August 2013 Stork Stack Review + Coupon Code

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August 2013 Stork Stack
August 2013 Stork Stack (16 Month-Old Boy)

Much to my surprise, my Stork Stack arrived today! My tracking didn’t even begin to work until Saturday night (maybe even Sunday), so I was super surprised to see that it was out for delivery today.

August Stork Stack
The Box

One of the reasons I love Stork Stack is because it arrives at the beginning of the month.  It’s a box I look forward to every month and it helps to spread out my baby / kid subscription boxes.  Most arrive mid-month, so it’s a nice change.

August 2013 Stork Stack
First Look
August 2013 Stork Stack
Second First Look

I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t thrilled by the first look.  It’s not Stork Stack’s fault, but I still was kind of meh about it.

Stork Stack
The Information Card

The August Stork Stack theme was “Splish Splash! Bed and Bath!” and included “plenty of products to contribute to that valuable bath time bonding”. This month Stork Stack is giving you all the things to enjoy that clean baby smell (there aren’t many better things in the world) and the precious memories that bath time brings!  Here’s what our box – which is for a 16 month-old boy, included:

~Green Toys Submarine ($14.99): This is the item I was kind of meh about.  Not because I don’t like Green Toys, because I LOVE them, but just because we already have this exact one (which L uses to dump water on WB’s head).  I will easily be able to trade or gift this though, so I am over my initial disappointment.

August 2013 Stork Stack
Green Toys Submarine

~Rich Frog Soap Sack (Walrus) ($7.95): This is super cute and I am pleased to read that it works on liquid soap, as well as, bar soap.  At first I thought it was just for bar soap, which we don’t use.  Now that I know you can use them for liquid soap too, I love it!!!

August 2013 Stork Stack
Rich Frog Soap Sack

~“It’s Time to Sleep, My Love” ($7.19): I am always happy to receive a new book and this is no exception.  It’s adorable and I know both of my boys will enjoy it.  L more than WB.  WB still has trouble sitting still for books.  Unless Elmo is in them.  Then it’s okay.

August 2013 Stork Stack
“It’s Time to Sleep, My Love”

~Bionee Pure Hair & Body Cleansing Foam ($11.50): This smells yummy and I look forward to using up the stuff I have in the kids bath so we can use this. Foaming soap is always way more fun for kids than regular body wash!

August 2013 Stork Stack
Bionee Pure Hair & Body Cleansing Foam

~Chivas Bath Salts ($4): B will totally love this “mom gift” and I have to be sure to remember to give this to him next time he’s looking for something when he takes a bath.  This sounds and smells great and I know he will appreciate it!

August 2013 Stork Stack
Chivas Bath Salts

All totaled I came up with a value of $45.63!  Stork Stack is $27.99/month (although you can save $10 off your first month with the code “C0BD0EB1“, making you first month only $17.99).  I was pleased with this months’ Stork Stack and think I would have been thrilled if I didn’t already have the Green Toys item!

Did you get Stork Stack this month? What’d you think? What was in your Stack and what age is your little one? And if you don’t subscribe and are interested in signing up or just want to learn more, click here!

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  1. Jill

    My stork stack is one of the last to get. They haven’t even updated it for me yet. I’m guessing Friday. I wish I was getting the submarine. I will probably get the same boon duck I got in Cl. Off topic, but you mentioned earlier that the reference number for the popsugar box is your account number but when I entered it on, it said I didn’t have enough numbers. Am I looking in the wrong place?

  2. amanda

    My 11mo baby girl got a rubber duckie instead of the submarine. I was upset about the duckie until I read about it, and it says it’s bpa free (yay!) AND it has NO holes, unlike other rubber duckies – so no yucky water stuck behind! yay!
    Oh, and the Bionee – I was confused, because the bottle says “Maternity skin care”. ??

  3. Lynsey

    I just got my first Stork Stack and its the exact same as yours for the 4 year old box. Only difference is the book. Is yours for L’s age or WB’s?

  4. Katie

    I would have loved this box if I received it. I am considering signing up, I love Citrus Lane and I am sad it only comes once a month. Stork Stack seems similar to me, and they seem to have consistent quality of boxes month to month.

  5. Stephanie L. McGuire

    Delaney received an odd duck AND it wasn’t a duplicate, thank goodness! She also received an owl hand washcloth, a plastic foam book she can take into the tub, Bionee lotion and the bath soak! I thought that I was getting my July replacement stack at the same time but I must have misunderstood! I will need to message Mary and find out what happened! So far I haven’t been disappointed, how can I be when my kid is still in utero? lol I’m looking forward to getting my Citrus Lane, I wish they mailed out sooner!

  6. mary m

    We received the same Stork Stack box, except with a pink pig sponge. We too have the submarine as well, so I’ll see if my nephew has it, and if not, it’ll be his 🙂 Other than the repeat with that, it was a great box. Especially because we love the submarine so much at bath time!

  7. Susan

    My box arrived yesterday. My 18 mo old girl got the same box as you, except a pink piggy soap sack instead of the walrus. I’m kind of surprised we got the submarine, but I know the girls will play with it. My middle daughter had a Diego obsession when she was younger, maybe around 2 yrs old. She wanted everything Diego not Dora, too funny.

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