July Julep Maven Review ~ The Full Collection

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July Julep California Coast Collection

I’ve been stalking my mailbox for the July Julep Maven collection and happily, it arrived today.  I know some people got theirs on Saturday and I was having box envy ;).

The Box

Julep ships via USPS Priority Mail and their boxes arrive fast!  It only took 3 days for my box to get from Julep in WA to me in MI!  So fast!

First Look

Unlike last month where I just wasn’t sure what collection I wanted to get because I liked it a few in each and went for the full collection just to get the ones I really liked, I KNEW right away this month that the full collection was for me.  I couldn’t resist this one.

The Sorta Information Card

The July Julep Maven theme is “California Coast” and might just be one of my favorite collections ever! The card reminds me of one of my favorite shows ever, Laguna Beach.

~Karen (Boho Glam) ($14 / $11.20): Karen is a Peach Bellini Frost and I am in love. I’d describe it as more of a glittery / shimmery polish than a frost, maybe it’s a frost? It does mind me of a peach cocktail though! Love this!

Karen (Boho Glam)

~Faye (Boho Glam) ($14 / $11.20): Faye is a Liquid Bronze Shimmer and might be my least favorite color in the collection. It’s not bad, but I also don’t think I have ever had the urge to paint my nails bronze? Maybe I will one day though? And I’ll be ready!

Faye (Boho Glam)

~Joanna (Bombshell) ($14 / $11.20): Joanna is a Lilac Frost and seems a little more spring’ish than California Coastal, but I do love it.

Joanna (Bombshell)

~Blakely (Bombshell) ($14 / $11.20): Blakely is a Purple and Green Molten and has a nice shimmer to it. It’s kind of reminds me of outer space. Has Julep ever done a Galactic or a Outer Space collection?  Because I think that would be so fun!

Blakely (Bombshell)

~Adele (Bombshell) ($14 / $11.20): Adele is a Golden Reflective Top Coat. This was a bonus polish for upgrading to the full collection and was one of the reasons I upgraded. I don’t know what I will layer this with first, but I can’t wait to figure it out.  I’m thinking maybe the navy polish that’s in here?  That would be fun!

Adele (Bombshell)

~Alaina (Classic with a Twist) ($14 / $11.20): Alaina is a Driftwood Taupe Crème and while very pretty, isn’t really for me.  If I had a corporate job I would totally be into this, but I don’t so I like to go crazy with my polish!

Alaina (Classic with a Twist)

~Cassie (Classic with a Twist) ($14 / $11.20): Cassie is a Soft Coral Sheer and I think it’s gorgeous.  It’s not to wild, but it’s also not to tame either.  This is one of my favorites in this box.

Cassie (Classic with a Twist)

~Nadia (It Girl) ($14 / $11.20): Nadia is a Sun Kissed Golden Frost and I think it’s now the 3rd yellow Julep polish I own!  What I need to do with all this yellow is get creative and do polka dots or something to make me use the yellow more, but I just don’t think I am ready for that.

Nadia (It Girl)

~Angela (It Girl) ($14 / $11.20): Angela is a Deep Sea Blue Molten and is another one of my favorites in here.  It’s so pretty and seems kind of mermaid like to me.

Angela (It Girl)

~Tracy (It Girl) ($14 / $11.20): Tracy is a Sparkly Ocean Blue Sea Salt is probably my favorite favorite polish in the box!  I love the sea salt finish and was SO excited to see another one in this box!  I’m hoping that eventually they come up with a light green / acqu sea salt finish.  Like a sea glass kind of color.  A girl can dream!

Tracy (It Girl)

~Sea Salt Texture Spray ($22 / $16.99): I love beach hair, but yeah, I’m not going to be anywhere near the ocean soon.  My hair is a complete mess right now, but I tried it out anyway and it totally works.  It even gave my flat straight hair some fun waves and a volume boost!  I already want more.

Sea Salt Texture Spray

~Beach Tonic Dry Body Oil ($23 / $18.40): This smells amazing and really isn’t greasy at all.  And it really does absorb quickly which I totally was worried about.  I cannot stand when lotions and body oils don’t absorb and end up leaving marks on your clothes.  That’s so annoying.  Oh and yeah, I want more of this too!

Beach Tonic Dry Body Oil

~Julep Green Tea Facial Blotting Papers ($10): These aren’t online yet, but I am estimating them at $10.  There are 40 sheets, so that seems fair.  I love blotting papers, so these will totally get used.

Julep Green Tea Facial Blotting Papers

All totaled, the July Julep California Coast Collection had a value of $195 (or $157.39) if you get Maven pricing)!  Not too bad considering that the entire collection only cost me $55 (the Julep Maven is $19.99/month and it was an additional $35 to upgrade to the FULL collection).   I love upgrading but should seriously consider NOT upgrading for a few months so I can work through my stash.  We all know that’s not going to happen though ;).

Did you get the July Julep Maven box?  Which Maven profile did you get this month?  And did you get any add-ons?  I got the All American set and I love that too!  If you are interested in signing up for Julep or just want to learn more, click here.  And don’t forget to use code “FREEBOX” to get your first box free!  You just pay shipping of $3.95!!!

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  1. Lindsey

    OMG. I am totally signing up for Julep now!

    1. Mikkii

      I am already signed up being seeing these posts makes me wish that I’d just gone ahead and gotten the whole collection instead of just the bombshell one! :0)

  2. Jenny

    I totally do bronze toes for fall. I’ve been doing it for years that color. Just very fallish to me. 🙂 I didn’t think I’d like the yellow polishes but I’ve really been feeling them. I got the piaf yellow Zoya in the Ipsy a couple months back and love love love it. I’m hoping this one is as good.

  3. Karla

    I’m so excited for the beach tonic and excited to see your positive review! I am loving my julep subscription so far!

  4. Juli

    Got mine today too! I am already sporting Tracy! Perfect for a 4th of July mani! Love it!

  5. Christina G

    I went with modern beauty this month and added on Angela. I tried the oil and love it! Now I need to try the salt spray.

  6. Deena

    I’m wearing Johanna right now, but had Angela (LOVE) and Blakely on this weekend. I am regretting not adding Karen to my order. I decided against the whole set, but should have bought anyway. Love the body oil as well. Awesome month!

  7. Shana

    Hoping mine is here tomorrow! I got the it girl collection with the Adele add on! I received a sample of their rockstar hand cream. It is amazing. Ordering that next!

  8. T

    I got my Julep box in the mail today. I got It Girl which was 3 polishes. I love the Tracy color and not just because it’s my name; that’s a bonus. The other two were nice: Angela and Nadia. The big bummer is I got a mermaid color a while back from Sephora because it was so pretty, while I got a similar color to Nadia from my ipsy subscription a month back. It’s kind of a bummer to get near dupes. Anyone interested in a swap? Let me know. I open to colors.

  9. Shannon

    So funny story. I signed up for the first month of Julep with a coupon code. And I told my husband “Don’t worry I won’t keep getting it. I mean really who needs that much nail polish”. And at the time I was completely serious. That was about 4 months and two mystery boxes ago. This is now my favorite box. Saturday I was opening my box and he said “I mean really who needs that much nail polish”. Apparently I do.

  10. Stacey

    Wow what an awesome box! You must have so many polishes now!

  11. Mikkii

    I got my julep box yesterday and I am so glad that this is one of the boxes that I decided to keep getting monthly. I got the bombshell box. I was a little weirded out by blakely at first because the color looked almost greenish but when you put it on it is by far a sparkley purple. And the beach tonic is amazing. Since I shaved all of my hair along with a friend who has leukemia I’m glad I didn’t get the texture spray 🙂 Thanks for all the work you do to let us know about these awesome boxes!

  12. Shauna

    I went with Bombshell this month because I did NOT like the Classic With a Twist colors. I also added on the Fireworks glitter polish. My 4th of July mani with it is posted on my blog.

    I’m pretty sure this is my last month with Julep. I only kinda like the polish, and I don’t like that they are so small. Plus, Bondi’s new nail mail box starts in August, and I’m ALL. OVER. that one. Still, I liked the oil, and my colors were OK. My review will be up by Monday if you’re interested.


  13. Mary Q.

    Sooo I have a question… why is one side of the bottle black? It always seemed kind of unfinished to me.

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