August Trunk Club Review

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August Trunk Club
August Trunk Club

Trunk Club is a men’s clothing service where a personal stylist handpicks a trunk of high-end clothes and ships it to you for free.  B has been wanting to try a men’s clothing subscription for a while now and we decided that we’d give Trunk Club a go first.

When you order Trunk Club you go through all the steps online to complete a profile (which includes measurements and sizes) and then you set up a call with your personal stylist (ours is Megan) to discuss what you are looking for in your trunk, how much you want to spend, etc.  Since I am basically B’s personal assistant, I talked to Megan for B since I know it’s not something he’d want to do.  Plus, I know what he likes anyway.

Trunk Club does send higher end (i.e. more expensive) pieces of clothing (and accessories), but I requested some pieces on the lower end of that scale.  The size of the trunk and number of pieces included varies based on what you are looking for and how much you want to spend.

August Trunk Club
The Box

Trunk Club ships via FedEx (they are out of Chicago) and arrived here about two days after I talked to Megan.  I should also mention that Trunk Club includes a return address label because you can ship back any pieces you are not interested in and you will not be charged for them.  And there is no styling fee associated with Trunk Club.  You pay for what you keep.

August Trunk Club
First Look

I was so excited to see what they picked out for B.  I said that he was looking for some fun work stuff, as well as, some weekend stuff.

~Beren Navy Basic Pique Polo ($68): So B and I both decided as soon as we saw this that  it was going back.  He doesn’t wear polo shirts a ton and wasn’t excited by this.  And then of course, he tried it on and it was a perfect fit and it looks great.  And now I think he’s leaning towards keeping it.  ETA: My brother ended up keeping this one.

August Trunk Club
Beren Navy Basic Pique Polo
Trunk Club
Beren Navy Basic Pique Polo

~Life After Denim Tournament V-Neck Sweater ($98): We both totally loved this and it’s a total keeper.  B just quick modeled it for a picture, but I think he’ll wear it both with collared shirts and non-collared shirts and can dress it up or down as needed.

August Trunk Club
Life After Demin Tournament V-Neck Sweater
Trunk Club
Life After Demin Tournament V-Neck Sweater

~Bonobos Orange and Blue Plaid Slim Fit Shirt ($78): I totally love this.  It’s my favorite piece in the trunk and it’s not something that either of us ever would have picked on our own. It’s a total keeper, it fits perfect and we both love it.  I think he’s planning to wear it to work this week!

August Trunk Club
Bonobos Orange and Blue Plaid Slim Fit Shirt
Trunk Club
Bonobos Orange and Blue Plaid Slim Fit Shirt – On B

~Bonobos 9″ Washed Chino Shorts ($65): These are another love!  B picked up a pair of Bonobos at the #nsale and loves them, so these shorts are another love and a perfect fit.  Oh, I should also mention that when I talked to Megan she asked what kind of pants B normally wears and I mentioned he had recently bought a pair of Bonobos and loved them and it turns out that the CEO of Trunk Club also founded Bonobos!

August Trunk Club
Bonobos 9″ Washed Chino Shorts
Trunk Club
Bonobos 9″ Washed Chino Shorts – On B

~John Varvatos Garment Dyed Linen Pants ($148): B and I both like these – a lot, but I don’t know if he needs them right now.  They aren’t too beachy and fit great – they are a nice go between for chinos and jeans.  We are 50% / 50% on keeping these right now.  ETA: He kept these.

August Trunk Club
John Varvatos Garment Dyed Linen Pants
Trunk Club
John Varvatos Garment Dyed Linen Pants – On B

B really enjoyed his first Trunk Club and we will for sure be getting another (we might do one every two months though instead of once a month).  They picked some pieces that we never would have picked on our own and it was much easier than going to the store, trying stuff on, etc.

What do you think of Trunk Club or similar clothing service subscription boxes that offer personal styling?  If you want to learn more about Trunk Club or are interested in signing up, click here.

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Jennifer is the author and founder of Subscription Box Ramblings. She first discovered subscription boxes in 2012 and has been addicted since. Current favorites include CAUSEBOX, Boxycharm and Beachly!

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  1. Sarah S.

    Thank you so much for posting this! I signed my husband up and can’t wait to see what they send him. (He is an awesome husband, but he does NOT like shopping!)

  2. Kaitlin V.

    You can totally tell the plaid shirt and shorts are his favorites just by the look on his face in the pictures! haha I wouldn’t ever be able to get my boyfriend to do this (kudos on snagging such a fashionable hubby – or at least one that is willing to let you dress him up like a Ken doll!). I’ve just started buying him things from Gap (thank goodness!!). But that’s OK – it saves me money for my Stitch Fixes!! Love Stitch Fix – can’t wait to do it again. The prices look comparable to Stitch Fix too.

  3. Danielle

    Keep the Varvatos….he’s a Michigander (and he’s Greek! )

  4. Jamie

    Are the prices you listed the price you actually pay if you keep the items? (If so, WOW way expensive!….. Wouldn’t you rather buy the stuff on sale or with a coupon even though you’d have to shop for them yourself?)

  5. Jacqueline

    B is very nice to pose for you, what a “keeper.” 🙂 Also, he’s cute. My boyfriend is out of town working, I hate it!!!! I love the grey sweater, totally something that Justin would wear.

  6. Brian H.

    You obviously don’t know B. that well. All of these shirts have sleeves.

  7. Brian H.

    Oh, and I might be interested in buying the polo if he doesn’t like it and if it fits me.

  8. Kaitlin

    I laughed SO HARD at Brian H’s comment re: shirts with sleeves. I think B and my boyfriend could be best friends based upon that.

  9. John Tucker

    Hi Jennifer,
    Wow! What an amazing write-up. Thanks for taking the time to do this. Please let me know if we can do anything else to serve you better. We’re working around the clock to build a service that makes it really easy for guys to build an awesome wardrobe.

    John Tucker
    VP of Member Experience
    Trunk Club

  10. Stephanie L. McGuire

    First of all, B totally rocked that Polo shirt, I mean to be honest he rocked all those clothes!!! But I do have to say that B totally does not look like the polo shirt type… he looks really good in V necks and button downs and of course topless, but lord knows he can’t go to work like that, lol! I don’t know if its because I really only have seen him in pictures with V necks or what, but the man knows how to make a V-neck look good and he does it right!! Kudos to having an all around great guy in every category really!!! Tim is not into fashion at all, whatever is comfortable to him he buys, though he voluntarily buy a really hot pair of plaid shorts and a v-neck t-shirt and OMG, he looks so hott! Told him he would make me a happy wifey if he bought more stuff like that, lol!

  11. Laura G.

    Jennifer, I love your site, thank you for all the reviews. You are a lucky lucky girl in that your hubs is willing to model for you! He makes a great model and is quite fashion forward in bright plaids. I couldn’t get my hubs in that if I paid him, but it looks so great on B. This seems a bit pricey for my household, but for those who can afford it, Trunks looks like a great service. I will keep it mind for the future. Thanks again!

  12. Jason

    I am a subscriber of Trunk Club and I have to say they are AWESOME! I would not go to work any other way.

  13. Jeff

    Thanks for the write up. After reading your review, I decided to give trunk club a shot. I loved the idea from day one and my first two trunks did not disappoint. I received more items in my boxes, total price was around $4000. I asked for jeans, chinos, button ups and sweaters. My stylist knocked it out of the park. I ended up buying two pairs of jeans, a pair of chinos and three sweaters. The life after denim v neck is awesome! I’m sure your husband likes his and much as I do mine. While the prices are full high end retail, the service and convenience was well worth it to me.

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