Advent Calendar Round Up!

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Every time I turn around lately I run into an Advent Calendar so I thought I’d share some of my favorite (store bought) ones with you. These are “grown-up” advent calendars, but of course there are a ton of great kids ones as well. And the so so so many awesome DIT options out there. I am thinking of doing both a book advent “calendar” for the boys and a more traditional DIY one with little gifts.  We’ll talk about all those soon, but first lets talk about these:

1. Dylan’s Candy Bar Advent Tree Calendar ($30): There are lots of traditional chocolate advent calendars, but I thought this was the cutest.  It includes assorted classic candies in little boxes.
2. Benefit Countdown to Love Advent Calendar ($68): So far I have resisted the urge to buy this, but I don’t know how long I can stay strong.  This is HUGE and holds 21 deluxe sized samples, a charm bracelet, a charm necklace and a barrette.
3. Ciate Mini Mani Monthly Nail Polish Calendar ($58):  This is another one I am eying.  It’s got 24 nail polishes, glitters, nail sequins, etc. and nail pearls.  I saw this at Sephora and it’s even cuter in person!
4. Selfridges Advent Calendar (UK Only) (£84):  There are so many cool beauty advent calendars in the U.K.  This Selfridges one is one of many. I also love the Boots one and the You Beauty one.  You U.K. girls are so lucky!
5. The Whisky Advent Calendar ($245):  While obviously the most expensive of the bunch I feel like it’s the most unique as well.  It includes 23 different 3cl samples of whisky and one door contains a sample of 50 year old single malt Scotch.  I feel like this would be a cool gift for the boss who has everything (assuming a bunch of co-workers chip in money).
6. Starbucks Tin & Chalkboard Advent Calendar ($29.95): I had no idea that Starbucks had an advent calendar until I stumbled into it today.  It’s super cute and has a caramel in each tin which are reusable as is the magnetic chalkboard they are stuck on.  It also includes a $5 Starbucks gift card.

Have you seen any cool advent calendars out there?  Picked any up?  Are you planning to make one for your kids this year?  What items are you putting in it?

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  1. Tiffany

    I think the Threshold Advent Wreath at target is pretty cute.. if you want to fill it out with your own goodies.. also i think the Lego advent calendars are the coolest! If L likes legos.. its a must!

    Im eyeing up that benefits advent Calendar too! Ugh.. do i really need it? No.. but would it be fun to open a fun suprise everyday of december.. heck yes!! lol!

    1. Tiffany

      Do you know where you can even get the benefit one anymore? they are sold out on their site and amazon wants 189$ lol

      1. Jennifer

        I’ve seen it at Macy’s, but that was a while ago.

    2. Jennifer

      I have seen that Target one! It’s pretty big so you could get some good sized stuff in it! I am trying to decide if I want to get L the lego one or make my own. I want to make my own, but I know he’d love the lego one.

      1. Tiffany

        Just an idea, but do you know those little grab bags that have the mini lego people in them. They have them at toys r us right now 2 for $5.. and its like a mystery Lego person. You could buy one of those and break it into a few days for him. So he would end up making 1 lego person, but then you could still do other stuff as well 🙂 Then its the best of both worlds!

        By the way do you do Elf on a shelf?

        1. Jennifer

          We do, but I don’t get all into it.

          We LOVE those lego packs!!!!! I wonder if I can get them even cheaper somewhere?

        2. Tiffany

          They are pretty expensive for a little lego person thats 3 inches big lol but they are so fun! We buy them now and then for fun. We recently got a grandma with a cat! So cute!

          That is the cheapest ive seen them.. Ebay has them pretty cheap sometimes too if you buy in bulk!

          1. Jennifer

            We just got the elf with the present. I was sooo excited!

        3. Tiffany

          Awe! Im jealous! They are so fun.. even for adults haha

          1. Jennifer

            I want someone to make me one!

  2. Gina F.

    I decided to make one this year with muslin bags I stamped. I am just dying for the Benefit one! How I wish they had this when I was a teen!!

    1. Jennifer

      OMG I know. How cool would that have been?

  3. Margaret

    I picked up the Starbucks one because I thought it was good for the price and something that could be used over and over again. But, the beauty ones are so tempting and I know my husband would love the whiskey one. I may need to pick up a few more.

    1. Jennifer

      There are so many good ones!!!!

  4. Nicole

    I want the Benefit one sooo bad but they are sold out online! I’m not sure they have them in stores…fingers crossed!

    1. Jennifer

      I’ve seen them at Macy’s, but that was a while ago ;(

  5. Leanne

    my husband LOVES scotch!! That’s a neat idea.

    1. Jennifer

      If it wasn’t $240 I would be all over it!

  6. Mrs. L

    I’ve actually bought several of the Starbucks advent calendars over the years. I rotate between one 0f those or between ones I’ve bought or made over the years. I did buy this new Starbucks one because I thought it was unique and could easily be used in future years (once the candy is gone out of these, the next use I’ll put either candy, little slips of paper with Christmas sayings, scavenger hunt instructions to find a small present or goodie around the house etc).

    1. Jennifer

      I think you can use the chalkboard all year too, which is awesome!

  7. Raen

    Hi! just stumbled across your blog, was wondering which of these is your favorite.

    1. Jennifer

      Like I said I don’t have any of the them, but if I were to buy one I’d probably go for the Benefit?

    1. Jennifer

      I don’t have much playmobile stuff. I don’t know why, it’s super cute. L
      Just never got into it. Maybe WB will though!

  8. Jessica

    I love that Starbucks one! I am going to now have a reason to go to Starbucks! Plus, I get the kids teachers gift cards there for Christmas since it is right around the corner from the school. On the last week of school, I go there and get assorted treats for the front desk ladies and the school nurse. They love getting the treats.
    I bought the benefit one from sephora online. It is huge and it is laying on my dining room table screaming at me to open all the little doors. My girls have a Lego one we reuse every year and I add a few new mini figure packs to make it exciting. We also have a cute one from PBK that the toddler uses and it has little ornaments to put on a tree.
    Thanks for posting this, I will go to Starbucks and get that one!!!

    1. Jennifer

      How old are your girls? I’d want to open it too!!

  9. Katie K

    I got the Benefit one (online, 2 weeks ago I think?) and I love it!!! Is November yet?! It is very large but so pretty in person, I feel like I need to redecorate my house so that my furnishing live up to the advent calendar. I also used a coupon code and got an awesome holiday bag filled with samples since my order was over $35.

    Growing up my mom would get the playmobil advent calendars for me and my brother which I really loved.

    1. Jennifer

      That’s a great deal you got! Did you order from Ulta?

      1. Katie K

        No from Sephora

  10. Lauren

    Ok I need that Starbucks one. Do they sell it in the stores?

    1. Jennifer

      They sell it at the Starbucks in Target so I bet they have them at all stores!

  11. laura maya

    I think you WILL resist the benefit one! it’s sold out I think… that’s why I’m resisting too… lol…

    1. Jennifer

      THat makes me want it even more. I like a good hunt!!

      1. laura maya

        let me know if you find it! I was waiting for nov 7th to use my 20% off promo code from sephora VIB but when I remembered (the next day) it was sold out already!

        1. Jennifer

          I will! I remember seeing at Macys…

  12. Shannon

    Last year I made a craft beer advent calendar for my husband. I became known as the “calendar wife” with the local craft beer stores. My husband LOVED it and (HE) plans that I will be doing it again. He showed pictures to anyone and everyone who liked beer.

    Because he was so excited to wake up each morning and run downstairs to see what craft beer he would drink that night I will absolutely do it again! I love seeing him happy.

    1. Jennifer

      Ohh I ove that idea!!!!!! I want to see a picture!

  13. Debbie Richardson

    So sad! My daughter wanted the Benefit Advent calendar for her birthday last week and when I went on to order, it was sold out. They’re selling on eBay for well over $100 now. Ugh! And now I need a new birthday present idea a week late…

    1. Jennifer

      That is crazy!!! I wouldn’t pay that much! Maybe they will restock??

  14. Sara

    These are amazing!! I’ve seen the Starbucks one in person and love that you can reuse it. The Benefit one looks amazing and if you do find it I hope you share what you receive so I can live vicariously through you.

    1. Jennifer

      If I end up finding it / getting it I will share what I get!

  15. Rachel

    I just picked up the Starbucks calendar along with some stocking stuffers online. It looks so cute! Thanks to Ebates, I’ll get 3.5% back on my purchase, too!

  16. Rachel

    OH, I hit post too soon! I meant to say “Thank You” for posting about these, I never would have found the one I ordered if you hadn’t mentioned it. 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      No problem!!!!!

  17. Amanda

    Ok I just got my first advent calendar ever. I mean, maybe I had one when I was little but I don’t remember. I got one with chocolates from Trader Joe’s for $.99 HA my husband pointed it out and I got so excited. I didn’t know there were all these kinds of calendars though!! Looks like trouble for me 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      $0.99?? That is crazy! I need to go there!

  18. PhaeLea

    I live in the Land of Advent Calendars! Here in Germany they have SO many fun different kinds! We get different ones each year. This year I got one for my parents with a variety of different booze, hubby got the beer one, my son got chocolates, my daughters all got different jewelry ones, and I got a skincare one. I think I love Advent much more than actual Christmas!

    1. Jennifer

      How fun!!!!!! It seems like more companies are offering them here now. Hopefully the trend continues!

  19. katie

    I love the lego ones! Especially the star wars one!

    1. Jennifer

      I think L would too!

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