July Beauty Box 5 Review

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July Beauty Box 5
July Beauty Box 5

I was thinking about my July Beauty Box 5 this weekend and wondered were my box was this month.  I even went so far as to try and log into my account, but they are undergoing some maintenance, so that wasn’t an option either!  The next day (Monday I believe) I got an e-mail saying that my box had shipped!

July Beauty Box 5
The Box

Beauty Box 5 ships via USPS and did not send out tracking numbers this month.  I can’t recall if they did last month, but they didn’t this month.  The e-mail simply said the boxes were shipped and would be arriving soon.  And happily, mine arrived yesterday.

July Beauty Box 5
First Look

I was thrilled by the first look and couldn’t wait to see what else was inside.  I already knew this was going to be a great box!

July Beauty Box 5
The Information Card

Beauty Box 5 doesn’t have a monthly theme, but they do have a pretty nice information card.  I never mention this but I should – the prices on the information cards on most (not all) boxes are for the full sized item. You may or may not get the full sized item in the box, but that’s what the list price is for.  BB5 is on the of subscriptions that lists the full size product price.

~Every Beauty Foot Smoother ($4.99): The information card lists this at $8.99, but the actual company’s website lists it at $4.99, so I am going with that.  Either way I am thrilled by this and it’s something I would totally buy on my own.  I despise rough feet and will do anything not to have them.

July Beauty Box 5
Every Beauty Foot Smoother

~Be A Bombshell Lip Gloss (Last Call Girl) ($14): Now this is a PINK lip gloss!  I love the brand and will totally use this – after I dull it down a tad.  And I want to know if the name is like hey “last call girl” get your drink now or like she’s the “last call girl” I saw before I got married.  The things I wonder…

July Beauty Box 5
Be A Bombshell Lip Gloss

~La Fresh Travel Lite Antibacterial Wipes ($1.99): I love La Fresh and love when this brand appears in boxes!  I will totally use these next time we travel because even I think some things just need to be sanitizer.  I wish there was something I could do to sanitize those old school hotel comforters / blankets though.

July Beauty Box 5
La Fresh Travel Lite Antibacterial Wipes

~Jean Pierre Cosmetics Nail Polish Remover Wipes ($0.39): I know these say 1 wipe for 10 nails, but I never find that to be the case.  I usually need at least two.  Or maybe I don’t, but I feel like I do for some reason?  Nail polish wipes are perfect for traveling because nobody is going to carry a bottle of polish remover anywhere.  That’s an accident waiting to happen right there!

July Beauty Box 5
Jean Pierre Cosmetics Nail Polish Remover Wipes

~H2O Plus Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment ($5.72): I love that this is a great size and I’ll be able to really test it and see if it works.  It’s supposed to give you younger looking skin, which I would pay a high price for.  I love H2O and can’t wait to use up my current moisturizer and test this out!

July Beauty Box 5
H2O Plus Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment

All totaled I came up with a value of $27.09 for the July Beauty Box 5.  I loved this box 100x more than the June box and now can’t wait to see what happens in August!  Oh, I should mention that subscriptions start at $12/month and are even less expensive if you purchase a longer subscription (I bought a 3-month recurring subscription for $30 – i.e. $10/month).

Do you get Beauty Box 5?  What’d you think of the box this month?  And what product variations did you get?  If you are interested in signing up or just want to learn more, click here.




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This Post Has 8 Comments

  1. Jenny

    With that hot pink color I’m going with last call girl before you got married. If it was last call for drinks then my lipstick would totally be gone. LOL The foot thing looks good. I can’t believe how rough mine have been getting. I need to investigate a solution.

  2. Janice

    “And I want to know if the name is like hey ?last call girl? get your drink now or like she?s the ?last call girl? I saw before I got married. The things I wonder?”

    You crack me up.

  3. Krista

    Eyes Lips Face (ELF) makes some wonderful nail polish remover pads. They come in a little round container with 18 wipes that don’t even smell like polish remover. They smell very citrusy. One easily cleans off all 10 toenails. Best part is that you can find them at your favorite store. 🙂

  4. Mary Q.

    Looks like a great box! Definitely want to try them out sometime, but don’t you ever get overwhelmed with all the products? I’m trying to use up just one product at least but I’ve got so many different ones of everything it’s basically impossible.

    I’d be curious how the Jean Pierre nail polish wipes work. My absolute fav are the La Fresh acetone-free ones (http://lafreshgroup.com/eco-beauty/eco-beauty-single-use-packets/acetone-free-nail-polish-remover-10packets.html), which smell wonderful and get all my nails clean if I didn’t go crazy with glitter or textured ones.

  5. Amber

    HA! Last Call Girl! I thought mine was really pink (Kiss Off), until I saw yours. Holy Cow! Not sure I can pull off this pink lip gloss stuff, though. After seeing all their colors, I’m a bit jealous I didn’t get something like Sangria.

  6. Mel

    I didn’t get the H2O product. I got a sample of Airelle Age Defying Facial Serum, which apparently is a very expensive sample ($46). It was a bit shocking for this box. I feel like we’ve never really gotten anything high end from them so I’m kind of unsure about it for some reason! Like, is it expired or a scam product or something? I’m probably being paranoid though, haha. Other than that, my lipgloss was a bright red called Hot Mess and everything else was the same.

  7. victoria madsen

    nice box overall i for was most excited for the bombshell not only are the colors just amazing they last quite a while for being a gloss i love this brand! must try the foot smoother for sure i have a pedi egg and i love it so this is an interest. the rest i didnt care so much for.

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