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Dear Peter Pan, You did not disappoint. At least you did not disappoint me!  I doubt you got great reviews, but I liked it!

Dear L, Thank you so much for writing a “fact family” about me at school. I laughed at conferences when I saw you wrote: “She does blog posts” “She gets a lot of boxes” and “She has a lot of nail polish”. #busted.

Dear WB, OMG I cannot believe you touched the Elf (on the Shelf). I thought your brother was going to pass out from shock. Luckily he didn’t lose his magic. Phew!

Dear Twitter, I am going to stop ignoring you I promise. I like you more than I thought.

Dear New Layout, I am going to test you for a while and see how I like you. Hopefully you help people better avoid spoilers and scroll around more quickly to what they want to read. We’ll see.

Dear Target, Umm, your Store Pickup option seems to have some flaws. You got the color of the boots right, but the wrong size and style. Serves me right for not opening the box until I got home.

Dear B, I am so glad the mustache is gone.  So glad.

Dear Christmas Tree, Please don’t tip over this year.  I don’t have enough extra ornaments to withstand another crash.

Dear Ellen, You are the best.  I just love watching your show and seeing all the good you do!

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Jennifer is the author and founder of Subscription Box Ramblings. She first discovered subscription boxes in 2012 and has been addicted since. Current favorites include CAUSEBOX, Boxycharm and Beachly!

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  1. brandy

    laughing at L’s summary of your work. pretty much the same my way! A is always DID YOU TAKE THE PICTURES CAN I OPEN IT???

    1. Jennifer

      I know. He is so funny!

  2. Jen

    My daughter knows to go through Loot Crate herself first, then put it all back in the box for me to take photos! 🙂 training them well!

  3. Amber

    I also had issues with Target store pickup this week. I ordered a TV and when I went to pick it up the next day the store didn’t have it! To add insult to injury, they couldn’t find one at the 10+ Targets in my area and it is sold out online. I love Target but this was a very frustrating ordeal.

    1. Jennifer

      That is so annoying!!!!!!

  4. Britney

    I love your new layout, I didn’t mind the spoilers in the first place… BUT NOW THERE ARE MORE SUBJECTS ON THE MAIN PAGE! Atleast it seems that way. 🙂 Good job!

    1. Jennifer

      I know some people like to read it all at once and some don’t. I need to work on finding a happy medium!

  5. kim

    I really don’t like Targets store pickup I tried it three times and each time it didn’t work out, I ended up having to go thru the store and get the right Items because the employee said they couldn’t find it. Each time it was frustrating and wasted a lot of time.

  6. Alison

    I REALLLLLLLY liked it. A LOT. I didn’t really care about sound of music… but this one was so so good. I enjoyed all 3 hours!

    1. Jennifer

      I didn’t care for the Sound of Music either! But I liked this. Maybe because I like the story?

  7. Emily

    Personally i don’t like the new layout. I like being able to see everything all at once without having to click through the links. That is one of the reasons I love and follow your blog. I used to read everything you write. With the new layout, I will probably only read a select number of things.

    1. Noelle


      1. Jennifer

        I hear you! I am still playing around with it a bit!

    2. Ash

      I agree!

      1. Jennifer

        Now, what do you think if I did this main site for subscription box “stuff” and then had another page (which would be linked to this) that just had blog posts like this? and those would display all at once??

    3. Jennifer

      I tried for so long to hold off and not switch it, but it’s giving me problems with loading SO slow because my posts are generally so image heavy. It will still all come in one “lump” if you get in your e-mail everyday. Well at least I hope it will! I am still doing some tweaking so hopefully I can get it where everyone is happy!

      1. Tiffany

        I agree! I thought something was wrong with my browser this morning, but im not digging the new layout.. I think it makes it harder to scroll through and read each of your entries.. but im sure you will come up with a great happy medium!!

        — i actuallyu like the idea of having a seperate page for subscritpion box/ vs your daily post 🙂

        1. Kelly

          I’m not a fan of the new layout either, I like being able to read everything straight through, including your daily posts! I would say your blog is probably my favorite to read, I love the subscription box stuff but I also love reading about L, WB, and B!

      2. Emily

        I love the idea for a separate page. I’m so happy that you are reading and responding to our comments. Love you blog!

    4. Eve

      Same in terms of seeing everything at once! I loved scrolling through all the posts at once. I don’t so mind the spoilers being hidden for those who do not want to see, but I love when full box reviews can just be seen immediately (as it does save time). That’s why this is my favorite sub box blog – I can see everything immediately!

  8. Kayla

    I was actually going to comment on the new layout. It looks really nice!!! I was thrown off a little at first, because I only saw your Friday letter to Peter Pan, and I thought wow she only had one letter today? LOL

    1. Jennifer

      LOL! I still need to do some tweaking!

  9. carol

    I don’t like the new lay out !!! Sorry.

  10. Lauren

    I love the new layout! I like being able to do a quick scroll through to see what recent reviews you’ve posted and then it’s easier to skip over some of the boxes I might not be as interested in. Guess you can’t please everyone, but whatever layout you choose, I’ll always be a fan!

    1. Kimberly

      I second this! I like to quick scroll to see whats posted and then read more from there. Plus, I put my hand up in front of my face when I scroll in case the popsugar spoilers are posted because I like to be surprise when I receive it. This will keep them a click away!

  11. Genevieve

    I like the new layout but maybe you can give more space for each post? That might be a happy medium!

  12. Jill

    I also liked the old layout better because I didn’t have to click through to read the entire post. Maybe only have a click through for posts that contain potential spoilers?

    1. Emily

      I agree!

    2. Melissa J

      Agree here too! I LOVED not having to click to read more. Still love your blog tho. 🙂

      1. Jennifer

        You guys are a rough crowd today! LOL! But I am trying to figure out a good fix. I promise!

  13. Yvonne Jones

    LOVE the new layout. Much quicker to get to posts that interest me!!!! Glad you did it! Thanks 🙂

  14. Natalie

    I once used Target store pickup to buy a cd. I prepaid online, picked it up, and then got an email a few days later saying that because I had never picked the item up they were going to refund my card. When I tried to explain that I DID pick the item up, the blamed it on an internal error and told me to keep the cd for free! That’s my only experience but I won’t be trying with shoes after what happened to you!

  15. Erica O'Dell

    I’m missing the old layout! I like to read every post and skim offers that may not apply to me but now I have no idea which posts to click or not. Although I’m not leaving anytime soon!

    1. Jennifer

      If you get the daily e-mail that hasn’t changed! I am still trying to figure out what will work best with the posts.

  16. Crystal

    Ok so clearly this is where my comment belonged on the new layout. Like someone else I didn’t realize at first the this post had more than just the Peter Pan letter so thats why I posted it in the other post. But yes I vote old style. 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      Lol. You can comment on it anywhere! There are a few other issues other than wanting to hide the spoilers. One being how slow it is to load which drives me bananas!!! I’m trying to figure out another way to fix that too though so we’ll see!

  17. nikki

    I vote old style too! I love that your blog was so easy to move around. I know, what a first world problem but, I’m not a fan of click heavy sites. If something didn’t interest me I just scrolled by fast, the new set up makes me think I won’t be as inclined to read everything because of having to go in and out of a page.

    1. Emily

      I agree that it was very easy to move around. If I have to click on every post, I’m probably not going to click on every one… And by reading all of the posts, that is how I discover new boxes and things I’m interested in! I don’t want to miss out on that. I vote old style!

  18. Tammy Davis

    I like the old layout better also. I can not convince my email that you are ‘safe’ and to not put you in spam and I use an ipad or iphone. Your emails don’t even come through on these since they are in spam. And I hate having to click back and forth on webpages. I also like a single page. I would probably check if you added a second page, but it is easy all on one page.

    1. Jennifer

      Ugh. I do not know what it is with your e-mail (I can see it on my end here) server that hates me, but it gets booted back to me when I try to send e-mails!

      I am trying to figure out a fix that will make everyone happy and I *hope* I can do that all over the weekend!!

  19. Eve

    I love your new layout — very neat and clean.

  20. Kimm Jones Furlotte

    I vote for the old layout too..that’s just because I hate change…lol If this layout is easier for you, then I am sure over time we will all adjust to it… 🙂

    Love Ellen too, she has such a bug heart..Also love 12 Days and seeing everything she gives away!

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