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Today I’m smiling because:

~B is having a great time at Bonnaroo and the boys and I are having a great time together here. B hasn’t traveled in forever, and call me crazy, but I like that alone time. And I know B loves getting away. And when he gets back, everyone will be SO excited to see him. Please tell me someone else enjoys when their significant other goes away for a few days?  LOL!

B @ Bonnaroo

~I got my e-mail box all cleaned up and the subscription box list all updated.  The newsest ones include TheBouqs, Foldigo, The Fantasy Box, Hand-Picked Words’ Book Lovers’ Box, KiddoBoxes and SurpriseRide!  I need to keep up on that more.  It gets out of control when I leave it too long.  Ohhh, and I also cleaned out my Facebook messages!  Feels good to be caught up!

~L had such a good time playing in the fountains at the mall yesterday.  I totally spaced on bringing his bathing or a towel and didn’t even think of it until we were like two feet from the fountains and saw all the kids playing.  I could totally tell L wanted to play too. But while I didn’t have swim trunks with me, I did happen to have an extra pair of his shorts since part of the reason we were going to the mall was to get the sensor removed  at the Gap, so I just told him to go for it and play.  OMG, he loved it.   It would have made my heart sad for him not to be able to play!

Happy L

~WB’s second tooth has popped through and he looks like a totally different kid when I get a glimpse of them.  And I still smiling thinking of the people at the play area who saw WB crawling around and were like O.M.G. he’s so fast.  They were amazed.  I’m telling you, he’s a wild man!

~I hit up the B&BW semi-annual sale this week and after going to, umm, 3 stores, I found everything I was after!  This includes the elusive Summer Boardwalk Candles, Jen can’t stop taking about.  And I couldn’t resist the not-on-sale mason jar soaps.  OMG.  Adorable.  Clearly I’m not the only after these items since they were sold out at 2 of the 3 stores I went to.

The Haul

~Jay Leno had a baby tiger and baby bear (along with some other cute little things) on his show last night. And then Adam Levine was on Jimmy Fallon.  A good night for sure.

~Starbucks sent me a coupon for a free Frappuccino.  Umm, I’m in Starbucks, I’m in.  I gotta suck a few of these down before the challenge begins!

That’s it from here!  What’s got you smiling today?

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  1. Jackie

    What are these b&bw candles everyone speaks so highly of? Am I really behind on this or something?

  2. Michelle R

    Ok, I had to go over to the BBW website to order some of those mason jar hand soaps after reading this post! They’re so cute!

  3. Alexia561

    Love the picture of L playing in the fountains! You’re such a good mom, and he’s going to have wonderful memories of his childhood! 🙂

  4. Jen

    I made my own mason jar soap dispenser that I found on Pinterest. I love it and plan to make some this summer. It is glass though and maybe those ones from BBW are plastic? I can’t tell.

    My dh is in the military and gone a lot. I don’t enjoy it at all because it happens way too often for long periods of time. Now if he was home all the time and left for a few days, that might be a different story.

  5. Ashley C.

    You aren’t alone. As much as I love now having my husband home on a regular basis [vs living in the barracks a few hours away when he was active] the occasional night when he is gone is like a mini vacation. After the kids go to bed, I can do whatever I want. Tv or no tv … eat whatever I want, relax, and sleep completely in the middle of the bed! The house is MINE!

  6. Lauren

    Ha! My husband (and son) will be leaving this week week to go to Florida for a week to visit my husband’s grandparents. Um ya, I am SUPER excited to have the house totally to myself, with the exception of the dog and cat. Don’t get me wrong, I will miss them tons and it will feel a tiny bit weird, but I’m excited. I plan to take a nap everyday! Lol. The things mother’s get excited about!

    I’m with you on the fountains! If I take my son to any of the outdoor malls here in AZ that have them, I just wait til we are done and let him go for it, even if I have no clothes for him to change into. Water never hurt anything! If my car seats get a little damp, it’s AZ, it will dry quick! 🙂 Your only a kid once!

  7. Shauna H. Clark

    So, FYI, I pulled the trigger on Goodie Co., Julep and Glossy Box last night. I’m STILL on the wait list for Birchbox and Ipsy, and can’t bring myself to order Pop Sugar or Wantable yet. Goodie Co. is totally for DH since he’s a snackaholic, and I know you said to do Pop Sugar instead of Julep because of the variety, but that’s exactly why I can’t. I’m pretty much addicted to OPI polishes so need to see what I think about Julep. I work at Walt Disney World so I can only wear “classic” colors and none of the fashion ones so Julep may not work out. We’ll see. Just wanted you to know you were spreading the disease. ;-p

  8. Shauna

    Also forgot to mention that your Barkbox link is not working. I was planning to sign up for that one also, but it just kept spinning and spinning.

  9. Stephanie Bradshaw

    Normally I’m all for my hubby leaving me for the weekend to go and do boys things in the mountains, but yesterday I freaked out on him for being gone all day! I’m not sure where in the heck that freak out came from but I feel like an @ss today! Yesterday was a weird day for me which I’m chalking up to pregnancy hormones! But yes, I’m all for alone time without the hubs!

  10. Advocarerunner

    I literally bought every single Summer Boardwalk wallflower in the store today. They were like $1.60 or something equally crazy. The last store I went to was totally sold out of the SB candles. Sniff

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