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Today I’m smiling because:

~B got picked for the Mackinac Bridge Labor Day Run! They only allow 500 runners and it’s a lottery system, so it’s kind of a big deal he got selected. You have to run one of their qualified races even to be eligible to enter the lottery and tons of people enter. I’m so excited for him!

The Bridge

~I got all my samples, Stella & Dot gifts and the May Favorites Things Giveaway packages mailed out yesterday!  Be on the lookout people. It’s all coming.  I’m so happy to have that all off my back!  So many packages were just sitting in my office.

~Yesterday, while at the Post Office, I successfully parallel parked.  This is huge.  Huge!  I am the worst at parallel parking but decided to go for it yesterday.  I was on top of the world.  Who cares I was at the post office for 30 minutes mailing stuff?  I parallel parked!

~I picked up this mason jar mug at WalMart (*) yesterday and I cannot wait to use it.  AND I am going to run to Costco this week and pick up the 3 pack (which has cuter straws) I hear is sold there.  I cannot wait.  Perfection.

~I finally got over 10,000 steps a few days this week on my fitbit!  FINALLY!  However, I can’t find my charger (where on earth is that thing), so today I am going to have like 0 steps because the battery is dead.

~I’m smiling because my boys are so stinkin sweet.  I mean WB is a wild man and L likes to pretend he can’t hear me when I am talking to him, but when you get them together?  Pure joy.  If you don’t smile when you see how excited WB is to see L everyday, somethings wrong.  Their giggles?  Contagious.


That’s it from here!  What’s got you smiling today?

(*) Umm, yeah, I cheated on Target. Don’t. tell. anyone.
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  1. Katy

    I’m glad others stuggle to get 10k steps a day, some days I feel like my fitbit is judging me.

  2. Shelby

    Perfect opportunity to then go visit Mackinaw Island!

  3. Ashley C.

    I am seriously going to have to venture into Walmart and pick up one of those mugs. Seriously, I could probably drink a decent amount of water daily with something that cute!!

    1. Mikkii

      @Ashley C.: I was thinking the same thing!! I might actually drink water like I should if I could carry it around in this cuteness!! 🙂

  4. julie

    what fitbit do you have? i just got the zip and i get sad when he makes this face at me: :p

    also i walked SOOOOOOO much today but apparently only 7500 steps! i was at a street fair! whattttttt.

    i have a similar mason jar thingy from tjmaxx i’m obsessed with. it’s hot/ cold insulated and i bought straws from etsy that are reusable and striped. i’m a little crazy but it really perks up my water.

    your blog is cute. i look forward to reading it. 🙂


  5. Alexia561

    Tsk, tsk! Cheating on Target with WalMart? For shame! *L*

    Your boys are too adorable! And congrats to B for winning the marathon lottery!

  6. Shauna

    Are you still doing the Facebook Fitbit group? If so I’d like to join. Having more than two fitbit friends would be a nice way to motivate my steps! You can find my on Facebook (and Fitbit) using my email address

  7. Lynsey Morgan

    I just saw this and my co worker brought me one of those Mason Jar cups Monday!!! I loved it but I have to get up and refill it way to many times I wish it came in a bigger size! But its too cute, my straw is hot pink and turquoise swirl (she must have bought a 3 pack)

  8. Lauren

    Ummm, pretty sure I am yet to parallel park successfully…. I could not do it when I was the driver a Toyota Camry (Or V.W. Beetle for that matter) and now being the driver of a Chevy Traverse, NEVER going to happen. I can barely even park in regular parking spots if you have to turn in at a 90 degree angle. You will always find me as far back as I can get where no one is parked, taking up two spaces. Not because I think I deserve two spaces, just because that’s as good as it gets!

    (PS: I went to Target and Walmart today! Target is by all means, my fave… but ya gotta do what you gotta do! Do you have a Target Debit card? I’m sure you do as much of a Target fan as you are… but if for some crazy reason you don’t, you MUST get one! Lol)

  9. Tori

    I am going to have to get some of the Mason Jar mugs! Also, I celebrate in the exact same way when I successfully parallel park. It really is difficult!

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