jen K

    Those pics for Father’s Day is awesome! Even with the kids being kids and all… Adorable!

  6. Jacqueline

    I’ve been studying for the CA bar for the past few months. Reading your bog has been a fun getaway. And subscription boxes make being at home all the time a lot more fun 🙂 I’m expecting a panty fly envelope this week.

  7. Alexia561

    In my old neighborhood, the majority of the garage sales were Friday/Saturday. We did ours Saturday only, and some people did them Saturday/Sunday so guess there’s no hard & fast rule. Do whatever works for you and good luck!

  8. Lauren M.

    I work with a couple people who got those mason jars from Costco! They are super cute but I just have so many other drink cups/mugs/etc. that I just can’t make myself go buy them… although I am tempted every time I see them at work! But I won’t do it! I won’t!

  9. Lorns

    I’d love it if you could send me the blue/purple mugs! I swear, between the subscription boxes we can’t get here and your Target hauls, your blog makes me want to move to the US (if you ever want anything sent from Scotland let me know!) x

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