August Mama’s Got Mail Review

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August Mama's Got Mail
August Mama’s Got Mail

My Mama’s Got Mail box appeared on my porch a few days ago and I was excited to see what this month would bring. If you aren’t familiar, the idea behind Mama’s Got Mail is to help you feel encouraged and supported as a mom so that you can be the best woman you can be. The boxes I have received in previous months have included a wide variety of projects and I can never guess what they are going to do next.

August Mama's Got Mail
The Box

This month’s box was way larger than any of the other previous boxes I have received. It made me even more curious to see what this month was all about that’s for sure. My guess was some sort of project with a canvas.

August Mama's Got Mail
First Look
August Mama's Got Mail
Second First Look

Hmm, I was wrong about the canvas and still couldn’t figure out what this month’s project was yet!  I guessed I’d like it though because it included in IKEA frame and well I do like everything about IKEA.

August Mama's Got Mail
The Information Card

The August Mama’s Got Mail box was a DIY project from Young House Love!  Eeek!  I love their blog and wish I had as much creativity in my entire body as they have in their pinky.  Here’s are all the details:

~Young House Love ($18.06): I haven’t gotten a change to really take a look at this book, but I like what I am seeing so far.  It’s something I know I would have bought eventually, so having it included in here was amazing!

August Mama's Got Mail
Young House Love

The information card referenced page 171 of the book, which I flipped to right away.  It’s a project that involves sewing a pattern into card stock – in this case a conversation bubble, but you can really do anything.  I didn’t realize that this was even a something that could be done and it seemed so easy.  I set aside some time this afternoon to get it completed just like is suggested.

August Mama's Got Mail
The Project

~IKEA Frame & Thread & Needles & Card stock ($15): The box included everything you needed to do to complete the project including a frame, card stock, the quote outline, needles and thread.

August Mama's Got Mail
The Supplies

I cut out the bubble, traced it on the card stock and got to work.  It suggested poking holes in first, but I thought it was easier to do one at a time.  In retrospect, I should have used a ruler and marked off the spots first and then done one color thread at a time.  I think it would have been 100x easier than doing a line a time and then constantly changing the thread color.

August Mama's Got Mail
The Back

The book suggested that you knot the ends of the thread, but I felt like it would have been easier to just tape them down.  Took two seconds and worked out perfect!

August Mama's Got Mail
All Done

It’s certainly not perfect, but I was very pleased with how it turned out!  Midway through the project, I was having my doubts and thought I’d end up with a mess on my hands, but the more thread I put in, the more I liked it.

August Mama's Got Mail
All Framed
August Mama's Got Mail
Another View

All totaled, I came up with a value of about $33 (I did some guessing on some items) for the physical items in the August Mama’s Got Mail Box.  As always, I can’t put a price tag on the workshop part of the box.  This month’s personal self check-in (the worksheet potion) asks about what your house says about you and what you want it to say about you.

What do you think of Mama’s Got Mail?  If you are interested in subscribing or just want to learn more, click here.  Subscriptions start at $39/month.

Disclosure: This complimentary box was provided for review purposes. As always, no compensation was received and all opinions are my own.
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  1. Shiree Shaffer

    I really like the way it turned out! I have never heard of this subscription. It seems pretty neat, but a bit out of my budget for now. I would totally use this as a message center to write notes on the glass with a bright dry erase marker! I may have to make one of my own and try and figure out how you did it!

  2. kim

    What do you think of the book?? I am super close to ordering it!

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