POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review + Coupon Code – July 2013

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July PopSugar Must Have Box
July PopSugar Must Have Box

My July PopSugar Must Have Box arrived today which is a day earlier than the tracking said and a day later than I was hoping it would arrive. Of course I knew what was in the box, but that doesn’t make me any less excited for it to come.

July PopSugar Must Have Box
The Box

As always (except for that one month when I won the clutch), PopSugar ships via USPS Smart Post and it takes forever. It was cruising this month and then all of a sudden slowed down. I should really expect that to happen by now, but of course I don’t. I do want to know why it takes 3 days to travel an hour between locations though.

July PopSugar Must Have Box
First Look

Thing must have shifted around a lot during the journey my box went on because it was kind of all over the place!  Nothing was damaged though, so it doesn’t matter.

July PopSugar Must Have Box
The Information Card

The July PopSugar Must Have Box theme is about beating the heat of the dog days of summer without letting our fashion, beauty or entertaining routines suffer!  Here’s what the box included:

Must Have Home:
Tovolo King Ice Cube Tray ($7.99): We got some huge ice cube trays back in the Men’s PopSugar Luxury Edition Box, but I couldn’t even tell you where they are right now. I plan to to use this tray to make Jell-O with L. Jell-O in a bowl is fine, but Jell-O in a special mold or in shapes is way better! I’m also thinking about making some fruit infused ice cubes with it.

Tovolo King Ice Cube Tray
Tovolo King Ice Cube Tray

Must Have Food:
~Hannahmax Dark Chocolate Crunchy Cookie Chips ($2): For the sake of the blog I HAD to test these out right away ;). I mean how was I supposed to report back on them if I didn’t? Just as I suspected, they are totally delicious. If they sold them by me, I would get more in a second. Luckily I don’t think they do ;).

Hannahmax Dark Chocolate Crunchy Cookie Chips
Hannahmax Dark Chocolate Crunchy Cookie Chips

Must Have Food:
Mighty Leaf Iced Tea Bags (Ginger Peach) ($6.25): Ahhh, tea. I like iced tea better than I like hot tea, but that’s not saying much since I HATE hot tea. B loves it though so this will be for him. He makes out pretty well from all these boxes I get.

Mighty Leaf Iced Tea Bags (Ginger Peach)
Mighty Leaf Iced Tea Bags (Ginger Peach)

Must Have Beauty:
~Supergoop SPF 30+ City Sunscreen Serum With Uniprotect PT-3 ($42): I LOVE Supergoop products, so I am thrilled to see this in the box! If I didn’t like Supergoop so much I would probably be annoyed with this box. But I love it and probably would have ended up buying this on my own one day, so I am a happy girl.

Supergoop SPF 30+ City Sunscreen Serum With Uniprotect PT-3
Supergoop SPF 30+ City Sunscreen Serum With Uniprotect PT-3

Must Have Beauty:
NCLA “5 free” Nail Lacquer (As If) ($16): I never “need” more nail polish, but of course it’s always a welcome item around here.  I’ve never heard of or tried anything by NCLA, so I am excited to try this.  PopSugar said that pastel purple is their pick for summer nails, but I would have thought it’d be more of a Spring pick?

NCLA "5 free" Nail Lacquer (As If)
NCLA “5 free” Nail Lacquer (As If)

Must Have Fashion:
Baublebar Rose Double Curb Chain Necklace (and 20% off Code) ($28): This necklace is not something I would ever buy on my own, but since I have it, I am going to try and use it.  Someone on MUT (see post #387 by zoseyposey) did a ribbon weave with theirs which I think looks great and I plan to try something similar.  At least that way I *might* wear it!

Baublebar Rose Double Curb Chain Necklace
Baublebar Rose Double Curb Chain Necklace

All totaled, the July PopSugar Must Have Box has a value of $102.24.  While it’s not my favorite PopSugar box ever, thanks to the Supergoop, it’s not my least favorite either!  And happily I will have a use for everything in the box, which is always good.

Did you get the July PopSugar Must Have Box?  What’d you think? Interested in subscribing or want to learn more?  Click here and don’t forget to use the code “REFER5” to save $5 off your first month!  AND while we all thought that July would be PopSugar’s amazing anniversary box, it appears they are counting their anniversary a bit different?  They send out an e-mail today saying that next month is their Must Have Anniversary and every box will include the Gorjana and Griffin Open Circle necklace, which has a value of $65!  I am SO excited about this because I love love love that necklace.

The Special Gift
The Special Gift

What do you think of the gift?  Does it make you want to subscribe?





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  1. Jill

    I was pretty meh on this box but it’s still my favorite subscription. I’m curious to know which were your least and most favorite?

  2. Sidney Sanchez

    Fedex is so slow, I’m still waiting for my box 🙁 I’m so sad that I canceled my box, I want to join again but I don’t want to be billed right away either. I love that your so open to trying new things I think that’s why I like you so much 🙂

  3. Kristina O.

    Thank you for taking one for the team and testing out those cookie chips! 😉
    Ribbon weave sounds GREAT for that necklace. I bet it would look awesome with a neon yellow. I now am really excited about it. I think they may have used the Gorjana as a buffer for people who might be po’d that this wasn’t the anniversary box, also to hook you for another month. Apparently my box will be here today! I just got shipping notice yesterday afternoon. What a great surprise! I will get to take Supergoop on my Florida vacation next week! I like the purple but recently got a similar color from Julep. Curious if everyone is getting the same color.

  4. Kate

    The Supergoop saved this box for me too.

    I do sort of like the necklace, but it’s so heavy I feel like it would totally kill my neck.

  5. Christine

    I just signed up for the August box and used your referral link! Thanks so much for letting us know about the Gorgana & Griffin necklace. I’m so excited.

  6. Jenny

    Mine came today too and I wasn’t actually dreading the necklace until I opened it up and WOW is it really really bad. It might just be my least favorite box item ever. However with that said I like the rest of the box so I’m not completely POd. I’ve never tried supergoop yet although I do have some samples here. I’m hoping I don’t just absolutely love it since its so pricy.

    I will be keeping POP for at least another month since I love the necklace. I hope they don’t skimp on the other stuff since they are putting such a pricy item in there. I’m also assuming this is our fashion item and not an in addition to item.

  7. Ashley

    ohhhh I’m so glad I read this about the anniversary being next month, definitely sticking around!! I never seem to get their e-mails!

  8. Judy

    I was debating on subscribing because I loved June’s box with the scarf, but felt meh about July’s. Now that I see the spoiler though, I have to subscribe! I’ve finally boarded the Pop Sugar Must Have train! Just what I need another subscription box. lol.

  9. Mrs. L

    At first, when I saw the spoilers I thought I was going to hate the box. Now that I have it, though it’s not my favorite, it’s not bad. I’ve always heard of Supergoop but have never tried it. Isn’t that what these boxes are all about? I’m still kinda freaked that a bottle of sunscreen is $42 but I’m willing to give it a go. My husband likes iced tea so this will be something we both can share (same with the cookie chips). People were complaining that there is nail polish in all the different boxes they get…but since I only get Popsugar (all my others are food related), I love having a new polish in a cool color to try. My ice cube tray is pink (score!) and I love your idea of using it for Jello (hello square jello shots!). I also thought it was a perfect size to put a strawberry in for drinks or punches. As for the necklace, even my assistant said it looked cheap when I pulled it out. She then said it looked much better once I put it on as it warmed up next to my skin tone so I’m willing to work with it (and again, I haven’t been receiving a bunch of rosegold stuff as I don’t get tons of boxes). All in all, again, not my favorite, but still, I’ll use or try everything, nothing gets put in the gift pile!

  10. Tia

    🙁 This is probably my least favorite box from them…Ever. I was really hoping to be blown away with the whole anniversary thing but, fingers crossed they will do their “anniversary” box in August and it will be awesome!!!

  11. Annette

    Not bad! I signed up and missed the cutoff for July and was a bit bummed, then i got the email about the necklace and am glad I’m getting August!

  12. Shelley

    Oh man. I loved loved loved this month’s box. This is the first time everything has been taken out of the box right away. I am glad I didn’t get your tea as I’m allergic to ginger so that would have been sad. I’m not crazy about mango but it smells good so I’m going to make some if that soon!

  13. Alicia

    July wasn’t my favorite box…. but my excitement is never lessened by them. The products are diverse and oh so great. I actually love the necklace and was really excited about the sun screen. I am already excited about August because I love when they add jewelry! Thanks again for these posts! I look for them every month!

  14. Mrs. L

    Just an additional comment? Those cookie chips? I think maybe 3 were whole chips, the others were broken pieces..but Oh Em Gee they were good. My husband and I fought over who was going to eat the crumbs!

  15. MaryAnn

    I ate my cookie chips in one sitting! OOPS! And I got the pink ice tray too! My sister mom and mother-in-law all got the blue! 🙂 Here is my review: http://ow.ly/mSZ66

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