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I’m linking up with Ashley and Neely today for another Sunday Social. It’s possible we did this one last year, but I can’t recall off the top of my head.

1. What was your favorite trip/vacation/activity this summer?
Nothing specific totally stands out, but playing in the fountains, glo-golf, swimming, and of course up-north!  I’d say this was the summer of up-north.  L spent so much time up there and loved every second of it.  WB is enjoying it more and more every visit and by next summer he’s going to be just as hooked as L!

2. What was your favorite outfit look/clothing item of the summer?
My normal lulu crops and v-necks.  And of course maxi skirts.  I am going to be so sad when maxi skirts go out of style!!!  Actually I don’t care, I will still wear them!

3. What is one thing you wish you’d gotten to do this summer?
My goodness, so many things.  One being the Zoo.  How on earth did we not make it to the zoo this summer?  And the other would be Niagara Falls.  I REALLY want to take L there this summer.  Luckily it will still be there next year because we are going!

4. What was your favorite song of the summer?
Blurred Lines, Get Lucky and We Can’t Stop.  Yeah I picked a Miley Cyrus song.  You know what?  I just pretend I don’t know who sings it! 

5. What was your favorite movie/tv show of the summer?
Big Brother!  It’s my go to show every summer.  And every summer I feel like I won’t enjoy it like I did the summer before, but I always do!

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  1. Vanessa F

    Your comment about Big Brother is hilarious because my husband and I say the same thing every year…. “boo! Last summer was better!”

  2. Dawn

    Big Brother is one of my favorite shows in the summer – this year I also got to see the UK, Canadian, and currently the Australian (oh the Australian one!). I’m a reality tv junkie.

  3. Myranda

    Oh Miley…as much as I dislike how you went about the VMAs, you did get just the reaction you wanted…and I still like your song.

    I’m glad so much celebrity gossip occurs…it gives me an opportunity to think how I would discuss it with my kids, before I have them.

  4. Pilar

    I watch Big Brother every summer also, I remember the first night it came on you said you like Aaryn because of what she had on, I hope you don’t like her now. Lol

  5. Mrs. L

    1. It was the summer home so absolutely nothing.
    2. A little t-shirt dress that I wore to work a bunch this summer. It was super comfortable, worked great in the heat…and it was from Target so it was super cheap LOL
    3. Sit out in the patio after work with a drink reading a book. Didn’t do it once this summer. Just not right.
    4. Makelemore “Can’t Hold Us” at the start of the summer and Lana Del Rey “Summertime Sadness’ at the end.
    5. Broadchurch (which is still running) and the countdowns of the old Doctors on BBC.

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