August Mini Favorite Things Giveaway

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I know I said I wasn’t going to do an August Favorite Things Giveaway, and I’m technically not doing one.  I’m doing a “mini” one!  Here’s what you could win:

~Stella & Dot Spirit Bracelet ($29)
~L’Occitane Happy Hands Trip ($28)
~monBento MB BentoBox & Silverware Set (not pictured) ($45)
~B&BW Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Mason Jar Candle ($13)
~Flavour-It Glass Water Bottle (Red) ($28)
~May Designs Weekly To-Do Planner ($18)
~Julep The Champagne Trio Collection ($28)
~Starbucks Gift Card ($10)

If you want to win, all you gotta do is enter in rafflecopter below (*) and you will be all set.  I know there are a lot of entry options, but feel free to pick and choose the ones you want to complete.  The ONLY mandatory one is the “Just Click Enter” option, which is obviously the easiest!  Oh and if you think you have missed one of my other August giveaways, you can always go here and make sure you have entered them all (and keep coming back and entering daily). I’ll pick / announce the winner on 9.1.13!  Happy entering and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is in NO way affiliated with, sponsored by or related to any of the companies included in the giveaway – except for the fact that I am a Stella & Dot stylist. Giveaway ends on 9.1.13 at 12:00am.  Also there are a lot of things that cost $28 in this giveaway.  So odd???
(*) If you can’t see the Rafflecopter box, try a different browser, try using your phone, a different computer, etc. I believe it has something to so with your firewall.  People seem to have the most trouble from their offices.
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Jennifer is the author and founder of Subscription Box Ramblings. She first discovered subscription boxes in 2012 and has been addicted since. Current favorites include CAUSEBOX, Boxycharm and Beachly!

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  1. Karissa

    I’d most like to win the Bento box.

  2. Megan

    Seriously every single thing looks awesome! I would be super excited about the bracelet and the Bentobox!

  3. Katy

    My favorite things of the summer are tassel bracelets and mason jars!

    1. Katy

      @Katy: opps i didn’t see the question! definetly the candle!

  4. Kayla

    Any of the items, looks like a great giveaway! But I do LOVE sweet cinnamon pumpkin!

  5. Kelly

    I had the champagne trio in many cart, but decided I didn’t need it…

  6. Meredith

    I really want that to-do planner! I need something like that to get organized this fall

  7. W

    I’d love to win the bento box the most! 😀

  8. Natasha

    Mmmm… I can always use a Starbucks card! 😀

  9. Suzanne

    The Starbucks gift card! LOL Actually the bento box.

  10. Bre

    I would love the champagne trio. I regret not adding it.

  11. Shelby

    I would LOVE the Flavour-It!

  12. Lori

    I can’t decide between the L?Occitane set (I got a sample of the shea butter one through the Haute Look sample bag, and love it, and the other two sound DELICIOUS) and the to-do planner. I already get weird looks from my friend because I use a paper calendar, but I just cant get into my phone’s calendar or to-do list, so this would be an awesome buddy for my calendar.

  13. Kristin Lockwood

    The Water Bottle! Or, (LOL) the bento box – but not my blue one back! I need Green. 😉

  14. Gina F.

    Wow! Another awesome giveaway! I love that bracelet!!!

  15. Diana Garza

    I would love to win the bento box and the B&BW pumpkin candle!!!

  16. Lauren

    I’d love to win the flavor-it glass waster bottle but I’d love everything from the mini giveaway!

  17. ashlee f

    I would be most excited for the bracelet or that amazing smelling candle. I just love fall =).

  18. Meagan

    I love everything in this! The water bottle and lotion would be extra awesome as a teacher going back to school next week.

  19. Shauna

    LOVE the Bento Box set! You always have the best giveaways!!! Speaking of which, have you had a chance to enter mine? It’s open through the 31st, and you were my inspiration for it. It would be nice I you could win something for once!!


  20. Juli

    I would love to feed my nail polish addiction with the Julep!

  21. Riann

    I would love the candle – I love the smell of Fall!!

  22. melissa g

    Id love the bracelet and candle!

  23. Sophie

    Is it weird that I most want to win the mason jar candle?

  24. christina

    I would LOVE to try that awesome water bottle!

  25. kara

    My favorite item would be the water bottle. Do, many awesome gifts it’s hard yo pick one. I do love the candle and Starbucks gift card.

  26. Annette

    No lie, that infusion water bottle and the julep trio I would be so happy to get. I love seeing how everyone else is just as addicted to L’Occitane’s hand cream, it truly is so great!

  27. Megan

    Julep collection! I have been wanting to try these!

  28. katrina

    The candle and giftcard

  29. Susan

    I’d love to win the Stella & Dot bracelet!

  30. Pattie

    I would love to win the Flavour-it glass water bottle the most…..although I do love Starbucks!

  31. Mopsyluv

    I love the bento box I allready have one from popsugar. But… There is always room for more. I love the planner idea but I’m so unorganized I can’t even plan to plan. If that makes any sense.

  32. JT

    I love the Bento Box so that’s what I’d want most!

  33. maureen

    Stella and Dot because then I would be able to wear it for an upcoming event.

  34. terri s

    I want all of these things…. awesome MINI give-away girl! it’s my turn to win….

  35. Beth

    I love it all but especially the julep.

  36. Lisa D

    Sweet. How fun.

  37. Pilar

    I would love to try the Loccitane happy hands trio! I love their stuff

  38. Ginger S

    The bento box!

  39. Jean

    I cannot decide I like better… the Julep, the BBW candle, or starbucks 🙂

  40. Sharon

    Everything is wonderful but I really love that bracelet….and the candle… and the hand cream. It’s all just so terrific!

  41. Meredith

    I love any giveaway with a Starbucks prize 😉

  42. Sam L

    The Bento Box is the item I would like the most!

  43. Mandy Hillman

    The mason jar candle and the flavor it bottle!

  44. Kara Cheek

    I would love the bracelet or the candle!! Everything looks awesome!

  45. Ally

    The notebook for the weekly to do list is absolutely the item I would want most!

  46. Anna

    The bento box! Would make packing lunch so much easier!

  47. Stephanie T

    Awesome assortment! 🙂

  48. Heather S

    Stella & Dot Spirit bracelet!

  49. Kim

    Bento Box and the water bottle

  50. Britney

    All of it….but mostly the bento box!!

  51. Sara

    It’s so tough to choose…it’s between the l’occitane lotion and the julep nail polish trio!

  52. Christi Petersen

    I just want to win something, not picky! 🙂

  53. Jill

    The Stella and Dot bracelet!!

  54. Diana Vuong

    I want to win another bento box and silverware set and some other items too.

  55. Breann

    The L’Occitane happy hands trio! They are my favorite hand creams by far!!!

  56. Linda

    It all looks fabulous, but I’m most excited about that bracelet!

  57. Jen

    I’m in need of a new candle = so the mason jar candle would be great to win!

  58. Ashley C.

    I’d most like to win the Weekly To Do list!! I’m such a list-maker — there’s just a great deal of satisfaction in being able to cross things off as you get them done!

  59. Roro

    Love the whole selection!

  60. Sarah Z


  61. Mary

    Bento box.

  62. Shiree Shaffer

    I love this giveaway! I want to win the bento box and silverware set the most! I love the glass water bottle too!

  63. Diana B

    I want the starbucks card or the water bottle or the bracelet or the nail polish. They all look like really exciting prizes.

  64. Mallory

    Everything looks awesome, but I think I would most want the L’Occitane hand lotion. Or the nail polish. Or the bento box. I love it all!

  65. Rachael

    I want them all!! I can’t chose!

  66. kimberlee

    i would most like to win the water bottle

  67. Melody

    The candle I love love love bath and body works fall candles

  68. Jenny

    You know my polish addiction so I’m going with the champagne trio. So great.

  69. Kimberly

    Although I would absolutely be thrilled to win anything, I would get the most use out of the bento box. 🙂

  70. Georgie T

    I would like to win the spirit bracelet!

  71. lilah

    I love the l?occitane lotion, but I never seem to buy it for myself.

  72. Sarah

    What a great giveaway! I love the Stella & Dot bracelet!

  73. Nissa Dean

    Love the bento boxes! Got one in my Popsugar box, and would love another!

  74. soon p

    The bento box.

  75. jmd

    The bento box or the Julep collection!

  76. Shannon

    I’m excited about the candle. Yay fall!!

  77. Ricki

    I want the Champagne Trio! After seeing all the lovely posts of it, I am kicking myself for not adding it on this month.

  78. Jennie

    Keeping my fingers crossed!!

  79. Elizabeth

    All of it! Especially love to win the planner and water bottle, but also the bracelet and candle! Thanks for the awesome giveaways! 🙂

  80. Tanya

    Id love to win the bracelet Thanks for the giveaway

  81. Tiffany

    I would love it all especially the bracelet!

  82. Jennifer

    I already got a May Designs planner, but I would love to have another to give as a gift to my best friend! I found a matching aqua chevron folder and notebook at walgreens!
    I also want to let you know that you are welcome to add this, or any of your giveaways to my new linkup! Just click my name.

  83. Maggie

    I would love to win the Maybook Weekly To Do planner!

  84. wendy

    Starbucks GC, always!

  85. Lauren

    I want the nail polish the most because I have never tried Julep, and the colors in that set are perfect for fall (my FAVORITE season!!!) I also love the candle…and the water bottle…and well everything!

  86. Elissa

    I would most want to win the bracelet. It is beautiful!

  87. Jennifer maddux

    I’m all about the candle, but I really want the bento box too. I’ve been experimenting in bento, lots of fun. It all looks like good stuff.

  88. audrey

    the mombento box… we’ve been lusting after those for quite awhile, but just can’t bring ourselves to purchase them as they’re a bit out of the budget. But I’m completely intrigued by the fact that they’re supposed to be leak proof!

  89. Kara

    That candle sounds like it would be amazing for fall!

  90. Amy P

    L’occitane hand cream and the Julep polish! Nice nails and hands is what deters me from my nasty nail biting habit.

  91. Crystal G

    I want that glass water bottle!

  92. Kim

    I want to win the flavor it water bottle!

  93. miranda

    I would really love the bracelet

  94. Bobbi

    The bento box or the to do list.

  95. Yesenia

    I would love the starbucks gift card. I can admit, it’s an addiction.

  96. gary

    I like the Bento box

  97. Shannon

    I’d love to get my hands on the Champagne Trio!

  98. Jean Marmion

    I would love any of the items and if you ask me, it looks like a HUGE giveaway – I would get rid of the “mini”! (Can you tell I never win anything LOL!)! Thanks for all of your goodies you so elequently tell us about and I love reading your posts about the boys!!

    If I had to pick one, I think I would pick the infusion water bottle (is that weird?)! I want one, don’t have one, and you’re giving away one! Thanks so much! Make it a good day!

  99. Alena P

    The Mason jar just because I love BBW, BUT it all looks amazing!

  100. Katy

    The Julep polish and the bracelet! Love!

  101. Tammy Davis

    I would love to win the L?Occitane Happy Hands Trip. I’ve been wanting to try them out and this would be a perfect way to do that!

  102. Amy Ballou

    The candle. 🙂

  103. Amanda

    I most want to win the bento box!

  104. megan cantrell

    mason jar candle

  105. eliz-a bee

    It’s a tough call but I’d have to say the bento box!

  106. Megan

    I would love to win the water bottle!

  107. Kaitlin

    I’m excited for the bento box!

  108. Mary W

    I want that flavor-it water bottle! I was just looking for one today actually!

  109. esmeralda

    top choices are the water bottle or bento box

  110. Hollie H

    I love everything here! I am most excited to try Julep Polishes. They are so pretty!! Thanks for the chance!

  111. Sarah

    Julep and the BentoBox…oh and the glass water bottle!

  112. Maryann T

    I’d be so excited for the Bento Box, but man I love those Julep nail colors too! :3

  113. Toni

    This giveaway is amazing – I really want the julep polishes!

  114. Beth

    I actually really like all of that stuff, but would love that bracelet!

  115. Ruby Yoshi

    I want to win the L?Occitane Happy Hands Trip

  116. Julie P.

    My favorite is the L?Occitane Happy Hands Trip!

  117. Sara

    The Stella and Dot bracelet

  118. Andrea

    I’d LOVE the water bottle. I know I should drink more water, but I need a bit of flavor!

  119. Wehaf

    I’d love to win the L’Occitane en Provence trio.

  120. cyguerra

    Definitely the L?Occitane set and the water bottle! Two things on my “must” list!! Everything else would just be gravy!!

  121. Enrica

    The Bento box for sure!!

  122. Shana

    Sooooo……want the Julep champagne trio and the bath and body works candle!!

  123. Jordan M

    I would love the Champagne Trio! I joined Julep the month after it was for sale cheap as an add on and find myself unwilling to spend the Maven price on it now.

  124. Michelle

    Oh my gosh, that Stella & Dot bracelet is awesome!! Might have to buy solemn for gifts and put it on my Christmas list..that is if I don’t win it. ;).

    Awesome! Thank you!!

  125. Sara

    L’occitane set!!

  126. Joules

    wow…thanks so much as usual!!
    And this is hard–I feel inclined to say the starbucks since I am addicted to caffeine but the spirit bracelet is so cute!! ^^ ?

  127. MelodyJ

    Starbucks gift card.

  128. kirstyn

    The flavor it bottle and the champagne trio!! Thanks for another awsome giveaway!

  129. Annie

    I love it all…but I most love the bento box…and I am obsessed with all things mason jar!!

  130. Catherine Faulkenburg

    I’d really like the planner. I think it’s adorable, and who couldn’t be more organized?

  131. kim kjerulf

    I love the hand cream and of course the rest of the items.

  132. nicole weaver

    This is awesome! Your give aways are always something I want!

  133. Sue

    The water bottle looks great but I also want that mason jar candle!!!!

  134. Lisa

    What a great giveaway!! I’d love the Flavour-It Glass Water Bottle.

  135. Caitlin

    I would LOVE to win the bento box!

  136. Kristin Jesneck

    I think I could use every item, but I’d love the flavor it water bottle!!!

  137. Jackie

    definitely the bracelet or the nail polish…or all of it ha

  138. Ashley C

    All of it! But the Bento box sounds really cool


  139. Liz

    I really love Stella & Dot! That bracelet is great!

  140. stacy willert

    what fun!thanks for the shot!

  141. Jessica

    That champagne trio is to die for! And you can always use more jewelry!

  142. Kyra

    I really want the water bottle or the Bento box…or the bracelet lol!

  143. Mary Q.

    Wow what a fantastic giveaway! I’m super curious about that Flavour-It bottle. Looks so cool!!

  144. Kali

    I love, love, love the Stella & Dot bracelet- so cute!

  145. Brianna

    I think the bracelet is super-cute, but I like all the items!

  146. Jackie

    The glass water bottle! 🙂

  147. Brandy Fisk

    The bento box!

  148. Irene

    What an amazing giveaway! I’d love to smell the sweet cinnamon pumpkin candle – I’m in love with fall candle scents!

  149. Stephanie McGuire

    The Julep Champagne Trio!!

  150. Evelyn

    The bento box. I like all the compartments. 🙂

  151. Kendra

    I’ve been meaning to try some Julep nail polish, so I’d list that as #1, but I love everything else as well!

  152. Toni

    Everything looks awesome but I have really wanted to try one of those flavor infusing water bottles so that would be my pick.

  153. maeve

    the stella and dot bracelet! 🙂

  154. rachel

    The planner and Sbux card! 🙂

  155. Kim O

    Everything looks amazing but I would say I would be most excited to win the hand cream. I’ve always wanted to try that brand!

  156. Mary

    The hand cream and nail polish! I’m a bank teller and fancy hands make me feel more professional!

  157. Bethsaida

    The glass water bottle! 🙂

  158. Jen

    I would love the nail polish, or the bento box!

  159. Anna Wilson

    I would most like to win the S&D bracelet or the Bento Box! I would be thrilled to have any of the items though! 🙂

  160. Lindsay

    The Happy Hands Trio or the Bentobox!

  161. nicole

    what a fun mini giveaway! i want the bento box most 🙂

  162. Alicia

    I really want the Julep nail polish! I love nail polish 🙂

  163. Dena

    Benton or Happy Hands!

  164. Cathy@Five Boys

    I want the flavor it water bottle. I drink a ton of water and love “spa” water . . . I could make my own!!

  165. Brigette

    I would really like to win the bento box 🙂

  166. Lauren

    Wow I love everything but I think I’d want that champagne trio the most. I almost got it myself but talked myself out of it last minute.

  167. Lindsey

    I just LOVE that darn bento box!!! So cute!

  168. Tea

    I would either love to win B&BW Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Mason Jar Candle ($13) Or the Bento box.

  169. Genna

    Thank you for offering this wonderful giveaway!

  170. Chrissy S.

    I would most like to win the flavor it glass bottle.

  171. Rose D.

    I am most excited about the Bento Box!

  172. Hsin C.

    I love the L?Occitane Happy Hands Trip and the yummy candle!!! 🙂 Excited!!

  173. Kelly D

    All the items are great! But I would love to win the stella and dot bracelet

  174. Sarah

    The nail polish! I love those colors!

  175. Lynsey

    Bracelet and the water bottle

  176. Lynsey

    The bracelet and water bottle

  177. Erin

    It’s a tie for me. I have an obsession with candles, so it’d always pick a candle. That bracelet is calling my name though. It’s super cute and so much more my style than the gold jewelry I’ve been getting in my boxes.

  178. Dawn

    Of course everything looks great but my favorites are the L’Occitane Trio and the Stella & Dot bracelet! Awesome giveaway.

  179. Ashley

    Everything looks so good! I’d love them all but the bracelet is especially pretty

  180. Leigh

    The L’Occitane! I have never tried this lotion, but I’ve heard so many amazing things about it!

  181. Amanda

    I would love the sweet cinnamon pumpkin candle! One of my favorite BBW scents!

  182. Kobash

    I would love the bento box!

  183. Bridget Heiple Reich

    I would love to win the Julep trio and/or the Stella & Dot bracelet! 🙂

  184. Colleen Boudreau

    The Julep The Champagne Trio Collection!

  185. Samantha

    I would really love to win most is the Stella & Dot Spirit Bracelet and monBento MB BentoBox

  186. Crystal

    Starbucks gift card

  187. Victoria

    The water bottle looks awesome!

  188. Gabrielle S

    I would love to win the water bottle with the infuser, so cool! 🙂

  189. karen

    the champagne trio collection.

  190. Hilary

    The water bottle or spirit bracelet!!!

  191. Charity

    Starbucks! Though everything looks loverly

  192. beth combs

    Julep or starbucks 🙂

  193. Julie M

    Bento box! I just started a new job where I don’t have the luxury of walking home from work on my lunch hour, so the Bento Box would be perfect to pack my leftovers in!

  194. Kathy

    The L’Occitaine trio. Best hand cream ever!

  195. liz l

    I like the Stella & Dot Spirit Bracelet

  196. Maddy

    Love the bento box.

  197. kara mishmash

    I think i’d love the bento box or the julep…it’s a toss up!

  198. Judy

    Anything from this giveaway! All great items! 🙂

  199. Kristen T

    I want the Flavour-It bottle and the bento box!!! Well…and the starbucks of course. 🙂

  200. Kit Novak

    I really love the Stella & Dot Spirit Bracelet!

  201. Shannon

    I’d most like the bento box!

  202. Melissa

    The bento box or the Starbucks gift card!

  203. Lisa

    Starbucks card!!

  204. Denise F

    The L?Occitane Happy Hands 🙂

  205. laura maya

    seriously, anything would be great! great picks!!!

  206. Ashley

    The water bottle!

  207. Amy B

    Starbucks cards or Julep nail polish

  208. Kristen Maria

    I think I would be most excited to win the flavour-it glass bottle! 🙂

  209. Kate L

    What a lovely giveaway! My favorites are the Champagne Trio and the L’occitane set, but everything is wonderful!

  210. Ashley

    Flavour-It Glass Water Bottle

  211. Carrie Hughes Copeland

    Either the Julep trio or the L?Occitane trio 🙂

  212. Myranda

    Hmmm…all of those prizes seem great!

    I’d have to go with the L?Occitane set. As an avid sub boxer I’ve seen so many names of lotions tossed around, each touting something different…L?Occitane is the one brand that I’ve known about for years and is my tried and true. Their Verbena scented items are so perfect.

  213. Tabitha

    Most excited about the bento box, Starbucks giftcard, and Julep polishes.

  214. Sharon Gullikson

    I’d love the bento box. Orange is my favorite color, too.

  215. Jessi N

    All of it! But if I had to pick it would be the L’Occitane set. Thank you for the giveaway!

  216. Danielle

    I love the bento box!

  217. DeAnne

    Oh what fun! I’d love to win any one of the prizes!! 😀

  218. Rebecca Brewer

    I would love the L’Occitane trio. It’s usually more of a splurge for me, but I love them! I also love Julep.

  219. Celeste

    the Glass Water Bottle!

  220. Jayden H.

    I would love to win the Happy Hands Trio!

  221. Katy

    I’d love the pumpkin mason jar candle!

  222. Kelly G

    I am loving those Julep nail polish colors!!!

  223. wenz

    seems like everybody wants the bento box the most hehe I want them too !!

  224. Emily

    I would most want to win the Flavour-It Glass Water Bottle!

  225. Amanda

    I would love to win the julep nail poishes!

  226. Erika W.

    The Weekly Planner!!

  227. Michelle Rucker

    The Julep The Champagne Trio

  228. susana

    I really love all of them!!! cant decide

  229. Niki T.

    I’d love to win the monBento MB BentoBox! Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  230. Maria Malaveci

    The Bento Box Set!

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