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Today’s giveaway (which is part of my August month of giveaways) is for some of my favorite Stella & Dot goodies, specifically the How Does She Do It – Navy Stripe tote bag (OMG LOVE) and the Bring It Jewelry Roll – Elephant! I have these both and LOVE them, so I am super excited to share with one of you!

If you want to win, all you gotta do is enter in rafflecopter below (*) and you will be all set.  I know there are a lot of entry options, but feel free to pick and choose the ones you want to complete.  The ONLY mandatory one is the “Just Click Enter” option, which is obviously the easiest!  Oh and if you think you have missed one of my other August giveaways, you can always go here and make sure you have entered them all (and keep coming back and entering daily). Happy entering and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is in NO way affiliated with, sponsored by or related to Stella & Dot – except for the fact that I am a Stella & Dot stylist. Giveaway ends on 8.30.13 at 12:00am.
(*) If you can’t see the Rafflecopter box, try a different browser, try using your phone, a different computer, etc. I believe it has something to so with your firewall.  People seem to have the most trouble from their offices.
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  1. Ricki

    I like the Ivy Drops earrings.

  2. Kaitlin Gilbert

    I don’t currently own any stella & dot products,however, I love the infamous renegade cluster bracelet and the frida print pouf! Thanks for the amazing giveaways!

  3. Maureeen

    I like the Haley necklace.

  4. Sharon

    I love the jewelry roll!

  5. Britney

    The elephant bring it jewelry roll is to die for!

  6. Diana B

    I’m always looking for nice jewelry for my girlie girl, so I really like the Izzie Necklace and Bracelet Set

  7. Shannon

    I don’t own any stella & dot. This would be my first piece.

  8. Laura

    I love both.., jewelry and non jeltewy! I have a wallet I love!

  9. Diana Vuong

    I like the INTERLOCK HEART NECKLACE. I wish it was in gold!

  10. Crystal Gregg

    Oslo, Peacock & Dot Bloom necklaces! Ohh my! Love.

  11. Beth

    I love the how does she do it tote!

  12. Katy

    Both are gorgeous! Perfect for travel!

  13. Gina F.

    I love Stella & Dot and my absolute favorite is the KAHLO BIB NECKLACE!!

  14. Kyra

    My favorite piece is the Kimberly necklace (which I don’t even have) but desperately want!

  15. Cathy@Five Boys

    I like the amour pendant. I would really like the jewelry roll too!

  16. Elizabeth

    LOVE Stella & DOT Tote bags! Thanks for the opportunity to win one! And a jewelry pouch, too! 🙂

  17. Brandy Fisk

    The navy stripe bag!

  18. Sara

    I love the bag you’re giving away!

  19. Sarah

    The emerald green drop earrings!

  20. Kelly G.

    My favorite piece is the Renegade Cluster bracelet.

  21. Norma

    Love this bag!!! I need one!!!

  22. Kristin Lockwood

    I still love the “Hope Bracelet”. I actually love alot of the jewelry, but that has sentimental meaning for me.

  23. Pilar

    My favorite piece is the maya bracelet. So cute!

  24. brittany

    LOVE the striped tote bag!

  25. Lauren

    I really like the Stella and Dot charm necklaces! The tote bag is sooo cute! Thanks for the giveaway!

  26. Lisa Davis

    Love the bag! I am totally digging the stripes 🙂

  27. Jill

    I love the jewelry roll it looks perfect for traveling!

  28. jmd

    I’m usually so picky about jewelry so I don’t usually buy online but the bag is perfect!

  29. Kaitlin

    I can’t remember the name of it but I really love my mixed metals wrap bracelet!

  30. Caitlin

    I LOVE the elephant jewelry bag holder! The color combo is PERFECT!

  31. Amy Ballou

    I love the elephant jewelry roll, and its not just because you are giving that particular piece away, it has always been my favorite piece!

  32. Alicia

    That striped bag is my fave!

  33. Julie Baldock

    Super cute tote.

  34. Scarlett

    What an awesome bag! Love the blue stripes. I don’t have anything from Stella & Dot.
    Not so much digging the elephant pattern, but somehow I wouldn’t mind having it either. Crazy?

  35. Mandy Hillman

    I really like the Haley necklace and the How Does She Do It bag!

  36. Toni

    That elephant print is adorable and that tote is the one I have been searching for all summer!

  37. ellen casper

    I love the Maldives necklace

  38. Nicole

    I love the mercury necklace!!!

  39. Megan

    I love the Getaway – Multistripe bag!

  40. Hilary Burdit

    I am SO excited about this giveaway!!! These items are both ones I have been eyeing… I am in love with their elephant print!! I actually don’t own any stella & dot but I keep hearing about it and I checked out your link last week… they have really good-looking stuff, I predict I will be treating myself to something soon! Great tastes on the give-away items though!

    BTW Thank you so much for the Haribo Gummies I received today! (they held up pretty well, were only slightly melted, still more than edible!) My neighbors (2 boys 7 &10) loved them, thanks again!

    Have a great Sunday 🙂

  41. Jamie

    I love the bag! It is so cute for so many occasions.

  42. Mary

    Loving the getaway bag! Looks like a wonderul size for all of my weekend trips!

  43. soon p

    I am digging that bag. Maybe it can be used as a diaper bag!

  44. Ruby Yoshi

    I like the MAE NECKLACE made of red stone, glass & gold

  45. BB

    Cute stuff!

  46. Kim O

    I love the elephant jewelry roll. Such a cute print!!

  47. Mel

    I’ve actually been eyeing that bag for a couple months now! I just can’t get myself to plunk down the $89…It’s soo cute though!!

  48. Shauna

    I’m not big into jewelry so I’m more of a fan of the bags. The stripey one is cute, but the classic is my fave.


  49. Sara

    I love the tote you are giving away. As far as Jewlery I love he Lily Chandlier earrings.

  50. Sara

    Love that bag!

  51. terri s

    I need this bag! hope it picks me… 🙂

  52. Kelsey

    My husband bought our daughter the sweetest charm necklace from S&D when she was 3. Her first “real” jewelry. It is still her favorite and so special to her.

  53. Jessica R.

    I love my emerald green drop earrings. I really want one of their bags and a necklace like you have with your boys’ birthstones.

  54. Karen

    My favorite is the Maya pendant!

  55. Kristin t

    I love the navy ikat bag!

  56. Suzanne

    I love the Sanibel pendent necklace!

  57. JT

    I don’t have any but I’ve seen their statement necklaces and they are amazing!

  58. Lauren

    I am in LOVE with this striped bag!

  59. miranda

    I like the Ikat bags

  60. Amy P

    I’ve never /had/ a Stella & Dot item, but I have coveted a few of their totes!

  61. Lynsey

    Renegade Cluster Bracelet in silver!!!

  62. Mary Q.

    I’m all about their non-jewelry stuff – bags, wallets, poufs… oh my! 😉 If that elephant pouf comes back I will probably spring for it now that I’ve got the job in the bag. Yay!

  63. Irene

    Love these items – the elephant print on the jewelry roll is adorable!

  64. Jennifer

    I love both items that you picked and I also like the moxie stretch bracelet. I really hope I win!
    Come enter my Escape Monthly Giveaway!

  65. christina

    I’m new to Stella and Dot so I don’t own any pieces yet but so much of what I have seen I LOVE!

  66. Jenn

    The striped bag is amazing! I love the elephant jewelry roll, I have some baggu bags with animal silhouettes, I love the color combos!

  67. Hilary

    I heard that their elephant pouf has been sold out for months! 🙁 I want one!

  68. Bethsaida

    Still haven’t owned anything Stella & Dot!! But these two items looks great!

  69. Melissa

    That bag for sure

  70. Brianna

    I love the “on the mark” arrow necklace – so reminds me of Katniss!

  71. Haley

    So I actually don’t own any Stella & Dot, but I am lusting after the Madison Tech bag in black. =)

  72. kara mishmash

    I absolutely love, love, love that tote!

  73. Jodi

    I have the getaway bag in Ikat and LOVE it! Best purchase ever! And I think the next thing I want is the Libby layering in silver and gold! It’s so hard to choose!

  74. Jenny

    Oh my goodness how do you pick just one. I’m going with the together forever necklace. I love the simplicity of it and how you’d be able to wear it all the time.

  75. Sandra B

    I love the necklace with the inital pendants.

  76. Mackenzie

    I LOVE that bag! So cute!

  77. Kathy

    A hanging travel case, but only b/c I don’t have the jewelry roll yet. Love your choices for this giveaway!!

  78. Rose D.

    I LOVE the Jessie stretch bracelets. If I had any money, I would totally buy them.

  79. melanie purcell

    i love the serenity stone drops! and the renegade cluster!

  80. Kelly D

    I love the renegade cluster bracelet!

  81. Breann

    I love the jewelry rolls. I have been needing one for the longest time and like this week every time I start packing for a trip I think to myself I should’ve ordered one but its always too close to get it shipped in time! Maybe ill remember for next time?

  82. sara

    My top ‘to get’ item is a charm necklace….so I’d say that’s my favorite right now. Although I love that bag.

  83. Shannon

    So far I don’t own anything by Stella & Dot, so I’d love to win this and try out that awesome tote!

  84. Meg Mc

    I love the Dot Bloom Necklace and the Sanibel necklace, but I will be honest, I am in desperate need for the striped bag! 🙂

  85. Julie

    I love the navy striped bag! It reminds me of a summer vacation.

  86. Megan

    I’ve never tried Stella and Dot. Looks super cute and I’d love to try it out!

  87. Beth

    My favorites are the Light/Courage/Love bracelets!

  88. Tiffany

    Don’t be mad, but I just went to my first S&D show yesterday and got the La Totale. I’m so pumped! Its gorgeous. And I already got my shipping notification. Love fast delivery! Good job, S&D!

  89. Lisa

    I like the La Totale Large in Espresso Ikat!

  90. Haute Mommy

    Love S&D’s statement type neckaces. The Pegasus is my all time fave.

  91. Sue

    I have been coveting that bag for months now!!!!! I keep saying I’m going to buy it and I haven’t given in yet. Oh please let me win this one!!!

  92. Elisabeth

    The Geneve Lace ring is lovely!

  93. Enrica

    I really want the sideways cross in silver!! It’s an everyday statement piece 🙂

  94. Stephanie McGuire

    I love that bag! I’ve been meaning to buy one but am hoping to win one in this giveaway!!!

  95. Judy

    My favorite Stella & Dot pieces are the items you are giving away! 🙂

  96. Alice

    The striped tote because it looks like an upgraded version of the navy and white tote from Gap Outlet that is totally falling apart but I call it vintage.

  97. JillyL

    Wow, do I like that bag

  98. Cecile

    Love all the silver chains. Can dress up or down any look.

  99. Annnie

    I have one piece of S&D…and it’s a wrap bracelet that I LOVE and get complimented on it every time I wear it…the name escapes me though!

  100. Jennifer Cochran

    Everything on the internet hates me. This is the third time I’ve tried to post this comment! My very favorite necklace is the Belissimo Angelo necklace. I’m wearing it right now!

  101. Liz

    I’m loving the Ivie bangle and earrings! Totally obsessed with Stella & Dot! Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity.

  102. Erin

    Kimberly necklace

  103. Tara

    Love the how does she do it bags! They look like they would hold all my crap!

  104. Mel

    I have never bought any Stella and Dot before, but I would love to!

  105. Merissa

    I haven’t ever purchased anything Stella & Dot, so this would be awesome!

  106. michelle tovar

    I havent checked out S&D, but I will now!!

  107. Sanja

    I am officially obsessed with the elephants! They just make me smile 🙂

  108. Kate F.

    I love the Serenity Stone Drops.

  109. Aimee A

    I only own one bracelet, but I super love it!

  110. kara mishmash

    That bag is just the best thing ever!

  111. Celeste

    Love the Interlock Cross Necklace in gold!

  112. ashlee f

    I am in love with the elephant print jewelry roll.

  113. Diana divito

    I love all the products especially the getaway bag!!

  114. Jean

    I don’t have anything from Stella and Dot, but that awesome bag would make a great starter piece!

  115. michele

    renegade cluster! LOVE!

  116. Julie P.

    I like the Palm Springs Scarf in Red Ikat

  117. Jordan M

    That tote is so cute! I have been wanting to try the brand, its on my Eventually List!

  118. Meagan

    I love everything Stella and Dot, especially that navy striped bag! Gorgeous.

  119. Toni

    Rhea bangles

  120. Evelyn

    The jewelry roll is cute.

  121. Dawn Monroe

    I really like the interlocking heart necklace in silver.

  122. Victoria

    I love the Classic tote bag. Very versatile!

  123. Anna Wilson

    I have the Garden Party Chandelier Earrings and I adore them. They are my go-to statement earrings 🙂

  124. Amy B

    Love that elephant print and the renegade cluster bracelet – so cute!

  125. Myranda

    I would layer the “Renegade Cluster Bracelets” with a blazer 🙂 Although, I’m not sure if it would poke little ones 🙁

    I have to say, I love the shape of the bag, for some reason it reminds me of a small beach in New York I went to with my husband when we were just starting to date…in December! So cold, but such a good memory.

  126. Heather

    So cute!

  127. Jessi N

    Its hard to pick just one piece, I love all their necklaces! Thank you for the giveaway!

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