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~Happy Sunday! How was your weekend?  We still haven’t gotten our tree, but we did put up a few giant inflatables in the backyard, so at least there’s that ;).

New Friends!
New Friends!

~Those of you who signed up, have you shipped your Reddit Secret Santa gift yet?  I haven’t shipped mine yet, but I plan to by the end of the week.  I was reading my match’s profile and I seriously thought it was my own.  It should be fun shopping!

~Have you seem the “Bros Being Basic” Instgram?  LOL.  I went through all their pictures and couldn’t help but laugh.  Too funny!

Bros Being Basic on Instagram
Bros Being Basic on Instagram

~As you can see I changed up the layout again. All of the posts should be visible in full on the first page, with the exception of “spoilers”. You’ll have to click in for those now. I *may* start making some of the older posts “clicky” to save some space, but I haven’t totally decided. Regardless it should be a little faster now because I did some tweaking (not *twerking*) and some other technical stuff.  So hopefully all is well now!

~So word on the street is that you can now view your December 2014 Birchbox boxes.  If you log into your account and the click here, it should bring up everything you will be getting. It didn’t work the account where I am getting the Guest Edition – Lo Bosworth Box, but it worked on my other one.  Here’s what I am getting:

December 2014 Birchbox
December 2014 Birchbox

~Have you seen any good movies lately?  Something that’s out on DVD or iTunes or Redbox or one of those.  Not in the theatre.  B and I are always trying to find something to watch and have been coming up with nothing.  Give me some recommendations!

That’s all for now!  See you in the morning!

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  1. Erin D

    I am getting the same Birchbox as you this month! It looks amazing – I couldn’t be happier. I know I will use every single product this month :).

    1. Bonnie

      mine is the same but with a different perfume sample.

  2. cindy

    100 ft journey and begin again

  3. Becka

    Lmao at Bros Being Basic!

  4. HH

    Watch Edge of Tomorrow if you haven’t seen it yet. It’s awesome! I also recently saw Best Man Holiday, which was really good.

  5. Elizabeth

    I forgot I read last night that Birchboxes were available. I didn’t choose a sample and I LOVE my box. Hopefully it ships soon 🙂

  6. Cymbre Martin

    I haven’t shipped mine yet and aargh I don’t know what to get her. Astrology and haikus are all she likes!

  7. PA Anna

    Why are the inflatables in the backyard? Is it a HOA regulation? My 6 year old performed in 3 play performances this weekend. He is wiped out! He did great for a little guy.

  8. Alicia

    Neighbors and 22 Jump Street are hilarious. Brick Mansions wasn’t too bad either.

  9. Kristin

    I sent my package out on Friday. My giftee should get it in a couple of days. My secret Santa hasn’t shipped to me yet but I left a ton of info for them.

  10. Jody M

    I shipped my Reddit Secret Santa gift, and actually already received one from my SS. I received a very nice cookbook.
    Looking through the gallery, I am stunned by the generosity of some people. Football jerseys, a bread machine, these people go all out!

  11. Victoria

    I’m getting the same hair stuff, they look super interesting!

  12. Aoife K

    My BB is a big (small?) box of boring this month.
    ANOTHER serum
    ANOTHER lipgloss
    ANOTHER lotion.

    I have enough of all 3 that I think even my grandchildren will be passing my stash along to the next of kin!

    Sad over my box; your’s has double the amount of products and looks INCREDIBLE.

    1. Jennifer

      The shampoo and conditioner in mine are just foil packets, but still I am excited!

  13. Laura J

    Saw Tammy starring Melissa McCarthy. It was funny!

  14. Allison

    Thanks for the heads-up on seeing our BB box for the month. I’m happy with mine except for the Yu-Be moisturizer. I received a sample from Sephora and ick, it is way too strong and medicinal for my taste. 🙁

  15. Nancy

    I don’t know what to get my secret Santa he likes hunting, welding, fishing and beer. So difficult.

    1. chris

      There are some subscription boxes for fishing and beer. Maybe check into that?

  16. laura r

    We watched Scrooged last night on Netflix. It was great!

    Ernest Saves Christmas is also on Netflix but I haven’t watched it yet. I loved all the Ernest movies when I was a kid!

    I don’t use Redbox because I’m afraid of my CC info getting stolen there from a card skimmer, since that’s a thing people do out here. 🙁

  17. Mary

    I plan on going to buy my secret santa’s gift tomorrow. Luckily, she likes things I can easily find at Target. Your reddit secret santa doesn’t live in Atlanta does she ;)? lol.

  18. Noura

    I ordered one part of the secret Santa gift on Reddit Gifts, so it arrived last Friday. I also ordered a Loot Crate gift box and let them know it’ll arrive sometime at the end of the month. My giftee is a comic fan..hopefully it’s a good box. My SS just picked up my info today. Some of those gifts in the gallery are AMAZING!! One lady got this HUGE Butter London giftbox, at least $150. I wish that person was my secret santa. LOL.

  19. Susan

    Are you my secret Santa??!

    1. Jennifer

      Not unless your name secretly starts with an L.

  20. Mia

    Got my tree up, but no outside decorations yet. I guess I’ll leave that to the neighbors this year.

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