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I did this a while back and really really enjoyed it (and I think you all did too), so I wanted to do it again. I NEED to switch from Google Reader to something and I want to make sure I take all your blogs with me. Plus, I think we are all looking for some new blogs to read, so this should help with that.  So share your blog!

All you gotta do is add your blog to the link-up below. You don’t have to do a special blog post, or link back here or anything like that. This is easy.  But it would be really fun if you left a comment and told everyone a little about your blog (throw your link in there too if you want)!

I cannot wait to check them all out!  I think I know most of your blogs, but like I said, I don’t want to miss any and I know a lot of you have started new blogs since the last time we did this.  So get sharing!!!

And next week we’re going to have a “share what you sell” post.  So if you have an etsy shop, if you sell 31 Totes, if you have an online shop, next week is your chance to share it with everyone!!!

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Jennifer is the author and founder of Subscription Box Ramblings. She first discovered subscription boxes in 2012 and has been addicted since. Current favorites include CAUSEBOX, Boxycharm and Beachly!

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  1. brandy

    You already know me!!!! 🙂 I do subscription box reviews too but I am way more snarky. I do giveaways. Oh I also blog about feeding my kids, my weight loss (almost 60 lbs since the start of the year!), and just whatever the heck I like, but mostly shopping.. Everyone says I am hilarious. I try not to also complain about grad school.

    I love this idea. I would steal it but I’m too lazy and I’m going on vacay.

    I am thinking about paying $20 to feedbin because Reeder (a mac app for rss) can use it too. It would be pretty seamless. Digg is creating a substitute but I haven’t seen an actual product yet.

  2. I started a blog back in March to talk about being a stay-at-home mom, Target shopping and anything else I feel like or can think of.

  3. Lisa

    Hey everyone! Come by and please check out my blog. I review subscription boxes, mostly ones that ship to Canada and the occasional one that ships only to the U.S. Every now and then I also talk about things I’m loving at the moment. Like Jen, I’m a mom to two young boys who are an endless source of entertainment. I’m also on Instagram @misslisac.

  4. Laurie @ Blueariel's Beauty Spot

    I’ve just started a brand new blog. I love, love makeup and love to talk about it, as well as beauty box subscriptions and some occasional everyday mom stuff. I would love if people would take a minute to visit my blog and would be happy to take constructive criticism. Thanks Jennifer for a great post idea and opportunity.

  5. Alena

    Love this!! I also love the what you sell idea!! Amazing! I love checking out new Etsy shops! 🙂

  6. Jenny

    Oh my blog. It’s a little of this and a little of that. I talk about my subscription boxes, paper crafting, Disney, tv, my boys and really whatever I can think of. Come by and check it out. http://www.lovemyrandomness.blogspot.com

  7. Katrina

    I’m just starting out with my blog – currently I’m mostly just reviewing sub boxes (I know, original!) mostly so *I* can keep up with what I get and from where but eventually I’ll stop being lazy and post other content too 😉

  8. kimberlee

    hi. everyone, I am the dragon slayer mommy. I blog about boxes of course, but also life as a chronically mommy with a toddler. The name dragon slayer is in reference to my rare illness (Adult Onset Stills Disease) because we run fevers in excess of 103 every day and have a pink rash we refer to our illness as “the dragon” the goal of my blog is to not only bring awareness, but to show at the end of the day it is all about you outlook on life… I write it all from chemo to subscription boxes and infusions to potty training…and do it all with a sense of humor…you have to be able to laugh at yourself…. thedragonslayermommy.com

    1. Ryan

      I’m fascinated with this blog description! The link with your name didn’t work, I’m going to go type it in myself to try to find it! Intrigued! 🙂

  9. I started a blog awhile back to talk about buying nail polish and that it makes me happy. So, that’s what you’ll find at my blog – mostly nail polish, some sub boxes, swatches, etc.

    Have you tried Bloglovin’? That’s what a lot of people are switching to, and it’s super easy!

  10. Stacey

    My mom and I are new to blogging and would love it if you could check us out. With have beauty and fashion posts that go along with our online store! We love taking new outfits and added a vintage piece to it. We are just getting started! Would love to hear what you think!

  11. Julie

    My blog is Lime Lane Love and it’s about DIY/craft tutorials, free printables, box reviews, photography tips and a little bit of randomness. Thanks for this post!!!

  12. Mary Q.

    Woo hoo! How fun. 🙂 I’ve gotten to check out some of these bloggers from previous linkups but I definitely see some new ones in there!

    My blog is called ((little fat notebook))… it’s pretty random and really a place for me to put out everything I want to share with the world. I’ve started doing reviews of stuff I’ve gotten, whether subscription boxes, free things, or awesome products I bought. I’m also running my 365great series – today is day 79!

    My most popular post to date is my “how to” on setting up a Facebook page: http://maryqin.com/how-to-create-a-facebook-page, so if you need tips go check it out! I’ll be posting a follow-up with tips for managing your Facebook page later this month.

    I’d love to connect with everyone!

    Thanks for doing this Jennifer! 🙂

  13. Ryan

    Hi everyone!!

    My blog is still pretty new, started in April, but I’m learning tons every day! I’m a mom to two awesome girls in Louisville, KY, an active traveller and a bit of a socialite I guess? I’ve got a serious love of fashion and parties and good deeds, but I come from southern roots that keep things VERY grounded! 😉 My blog will detail my charity’s activities once my 501c3 status is approved, for now it’s solely for fun! Stop by for my first ever monthly contest, launched 6/1, worth over $160! I LOVE your blog Jennifer and I’m excited to read all of these new ones!! So much inspiration!! 🙂


  14. Alyssa

    I started my blog over a year ago as a way to tell about my everyday ordeals dealing with aspergers (which now is referred to as autism spectrum disorder in the medical community), glaucoma and being half blind. My friends had always encouraged me to write about my life so I started a blog. Lately ive been doing mainly subscription box reviews as this is my new big fixation (aspergers related) but I’ve done some other random posts here and there. Hope you guys check out my blog and I’d love to get some feedback and comments 🙂

  15. Angela

    Hey! I am one of the bloggers/owner/photographer for Capture A Moment Photography. I try as hard as I can to blog daily and until recently it was mostly about photography stuff. But I feel the winds changing a bit and more just for fun topics will start coming out. That is if I can pull myself away from your blog so I can write one of my own! Hehe!!

  16. Emily KG

    Hi everyone!

    I’m Emily and I blog on Rock Lobster Reviews. I am a mommy of fraternal twin boys who are almost 4 years old! Here’s a little bit of info about my blog:

    My blog reviews subscription boxes like Birchbox, Birchbox Man, Fancy Box, Popsugar, Love with Food, RESQROAST, Regular Coffee, Julep, Ipsy, Glossybox, Blush Beauty Box, Petit Vour, Mia Tempo, The Good Box, Bespoke Post, Beauty Box 5, fair Treasure, Seasons Box, The Happy Trunk, Little Pnuts, and a few others I’m signing up for. I am also a member of several “field testing” programs and Influenster.

    I’ll also be posting about free samples, couponing, contests, nail art and my favorite things (which include beauty items, decor, etc).

    I am also Stylist for STELLA & DOT and an Ambassador for BAREFOOT BOOKS!

    My blog is under construction, but should be up soon. Right now I’m blogging through Facebook. I’ll update the address once the official blog is ready!

    Facebook link:

  17. Tasha

    Aloha, I’m Tasha from Tasha Plus Boxes. I just got into blogging next month, so mines is pretty new. I’m from Hawaii. My blog is mostly about subscription boxes with random bits of my life thrown in between. You’ll find that I often include blog posts involving my boyfriend. So yeah, stop by and say hi if you want. I’m gonna be doing a post tomorrow on making pineapple upside down cake.

  18. Taynia @ Skinny Seahorse

    Hey hey hey I blog over at Skinny Seahorse. I quit a 6-figure career to be un-glorify the concept of busy. I talk about why I did it, how I did it and what Im doing with all my spare time. Which lately has been starting a business called Fiscal Flamingo. It turns out being un-busy is a lot harder than it looks. :-). Stop by. The door is always open.

  19. carol

    Oh that would take so long lol , But I’m an Army wife for the last 20yrs. I’m a huge bargain shopper both online and in person. I have a mild target addiction and tend to have bad grammar. I have two grown girls ( 28, 18 ) I love animals and have 3 dogs, one indoor rabbit and a piggy. I read, garden and complain about my weight, the army, my taxes and pretty much anything else. I never censor what I say because I am honest to the point of rude. I love this page and read it everyday. and I want to read more pages. Ok done

  20. Jessica R.

    I’m Jessica from His Plan, Not Ours. My blog title comes from our desire to always follow God’s plan for our lives. Marry the first boy I ever kissed? Okay, God. Have a baby way before we planned? Sure thing, God. Move across the country twice? Sounds great, God. Despite our life being everything except what we may have originally planned for ourselves, we wouldn’t change it for the world. I’m a stay-at-home mom who blogs about my son, recipes, subscription boxes, my current loves, my pregnancy with No. 2, and more. I’d be happy to have you check it out!

  21. Sally

    What a fun way to get to know bloggers and blogs!
    It’s me, Sally, from Forward From The Heart. I am a Pilates instructor, running addict, wife and mommy. I blog about health, fitness, food and fun.
    Come say hi! Forward From The Heart

  22. Christy

    I just started my blog a few days ago! I’m talking about the subscriptions i receive of course. But I’ll also be talking about my life as a Navy wife and my new kid.

  23. Caitlin

    I started my blog just over a year ago to link with my Beauty Youtube Channel. My blog is a mixture of life style, beauty & Youtube 🙂 I am British Born but American at heart, very much a makeup and shoe junkie and I get pretty invested in TV shows I love.

    Great post Jen cant wait to check out of of the blogs linked 🙂


  24. Danielle

    I’m brand new to blogging but just love this whole community of women I never even knew existed! I just went from working wife to stay at home mom and am trying to find the time to write more, read more, be more creative….etc etc! Sometimes get more caught up reading other blogs than actually writing in my own but what can I say….it’s addicting!

  25. Jen K

    Hey everyone! Thanks RoaSM for hosting this awesome idea.
    IndigoandViolet is about life, marriage, kids and more life. Once in a while I throw in bits of My Favorite things which includes subscription boxes and other fun stuff. Just laughing at the limes life is throwing while sipping on some vodka and lime.

    IndigoandViolet Welcomes you!

  26. Kristy

    I love this idea!

    I started my blog last year after having my little boy so our family could see him since they all live so far away. It’s mostly about being a mommy and how I have no idea what I’m doing.What’s going on in the McCandless house, random thoughts I have, and testing some recipes I’ve found on Pinterest are also covered from time to time. Recently, I’ve gone back to work 1-2 days a week so I talk a lot about my anxiety associated with that too.

  27. Heather W

    Hi, I’m Heather and I blog over at No Less Than The Trees And The Stars. I’m a mom to two little boys, a wife to a tall home brewing special ed teacher and I work full time. Somewhere in there I find time to quilt, knit, take photos and work on Project Life (a super simple scrapbooking/memory keeping system). Along the way I’ve become addicted to subscription boxes!

    Nice to meet you all! 🙂

  28. Alicia F.

    Hi, I’m Alicia, I’m not a subscription box reviewer but I enjoy learning about them. 🙂 I blog about being a new mommy, my family, fitness, food and pretty much anything that sparks my interest. <3 Hope you stop by my blog and enjoy my random tibits! 🙂

  29. Jennifer

    Just another Jennifer with a blog here!

    On my blog and website you will find: Giveaways, Deals and Knockoffs, Reviews on Trendy Products, Eco-Friendly and Budget Friendly Alternatives to help you live Stylishly, Ethically, and Economically.

    I hope you stop by soon!

    1. Justin

      Thanks Jennifer, I love the blog, will definitely be checking you out more often to get some of the awesome giveaways you have listed. 🙂

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