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Dear Target, I’ll see you later. For the Summer Clearance and for some things I actually NEED, including hangers. Please Target, please, do not let me leave without hangers.

Dear L, I hope you have a great time up-north! And I can’t wait to hear all about it when you get home.  I miss you already ;).

Dear CT, Why CT, why did you have to make out with that girl when you could just spend the entire Challenge back together with Diem? I want you two back together so badly. But fine, I’ll admit it, I’d make out with him in the closet too.

Dear The Weather, Listen, I like the heat better than the cold too, but enough is enough. We can’t go outside and play in this and I need to get some exercise in. When B cuts his runs short, you know it’s too hot.

Dear Pinterest People, I’m in the process of starting a board for each of the subscription boxes I have ever received and hope to have everything pinned this weekend. You may not want to follow me just yet because I might blow up your feed while I pin, pin, pin!

Dear B, Oh that comment about CT does NOT mean that I bought the Challenge on iTunes last night. Baxter bought it. Not me.

Dear GAP, Umm, I think I love you. The fact that we stumbled upon a bunch of good sales again yesterday AND you were able to price adjust our weekend purchases without us even having the receipt? Amazing.

Dear Me, Why didn’t you get Apple Care on your iPhone? I mean seriously. What were you thinking? You are totally irresponsible and have cracked your phone without even knowing it.

Dear WB, Your new trick of giving hugs might be the cutest thing ever.  I’m already sad for the day you won’t think this is fun anymore.  But don’t worry, I am going to get all the hugs in I can right now!

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  1. Jen

    Hi! I’m so jealous of your amazing Target finds. I need to get better at bargain hunting! And, I’m pretty new to your blog- how do you get all of your boxes? Do you subscribe to all of them?!?

  2. Shelly

    Baby hugs are the best! My little one say awwwwww.. every time she hugs someone apparently we said that to her too many times when we were hugging her.. 🙂

  3. Mary

    I am always cracking my iphone screen! And I do not have Apple care either. I just change them my self. It takes some time, and you have to be organized. It is completely doable with the help of a YouTube video. Although, it does break the warrenty. Being a poor grad student it was worth only paying $30 instead of the like $150 or whatever apple wanted.

  4. Kelsey Ellen

    if you’re even slightly technologically inclined (or if B is) – there’s a website that walks you through fixing things yourself step by step. my boyfriend has fixed pretty much every thing we have.. so don’t lose hope. that and the screens aren’t terribly expensive if you think you can do it yourself

  5. Lindsay

    I love that in your letter to B you defended buying the show, but not wanting to make out with CT in the closet! 🙂

  6. Ashley C.

    I hit up our Target this morning to check out the Summer clearance. The kids are going to be excited when they see the Bonzai slip in slide that I bought for $2.50 …. I was sad though. The signs all said 50% … things were price checking for 70-75% … and the coolers, under the signs and in the summer clearance section … were price checking for full price! I’ll check again mid week to see if they are still $20. Hopefully not!

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