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Dear Haute Look, Do I need your Summer Beauty Bag? No. Am I considering buying you? Yes.

Dear My Flip-Flops, Why do I insist on wearing you when I go on walks? You hurt my feet every single time and I end up limping home. You suck!

Dear Ebates, I love you, but I always forget to use you. I need to add a sticky note to my computer reminding me of your awesomeness.

Dear B, When you called me yesterday afternoon and said you were “stopping for a beer after work”, I thought you said that you “got stopped for having a beer after work” and I almost flipped my lid. I am very glad I heard you wrong, however, I do not like when you call me from work. You never do it, so I always get scared something’s up.

Dear Fireworks Shooter Offers,  Umm, the 4th of July is over.  You do NOT need to to keep lighting them off every single night. I get that they have been on sale.  You could save them till next year maybe?  Or even until the weekend?

Dear L, I promise you will get to go back up-north again soon.  Pinky swear.  I feel so sad for you when you get so sad about not being up there.  In your perfect world everyone you know would live up-north in the same house and you’d spend your days boating and fishing and jet-skiing and playing in the lake.  I get it.

Dear Eating Clean, I am looking forward to putting you on pause for a fun meal and some fro-yo after the Challenge is over.  I will stick with you though since I know you are the way to go.

Dear WB, No matter how far we drive or how long we are in the car, the minute I turn off the engine you squeal with excitement.  I don’t know where it is that you are hoping we are stopping, but I love your enthusiasm!

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  1. Jen

    I always forget about ebates too! I need to use it more.

  2. Stacey

    I wish a little reminder would pop up to use Ebates, I often forget too!

  3. Jenny

    Uhm yes I am thinking about the Hautelook bag too. Of course we NEEEEED it 😉

    I finally added the Ebates toolbar to my computer. Its a little E up in the corner but it lets me know if I’m shopping on an available site. I then have to decide if that or swagbucks has the best deal going at the moment so I know who to shop through. Oh and you know if neither of those I try My points they have some different stores on there.

  4. Carly

    Get the ebates button! It is awesome. Whenever you go to a site that works with ebates, it will pop up and tell you how much cash back you can get and you hit a little “activate” button and don’t even have to go to the ebates site. It is nice too because it doesn’t add a bunch of extra junk or toolbars to your computer. I never remembered to use it until I got this.

  5. Judy

    I have the same dilemma. Don’t need the Hautelook bag either but will probably buy it. Lol

  6. kitnmitns

    Your comment about the Hautelook bag cracked me up. I am going through the same thing!

  7. Mrs. L

    Dear Haute Look Beauty Bag – Don’t feel that you are leaving your siblings while you come to my house…I have a feeling they will be going to good homes too.

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