Best of the Boxes – Round 2

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Back in April I did a “Best of the Boxes” post where I shared some of my most favorite subscription box goodies. Well, it’s been a few more and lots more goodies have been received, so it’s time for Round 2! Here are my favorite goodies from the past few months (along with which box they came in).

1. Pacifica Color Quench Lip Tint (Sugared Fig) (May PopSugar): I love all things Pacifica and all lip balms and this is no exception.  I am currently obsessed with their Coconut Crushed Pearl lotion I got in a trade.  It’s AMAZING!
2. Sun Protection Hat from iPlay (June Citrus Lane): I totally thought WB wouldn’t wear this hat, but he proved me wrong.  I reach for it every time we go to the pool and made sure to bring it up-north.  It’s totally saved us from a sunburned little head!
3. Babycakes Waffle Stick Maker (June Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box): This is L’s favorite box pick for sure.  Waffle sticks for breakfast??  He loves it!
4. Charming Pet Products – Lily the Lion Mini (May Pawalla Box): While Baxter and Buddy don’t love this as much as I do, I don’t even care.  This is the most adorable dog toy ever!
5. 29 Cosmetics D’Vine Mascara (July Wantable & April Lip Factory): I am a mascara junkie and this is one of my favorites out there!  I hope it comes in more boxes ;).
6. Deep Steep: Moisturizer Stick (May Citrus Lane & May Stork Stack): I reach for this all the time (it’s in my junk drawer in my kitchen) and need to order more because I am going to be sad when these run out.
7. S’Well Water Bottle (PopSugar Summer Fun for Him & Her): B uses this every single day and has been drinking a ton more water as a result of this cool bottle.  I don’t use mine as much as he does, but I do love it!
8. O-Ring Stud Wrap by BaubleBar (June ipsy): This was an extra for referring people to ipsy, but I am counting it as a box item.  I love this bracelet and want more.
9. Guacamole Bites (May NatureBox): I skipped a few of the food boxes during the Challenge, including NatureBox, but I am resubscribing soon so I can get my hands on more of these guacamole bites!!
10. Sea Salt Texture Spray (July Julep): I am loving all the hair “stuff” I have been getting, but since I have been using it the most, I am calling this my most recent favorite.  It really does give my hair some nice texture.  And it smells yummy.
11. Chef’n Flexicado Avocado Slicer (July Tyler Florence Fancy Box): This is something I had no idea I needed, but now use it every single day.  So does B.  In fact, he woke he up the other morning asking me where it was so he could slice an avocado.  A knife just doesn’t do it anymore.
12. “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus” by Mo Williams (April The Little Book Club): I still don’t know why I hadn’t bought this book on my own, but I am so glad we have it now.  It’s a new favorite for sure.
13. Marvis Mint Toothpaste (May Birchbox Man, May Birchbox & May Bespoke Post):  B loves this and is thrilled that we got multiple samples of this.  When they finally do run out, I know I will be purchasing more from Birchbox!
14. Heels Door Holder (April Coco Rocha Fancy Box): I am obsessed with this!  I have it holding our bedroom door open (instead of the candle I used to use it keep it open) and it’s perfect.  I wouldn’t mind more.

Looking back, I totally missed a few things (including the fabulous Gorjana scarf from June’s PopSugar), but there’s only so much room in the collage!  Now it’s your turn to share!  What have been your recent favorite subscription box items? I can’t wait to hear!

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Jennifer is the author and founder of Subscription Box Ramblings. She first discovered subscription boxes in 2012 and has been addicted since. Current favorites include CAUSEBOX, Boxycharm and Beachly!

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  1. Ariana Allard

    Is there something fancy about the water bottle? Is it super insulated or something ?

    1. Elizabeth

      @Ariana Allard:

      The bottle keeps cold things cold for up to 24 hours and hot things hot for up to 12 hours, so yep, exactly what you said – super insulated. It also doesn’t sweat when you put cold stuff in it and since it’s stainless steel all the way, it has no weird metal aftertaste and no BPA plastic.

  2. Brianna

    That’s so funny that your furries don’t love the lion – one of mine is so obsessed with it, that I occasionally have to hide it to get a break from the squeaking! 🙂

  3. Isa

    How can I trade items I receive from my subscription boxes that I don’t want? Thanks.

  4. Tasha

    I’m with you on the mascara, that was by far my favorite makeup item to get in any box but I got mine in the Wantable box. I also love the Turbana Sweet Plantain Chips I got in my Love With Food box and so happy that Birchbox Man sent an Old Spice Soap bar!

  5. Mrs. L

    Not counting the scrapping boxes I’ve just been getting Popsugar. I’ve had one month of Goodies and one month of A Kitchen Box.

    Recently from Popsugar my favorites have been the Kooringal Giselle Mid Brim Hat from the May box. I don’t ever wear hats but I’ve been wearing it to the Farmers Market every weekend. And the Gorjana & Griffin Zuma Scarf from the June box, love love love. Think it’s interesting that my two favorites are from the fashion part though I do like many other items.

    I also really love everything about my first A Kitchen Box and am so bummed I didn’t get in the trial for the next couple of months.

  6. Jenny

    I’m obsessed with Pacifica. I love everything I’ve gotten from them. Another new obsession is Blakely from Julep. I love love love this color on my nails.

    I used to have a shoe holder for my cellphone. I loved it at work like it was a girlie touch in my male dominated career. LOL I need to find me some new girlie touches in my male household. 😉

  7. Gina F.

    I am obsessed with the Pacifica Coconut crushed pearl lotion too! I love the little shimmers and it smells amazing. BTW, I have been finding it at TJ Maxx and Marshalls.

  8. Brian H.

    Himalayan Salt Plate

  9. Shauna

    I absolutely adore the Julep Beach Tonic Dry Body Oil I received in my July box. I’ve used it after every single shower, and I totally love it. It smells SO GOOD, and makes my skin so soft. I need to go order more before they run out.


    P.S. I finally got my site moved over. The new addy is www . littlecupofrandom . com.

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