August 2013 Citrus Lane Review – 16 Month-Old Boy / 40 Month-Old Boy

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August Citrus Lane
August 2013 Citrus Lane (16 Month-Old Boy)

Eeek!  My August Citrus Lane box(es) arrived today!  I’ve mentioned it before, but I get two boxes each month.  A 16 month-old one (for WB) and a second box which I randomly have aged at 40 months.  I do a full review on WB’s box and just a brief breakdown on the second box.

August Citrus Lane
The Box

Citrus Lane ships via USPS (through Narvar?) and sometimes it’s speedy and sometimes it’s not.  This month was just meh.  I really wanted it to arrive on Saturday, but no such luck.

August Citrus Lane
First Look
August Citrus Lane
Second First Look

I had peeked at the spoilers so I knew what to expect, but it didn’t make me any less excited to actually get the box.  Oh and I should mention that WB is actually 16 months-old, but CL also had him classified as 16 months last month (they skipped the month he was 13 months and his age went from 12 months to 14 months) as well.  I don’t get it and don’t care enough to e-mail them about it.

August Citrus Lane
The Information Card

I mention it every month, but Citrus Lane said they did away with themes last winter.  However, they do seem to make exceptions quite often and do themes.  This month was “Back to School” and included the following:

~Crocodile Creek 5″ Playground Ball ($7.99): WB and L will both enjoy this ball. It’s a super cute print and a good quality, which is key since my boys are quite rough. I love when they send things both kids will enjoy! The box also included some bowling pin color pages / cut outs so you can bowl into them. L was all over this. WB didn’t get it.

August Citrus Lane
5″ Playground Ball from Crocodile Creek

~Octopus Opposites from Barefoot Books ($7.19): This is an adorable book and as luck would have it, we don’t own it. The illustrations are fabulous and WB loved it (we’ll be reading it a dozen more times today before he goes to be bed too I would guess). L isn’t the right age group for it really, buy he enjoyed it as well. We play a sort of opposites game with L that involves naming two people and asking him who is older. It’s a fun game, unless he thinks you’re older than someone you’re not ;).

August Citrus Lane
Octopus Opposites from Barefoot Books

~Clean Well Hand Sanitizer Canister – Orange Vanilla Scent ($5.99): These are going in the car ASAP and will be perfect for our IKEA trip, a trip to the playground, etc. I probably wouldn’t buy these on a regular basis (they are kind of $), but I am going to love using them!

August Citrus Lane
All Natural Hand Sanitizing Wipes from CleanWell

~Ouchies Adhesive Bandages ($5): L has already claimed these as his own (he doesn’t care that they are kind of baby’ish – he just like bandaids). WB is too little to appreciate the magical healing powers that a bandaid holds, but L is very familiar and seems to have at least one on 99% of the time. Summer is extra rough because he’s outside SO much and we go through a ton. I have never tried this brand, but I look forward to adding it to our extensive bandaid collection.

August Citrus Lane
Adhesive Bandages from Ouchies Jr.

~Plum Organics Fruit Straws ($2): I don’t know that WB can eat these (he’s only got 4 teeth), but he totally gets how to use a straw and will get a kick out of it. The other one will of course go to L who’ll love it even more.

August Citrus Lane
Fruit Straws from Plum Organics

All totaled the August 2013 Citrus Lane Box (for a 16-month old boy) had a value of $28.17. Not the most valuable box to date, however, we did enjoy everything and certainly will use it all.  Oh, the box also did come with a FabKids voucher for a free outfit.  We will likely take advantage of it, however, you can also get a free outfit if someone refers you and it’s for new customers only so I’m not including the value of the voucher in my total!

August Citrus Lane
August 2013 Citrus Lane (40 Month-Old Boy)

Our August Citrus Lane Box for a 40 month-old boy included the following:
~Ouchies Adhesive Bandages ($5), Clean Well Hand Sanitizer Canister – Orange Vanilla Scent ($5.99), Barefoot Books Driving my Tractor Puzzle ($14.99), Creativity for Kids Construction Zone Coloring ARTivity Book ($7.99) and Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies ($1).
This box had a total value of  $34.97 (not including the FabKids code – which I can only use once). I actually liked this box even better than WB’s box.  It’s got stuff that L can use now and stuff I can save for WB for later.  And seriously who can’t use more bandaids and wipes??

Did you get Citrus Lane this month?  What’d you think of the box? And what age do you get?  If you are interested in subscribing or just want to learn more, click here!  Using my link will save you $10 off your box (boxes are $25/month), however the coupon code “TAKEHALF” will save you a few dollars more!

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  1. Stephanie L. McGuire

    I loved, loved, loved Delaney’s box this month! She received a pink velcro plush rabbit stacker from Rich Frog… you can pull it all apart and stick it all back together… it’s super cute! She also received a pair of pink and grey stripped socks! The Clean well wipes in Orange Vanilla! Some Weleda Baby sample packets and Cleo’s alphabet from Barefoot books! All in all I was beyond impressed with this months box and I cannot wait until Delaney is here to enjoy the box with me!!!

  2. Kelley

    We get the box for a 3 year old girl (all my kids end up sharing it lol) and we got the girl version of L’s box too with Olivia band aids 🙂 I also love the wipes but don’t know if I would buy them for $6 either!

  3. Sarah

    I wasn’t super excited about the August box. However, my daughter really liked the puzzle. I did some reading on the Just Fab code and decided not to use it. Apparently it’s difficult to cancel? I’m hoping next month’s box is better…

    1. Stephanie Mac

      Can I have your fabkids code if’ you’re not going to use it?@Sarah:

    2. stepanie mac

      @Sarah: can I have your fabkids code if you’re not going to use it?? Thanks!

  4. Jenny

    Still waiting on our box but its looking good this month.

  5. Roro

    It was our first time getting the box, we got the 3 year old. It was a girls version of your 40month olds. I’m not sure how I feel about it. I like the things in it but don’t know if I’ll necessarily continue the subscription. It was great value at the half price of 12.50 but I don’t know if it was for 25.

  6. Elizabeth

    I got almost the same box as you and I love it – probably my favorite so far! Ours is for a 16 month old girl so the ball was pink and the band-aids were Olivia themed. We got the same book and wipes but instead of the snacks we got Episencial bug repellant.

  7. Mary

    I got this box for the first month, paying only $12.50. However, I am questioning continuing at full price. I have a 2 and 1/2 year old daughter and they sent the markers and an ABC coloring book. Maybe I have a slow-learner (NOT!) but at this point she can scribble, but usually not on paper, but walls! She doesn’t color, and would have much preferred the ball. So, I thought the age selection was off. She did enjoy the puzzle, but that was it for kid fun. The wipes were fine. Practical. The Annie’s cheddar bunnies aren’t really a treat since we get them from Costco. We got the Paddington bear band-aids, which will be fun.

    1. Mary

      Follow-up: I ordered the free outfit from fabkids. Why not? It was free. I came really quickly, but I have to say that the quality of the fabrics is really poor. The cotton is super thin, like some cheaper pajamas. You can see your hand on the other side. If you are used to gymboree, you will be disappointed. The fabkids program doesn’t seem too bad. You don’t have to order anything, but if you don’t cancel each month, I think they send you something or bill you? Anyway, I will cancel simply due to the quality. So, just my .02.

  8. Denise

    I wasn’t very happy with my box this month for my 9 month old girl.. most of the items were for a much older child. I just started blogging myself and did a review of my box since I never could find reviews on boxes for younger kids

  9. Denise

    I was not too thrilled with this month’s Citrus Lane box for my 9 month old. Most of the items were the same as yours and would be much more suited for an older child. I actually just started blogging myself (was inspired by you) and did a review of my box. I never could find reviews for boxes for babies under 1 year old, so figured I’d be that person for now 🙂 Check out my blog for my review of this box:

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