A Poll: Would You Point Out a Faux Pas?

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This week’s poll is about faux pas (*). You know, lipstick on the teeth, toilet paper stuck on the shoe, a run in someone’s stockings, skirt tucked into undies, a zipper down, you get the idea. I want to know if you see a stranger with an “issue” do you say something? Or do you feel weird telling a stranger?  Or does it depend on what the issue is?

I can totally see telling a woman who just walked out of a stall that her skirt is tucked into her underwear, but telling a man in your office his zipper is down?  That might be a little bit weirder.  But still, I imagine someone should tell him….  So what do you do?  Do you tell no matter what to save that person even more embarrassment?  Or does it depend on the situation?

If it were you with the issue, would you want someone to tell you?  I totally would!  Better to find out sooner rather than later you know?  If you’ve ever told someone they had an “issue”, how’d you do it and how did they respond?  And what was the faux pas?

(*) Is that even the right word? I feel like it’s possible I am missing the correct word for this?
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  1. Jill

    I have told a guy his zipper was down (of course was in a bar and had a few!) I would absolutely tell a lady her skirt was stuck in her underwear or if someone had toilet paper sticking out of their pants. Lipstick on teeth or a run in stocking I’d probably let it go. So big stuff and I’ll tell someone, little stuff not so much.

  2. Lauren

    Definitely depends. If it was something really embarrassing like a skirt tucked into underwear or a blood spot I think I’d say something. I have a hard time confronting awkward situations though.

    True story: This Spring I was riding the lightrail to school when the guy behind me goes, “Uh, I’m not trying to be a perv, I’m REALLY not a perv I swear, but uh, uh there’s a string on your pants, like uh, on your bottom.” And I looked back and sure enough there was a small white string right on my butt (I was wearing yoga pants.) I smiled and laughed and was like, “oh you’re fine thanks for telling me” but inside I was like “WHAT A PERV.” 😉

  3. Jenny

    I’d say depends on the situation. I usually tell people when I notice something but I’m sure there are cases that I wouldn’t or haven’t I’m just not remembering anything right now. And yes I have told guys about their flys but mostly ones I know. LOL not sure what is worse noticing it with a guy you know or one you don’t. For a girl I always mention it if I notice since I would hope they mention it to me whatever it is.

  4. Mrs. L

    I would so hope that someone in the same situation would tell me, so I’d like to think that I’d let someone know.

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