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June Petit Parcel
June Petite Parcel

Petite Parcel is a personal shopper styling service for children that delivers outfits to your doorstep each season. They eliminate the unnecessary driving to and from the stores, waiting in lines, and the challenges of shopping with children in tow. Every season (or more frequently if you request), you will receive a parcel containing five outfits selected for your child. You are charged a styling fee of $14.99 and you only keep (and pay for) what you like.  You have 10 days to try everything on and decide what you want to purchase and which you want to return. A prepaid label is included in your parcel so returning items is easy.

June Petite Parcel
The Box

Petite Parcel ships via USPS Priority Mail (love) and arrived super fast.  I had requested clothes for WB (he gets a lot of hand me downs and could use some new stuff) and mentioned that we were pretty much Baby Gap / Polo kind of people.  Nothing too crazy or loud or with characters or trucks on it.  I gotta be the one to pick that kind of stuff out.  I had no idea what they’d send, so I couldn’t wait to dig into it!

June Petit Parcel
First Look
June Petit Parcel
Second First Look

I was totally thrilled by the first look.  I could already tell there wasn’t anything crazy in the box and saw some pieces that I LOVED.  I feel like clothing subscription boxes are the hardest ones to perfect.  Everyone’s preferences are so specific and so different that it’s got to be hard to know what pieces to select.  I would be awful at it because I would pick pieces I liked, which may or may not be what the customer liked you know?

June Petit Parcel
The Information Card

The Petite Parcel information card is a listing of pieces in your box plus the prices of the items should you choose to keep them.  You can opt to keep an an outfit (i.e. shorts +shirt) or just one of the pieces.

~Paige Lauren Classic Romper (Blue) ($38):  OMG, I’m in love.  This is so soft – almost silky like and WB is going to love it.  Since I didn’t know what I’d get, I thought I’d just check the box out and return the items, but, umm, I’m buying this.  I have never heard of this brand before but they are going to be a new go to for sure.  I kinda sorta want to have another baby so I can get more of their pieces.

Petit Parcel
Paige Lauren Classic Romper

~Joah Love T-Shirt (Grey) ($33):  When I saw this tee, I thought to myself, wow, B would love this in his size too.  It’s 100% cotton, made in the USA and is so stylish.  It fits WB perfect and I think I am keeping it.  And I love it so much though that I am going to hunt it down – in L’s size.  While pricey, it’s the perfect little tee and it’s such a high quality that it’ll last for ages.

Petit Parcel
Joah Love T-Shirt

~Joah Love Douglas Shorts (Grey / Black) ($33):  The shorts are the matching piece to the v-neck above, only I don’t love them as much. I’d totally totally love them if they didn’t have pockets in the front.  I’m not into pockets like that.

Petit Parcel
Joah Love Douglas Shorts

~Paige Lauren Classic S/S Bodysuit(Orange) ($22): This is the same brand as the adorable blue romper and I love this too.  So soft and it’s totally my favorite color, but I’m on the fence on this one.  I don’t put WB in too many onesies so I just don’t know if we’d get a ton of use out of it.  Had it been last summer and he was younger, I would have snatched it up in a second.  I used to do a lot of onesies with L (even when he was WB’s age) but I  just don’t with WB.  I don’t know why not?

Petit Parcel
Paige Lauren Classic S/S Bodysuit

~Polo T-Shirt (Teal) ($12):  This is totally us and I totally love it and we are totally keeping it.  I love to stock up on polo during their end of season sales and this would be something I’d totally get.

Petit Parcel
Polo T-Shirt

~Mish Shorts (Grey) ($28): I cannot find these shorts online and it totally drives me crazy.  LOL!  These shorts are also totally our style, but are too big for little WB. L was on the bigger side when he was WB’s age and I had this problem with him too.  Unless the shorts are just right, he looks silly!

Petit Parcel
Mish Shorts

~Joseph Abboud Polo (Navy / White) ($13): Totally love this polo and I’d totally keep it, except WB has a million hand me down polo shirts from L.  Seriously.  I posted a picture on Instagram a while back.  B’s pretty laid back, but if I brought another collared shirt into the house for WB, he’d go crazy!  But I do like this…….

Petit Parcel
Joseph Abboud Polo

~Joseph Abboud Shorts (Plaid) ($13): WB would totally wear these shorts, but they are also too long on him.  They are his size, but are just too long for those little legs.  I have found that even shorts from the same brand can be different lengths in the same size, so you just never know what to expect.

Petit Parcel
Joseph Abboud Shorts (Plaid)

I was very impressed by the selections in the box and I felt like Petite Parcel really did a good job of listening to our style preferences and worked to include items we’d love!   I mean, they want you to love the pieces, so it’s in everyone’s best interest to follow the style preferences (and to be as detailed as possible for them).  I was also impressed that the pieces in the box were from this season.  They aren’t from years ago and aren’t all out of date or anything.  And the price list included with the box was more than fair.  Prices on the list were less than what I found online which is nice.  That was one of the things I was curious about.   Even with the styling fee taken into account, if you bought a few pieces, you’d still come out ahead of the game.

What do you think of Petite Parcel?  Would you find a service like this helpful?  If you are interested in signing or or want to learn more, click here.

Disclosure: This box was received for review purposes and no styling fee was assessed.   Anything I keep, will be paid for my me.  As always, all opinions are my own.  No compensation was received for this post.  It never is.
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  1. Lynsey

    I love this!!! Checking it out now!!
    Mish is AMAZING! I swear no lie my son has about 60 articles of their clothing!!!! My aunt was their rep for a long time and the clothes are amazing!! We have those exact shorts in like three colors! KEEP THEM!! I think online its Mish-mish

  2. Sally

    Wow! Looks like such a fun box to receive. I would get in trouble because I would want to keep everything!

  3. Melanee

    I’m trying this one. I’ve been really underwhelmed with wittlebee so I’m dropping them. Love all those pieces you got

  4. Amanda

    Seems a little too expensive for me. My hubby wanted a onesie that was $22, cuz it had magnets. I thought that was outrageous! But over $30? Craziness..

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