July 2013 Coco Rocha Fancy Box Review

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July 2013 Coco Rocha Fancy Box
July 2013 Coco Rocha Fancy Box

To my surprise, my July Coco Rocha Fancy Box (and my July Tyler Florence box) arrived today. Fancy Box seems to be totally stepping up their shipping game and it’s much appreciated!  I usually don’t get my celebrity curated box until the following month, so this was amazing!

July 2013 Coco Rocha Fancy Box
The Box

I’m not a fan of paying extra (*) for shipping, but I do love the fast Fancy Box shipping times.  Fancy Box ships via FedEx and it takes two days to arrive from their shipping hub in MA. My FedEx lady did make me wait all day today for my boxes though.  Some days she’s here at 9am.  Some days 4pm.  You just never know!

July 2013 Coco Rocha Fancy Box
First Look

This month’s Coco Rocha Fancy Box was on the light side which made me even more anxious to see what was in it.  You really never know what is going to be in a Fancy Box.  You never know!

The Informatin Card
The Informatin Card

As always, I am loving the Fancy Box information cards.  I still save them all for reasons unknown.  And I actually do read then to see why Coco picked the items.

Here is what the July 2013 Coco Rocha Fancy Box included:

~Team Coco Tee ($25.99): I was shocked to find out that this t-shirt is $25!  I have never watched The Face so I don’t know what this is all about.  Should I be watching the Face?  Am I missing out?  I don’t know if I will wear this shirt or not, but it is a great material.  Totally random, but this picture of Coco Rocha reminds me of Melissa Gorja.  Please tell me you see it too?

July 2013 Coco Rocha Fancy Box
Team Coco Tee

~Duo Hair Chalk ($9): Hair chalk may be a little too cool for me, but I can see why it is one of Coco’s picks.  I will be passing this along to one of my cousin’s or friends daughters to enjoy.

July 2013 Coco Rocha Fancy Box
Duo Hair Chalk

~Sovanna Earring by Senhoa ($85): The more I look at these, the more I like them!  They were designed by Coco Rocha along with the ladies over at Senhoa which is a non-profit that was started to produce and sell jewelry handmade by vulnerable persons and survivors of human trafficking.  Great earrings and a great cause!

July 2013 Coco Rocha Fancy Box
Sovanna Earring by Senhoa

~Cuvee Calorie Counting Wine Glass ($19.95): This is my far my favorite item in the box. It’s a wine glass that helps you count the calories as you drink!  While I love this glass, I think the “Mother’s Helper” one is even better.  It gives you lines based on the number of kids you have.  Too funny!!!

July 2013 Coco Rocha Fancy Box
Calorie Counting Wine Glass

All totaled, the July Coco Rocha Fancy Box had a value of $139.94 (Fancy Boxes are $46.95), which might be the most valuable Coco Rocha box to date??  I am loving the earrings and the wine glass, so this was a total hit box for me!

Did you get the July Coco Rocha Fancy Box?  What’d you think?  If you are thinking of ordering this or ANY of the Fancy Boxes, click here and get on it! You can always use the coupon code “FOLLOWUP10” to save 10% on any Fancy.com, order, including subscription boxes.  I’ve got my fingers crossed they release $20 or $25 code again soon though! Oh, and if you can’t find the Fancy Box you are looking for, I suggest just doing search for “Fancy Box“. It’s much easier than trying to navigate their site.

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(*) If they charged $46.95 for the box and called shipping “free” I’d be okay with that.  But since they separate it, I feel like I am paying “extra”.  I am totally aware it’s the exact same price either way.

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  1. Katy

    Oh my gosh! When I saw only the top half of the t-shirt in the top picture, I thought it looked like Melissa! So funny!

  2. Dana

    Love the hair chalk, wonder if it works.

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  4. Lauren

    Do you know how returning any of the items works? I wont use the hair chalks and dont know anyone that will, so Im thinking about sending it back. I was wondering how they decide how much to credit your account for, and if I use their prepaid sticker to send it back is that cost going to come out of my credit?

  5. Megan

    I actually got a watch that was worth 135.00 dollars alone lol

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