Adidas Avenue A Winter 2016 **FULL SPOILERS**

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Adidas Avenue A Subscription Box - Now Available

Thanks to MSA, have full spoilers for the Winter 2016 adidas Avenue A box!
Adidas Avenue A Winter 2016 **FULL SPOILERS**
The Winter 2016 adidas Avenue A box will include:
~adidas Avenue A boxes will include AlphaBOUNCE shoes
~Adidas Originals Superstar Shoes ($80)
~Rita Ora x Adidas Pullover Hoodie ($80)
~Rita Ora x Adidas Tights ($39.99)
~Adidas 2 in 1 Top (Not Pictured)

From adidas Avenue A
Our Winter 16 Edition features Rita Ora’s exclusive picks. Get ready to push your boundaries and forge a path with a style that’s all your own.

For Rita Ora, it’s all about creativity unleashed – from music to fitness to fashion. Let her eclectic style and limitless energy spark your imagination with the Avenue A Winter 16 Edition.

What is adidas Avenue A?
Avenue A by Adidas ($150/quarter) is a brand new subscription box from the folks at adidas. Boxes will include premium urban running gear, crafted and perfected by women, for women on the move. The box features three to five premium items – a mix of footwear, apparel and accessories appropriate for the season delivered to your door each quarter.

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  1. Carla


  2. Jodie

    Omg that outfit is soooooo bad! No wonder why they are doing 2 pairs of shoes AND didn’t release what was in the box until now. Hahaha.

  3. Beth McKinney

    This is probably the end of my subscription… The only thing I’d be interested in this mess is the grey sneakers. Seems as if adidas is just trying to pawn off things they know won’t sell well.

  4. Amy

    A big disappointment after three killer boxes.

  5. Emily

    I’m glad I decided to skip this box!

  6. Mad die

    How could they do this at Christmas. They know that outfit was not wanted by anyone. It’s tacky & ghetto – not to be rude but who would go out in public with some stupid slogan. However, 2 pairs of shoes (assuming u don’t get them on sale) & a tank covers it. Thought the subscription was pre release & special & limited edition.

  7. Lori

    This is the worst outfit ever. No one will want to wear that it’s awful. I was so excited for this subscription this box is a huge disappointment. All of the other boxes are awesome. This is going straight to good will. I would never pay a dollar for that ridiculous outfit.

  8. Abby

    I love this box – Im from NYC and it fits the NYC utban vibe.
    Both sneakers are cool and I can’t wait to get my hands on that amazing hoodie- its perfect for this weather.

  9. Mallorie

    If anyone is selling their size small sweatshirt and pants..I’ll buy them. Bonus is your a size 6 shoe and selling the whole box! Please let me know
    Email is

  10. L Dixon

    This is awful. I was excited after seeing previous boxes. This is worst outfit. I would never wear either piece. I will be selling this.

  11. Charlene Howard

    My first box and I am way disappointed. I am interested in getting rid of the sweatshirt and tights, both medium. I have big feet so I do not know if anyone would want the superstar sneakers but I would part with them too (size 10.5) . the20712 @ gmail if interested.

  12. Shawn

    Is anyone still waiting for their box to arrive? I received my order number on 12/1. Nothing since. I’ve emailed them four times. Not a word from them. I’ve called they were of no help. Does anyone have a phone number for Avenue A?

    1. Jennifer

      Weird! I e-mailed them about exchanging sizes and they responded very quickly. There is no phone number in here, but the e-mail was:

      Just for reference, I got my Order Receipt on the 1st and a tracking e-mail on the 13th. I thought they shipped all boxes around the same time but maybe not?

      1. Charlene

        I emailed as soon as I got my box and have not heard back about my exchange request. I am patiently waiting – or at least trying to be patient. I think they may be getting inuduated with change requests but still need to respond in a timely way

  13. Stacie Seidman

    I know lots of people hate this outfit, but I don’t mind it at all. Has an urban feel to it, I dig it. But mostly I was really shocked there were TWO pairs of shoes in the box! Even if you hate the outfit, the two pairs of sneaks makes the value. Also, you don’t HAVE to wear the leggings and sweatshirt together. They’re definitely a bit much paired up, but the hoodie is cute with jeans and the leggings aren’t so crazy if you wear black on top.

  14. Beth McKinney

    Turns out the rest of the box is actually pretty great- and customer service responded in roughly 4 days (including the weekend) about the alphabounce being too large. Seems like there’s a bunch of people bidding on eBay for the banned from normal outfit, so it might get half or all of your money back if you give it a shot.

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