August Kismet Review

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Edited to Add: Kismet is no longer in business.

Kismet Box
August Kismet Box

Kismet Box is a brand new monthly subscription box (they actually haven’t even officially launched yet) that allows you to make your own beauty products with their DIY kits. Every month is a new project with supplies & step by step instructions.

Kismet Box
The Package

I got a shipping notification from Kismet a few days ago and I couldn’t remember what kind of box it was.  I recalled hearing the box name and I remember being excited about reviewing it, but just couldn’t place what was it in.

Kismet Box
The Box

Once I opened the outer package I saw this beautifully wrapped box and got excited.  I feel like anytime they take care enough to tie a pretty box on a box, it’s going to be good!

Kismet Box
First Look

As soon as I opened the box it all came back to me.  Do It Yourself / Make It Yourself beauty products!!! I knew right away what this project was just by looking and I was very excited about it.

Kismet Box
The Information Card

The August Kismet Box included everything you needed to make your own shimmery, coral colored watermelon flavored lip balm!  I was excited about making your own lip balm when it was in this month’s Crafter’s Crate (it’s a craft box for pre-teen girls) and was even more excited to get a bunch of supplies so I could try it on my own!

The box included the following supplies:

The Materials:
~Lip Balm Base
~Castor Oil
~Coral Lip Safe Sparkle Mica Powder

Kismet Box
The Materials

The Containers
~2 Squeeze Tubes with applicators
~6 Lip Balm Tubes

Kismet Box
The Containers

The Tools:
~2 Disposable Pipettes
~1 Mini Whisk
~1 Mini Measuring Spoon
~1 Spatula

Kismet Box
The Tools

While the boys were playing this morning I got started on making lip balm! I decided to only make enough to fill 1/3 of the containers.  I thought it would be better just in case I didn’t like how it turned out.  I used a third of the lip balm base, 22 drops of essential oils (which make the balm smell like watermelon) and 4 scoops of the mica.  I wanted some color, but not a ton.

Kismet Box
Mixing It UP

I found the directions to be super easy to follow and not confusing like some DIY boxes are.  I think it’s frustrating when you don’t understand the directions to things because you may not be familiar with certain crafting terms (or cooking terms in recipes), but I had no problems here.

Kismet Box
Ready to Pour

At first I wasn’t sure how I was going to get the mixture into the tubes and then I read the directions and saw that was what one of the pipettes was for (the first was to dip in the essential oils)!  Thank goodness I read that part because I was thinking I was going to have to pour it in straight from the bowl;).

Kismet Box
The Final Product

I first put the mixture into the lip balm tubes and then added extra castor oil to the mixture before I put it in the squeeze tube.  The more castor oil the shinier / more liquid it is.  But the directions do warn you that if you use too much if won’t even stay on your lips. I have tested both of mine out and am pleased with my first attempt.  I think next time I will use less oil in the balm tubes (not the squeeze tubes) and more color in the squeeze tube.  I am already looking forward to making my next batch and really didn’t know how easy it was to make colored glosses!

What do you think of Kismet Box?  I am looking forward to seeing what DIY Beauty Projects are in future months!  Is if you are interested in getting on the list to be notified when subscriptions open, click here.  The Kismet Team has indicated that they will be launching within the next few days!



This box was received in exchange for an honest blog review. As always, all opinions are my own and no compensation (other than the box itself) was received.
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  1. Rachel P.

    what a cool idea!!

  2. Katrina

    Do you know how much it will cost when it launches?

  3. Rebecca

    Wow this looks neat.

  4. Mackenzie

    How does it stay liquidy for the squeeze tube and more solid for the lip balm tubes? Is it the same recipe or do you have to change something to change the consistency? It’s an awesome idea for a subscription box, though! Any idea what the price point will be?

    1. Sarah

      It’s based on how much castor oil is in the mixture.

      The box is available on their website now for $23.95.
      I am so tempted, but I don’t need more lip balm right now. I will likely wait to see what the next box is like.

  5. Christy

    Hi Katrina & Mackenzie – we just launched with a price point of $23.95. For the squeeze tube, you simply add more castor oil to get a more liquid consistency with a glossier finish.

  6. Mary Q.

    Oooo I love this, it would totally satiate my desire to make my own products. Must add to queue.

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