Friday iPhone Dump

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If you feel like linking up and showing off your weekly iPhone pictures grab the button and link-up below!  If not, that’s cool too. They aren’t numbered this week, but you can figure it out!

1. This was mine (and L’s) haul from World Market (now at Bed, Bath & Beyond) last week.  Those Tate’s cookies?  OMG so good.  SO good!

2. This was WB’s 2nd trip to the Apple Store this week and he’s such a sport.  So far he only gets what the home button does on the ipad and doesn’t know how to play any games, but it’s only a matter of time.

3. Is there anything sweeter than a sleeping little one?

4. L is a crane game expert.  With $1, he won not only a prize for himself, but one for WB.  Such a good kid!

5. I couldn’t crop this right, but it says what you are thinking.  I guess “Hooker” is a type or brand of furniture or something, but I thought the huge add for it was funny!

6. Another shot of L at his school! They have such a cute little coat room.  I think I want to go back to elementary school!

7. The sandbox. Hours of fun right there.  L loves it.  WB loves it.  And he doesn’t eat sand anymore, so that’s always good.

8. Mr. Up-North!  He thrilled to be back up there swimming and fishing and eating hobo pies!  We are going to try to get up there a few weekends this fall, but this is really the last summer fun he’s going to have up there.

9. OMG, last nights Plated meal was bananas.  SO good.

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  1. Jenny

    I’m sure L will love school. I guess up north where you are you need real coat closets. We just have little cubbies down here since we don’t really have bad weather that requires all that space.

  2. OMG, my BFFs little boy walked around for MONTHS when he was 3 saying he wanted a “hooker” for a birthday gift! We finally figured out that he was talking about a construction type of truck but omg, I can’t hear hooker without thinking of him! It was the funniest thing!! LOL!

    And I loooooove sleeping kiddo pics. I have taken SO many. They are still just as sweet at 9 and 7 as they were when they were as little as yours! It never gets old! 😀

    Have a great long weekend!!

  3. Alice

    Tates cookies are def the sh$t!! Soooo amazing!! btw, I think if you go on their site they might have a Labor Day/ Grandparents Day Sale so you should def stock up. I brought their 6pack sampler and its awesome also their bars are amazing!! Have a great weekend. It’s my hubby’s bday weekend so I’m stealing your idea of what you did for B’s 30th with the presents. So I’m doing 35 presents for 35. Hell that’s a lot of presents and I’m on 26 so got some more shopping to do! Toodles!

  4. Rachael

    OMG did you get the plated fried rice meal?! SOOOO good! even better than the pizza!

  5. Melanee

    That’s so weird that y’all have a world market inside the bbb! We have actual stores all over the place here. I got my kitchen table from there

  6. Shauna

    Shhhh, but I’m also stealing your bday gift idea for hubs as well. He turns 40 next year and is a few years older than I am so maybe payback will be nice. J/K. (Mostly). I just want him to have a special bday here in FL since all of his friends are in Cali.

    I know I’m a few weeks behind (for shame!), but your sweet posts to L about starting school are making me tear up. You have an awesome family.


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