Thursday Thoughts

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Thursday Thoughts

~I watched an episode of “Amish Mafia” last night and I gotta know, this that show real? Does anyone watch? It just all seemed so ODD. Not because everyone was Amish and not because there was a Mafia, it was just more the way the show up set up. It’s possible that it is just because it was like a recap kind of show on the first season, but it was just strange. I also caught up on some Sister Wives episodes for the first time in ages and I cannot believe they are just not finally getting into these houses. My goodness. I feel like we have been talking about these houses forever.

Image Credit: Discovery
Image Credit: Discovery

~So I mentioned yesterday that I was planning to send another bag in to thredUP, except this time with woman’s clothes.  Well Kira commented and let me know about a site called “twice” which accepts higher end brands (BCBG, Banana Republic, J.Crew, etc.) of women’s clothing.  So I think I may give them a go this time around.  They promise you get paid within 1-2 weeks from sending in your bag and if you don’t like your offer, you can request that the entire bag be shipped back to you for a $5 fee.  I’ll report back for sure!

~The winner of the July Homegrown Collective Giveaway is Caroline Per**!!!  Congrats lady!  I e-mailed you and I will be passing along your information to the folks over at the Homegrown Collective!
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~I set up the ROASM Book Club / Book Swap Group on Facebook earlier in the week, so if you haven’t joined yet, please do!  People are adding books they are interested in swapping and books they just want to find a good home for.  I have added some of mine and still need to add more.  Operation clean out my house is under way!

~I don’t mention them often, but I do still get monthly (well every 6 weeks or do) deliveries from The Honest Company and Dollar Shave Club.  There are probably some other boxes I get monthly that don’t review either.  No real reason I don’t review them other than how often do you need to hear how much I like laundry pods, dishwasher pods and cheap razors? But curiosity got the best of me when I was putting my Essentials bundle together and I ordered a Diapers bundle.  I need diapers now that my stockpile is gone, but $80/month seems like SO much for diapers and wipes.  I’m going to track and see how long it takes us to use up what they send because it seems like all that might last WB more than a month.  

The Honest Co.
The Honest Co.

~L had his 5 year well visit this week (yeah I’m a little behind) and I couldn’t help but laugh when the doctor asked him if he could dress himself.  Umm, lady I didn’t pick out that all striped outfit for him that’s for sure.  I did make him wear a hoodie on over it though (what, it was cold out) and he gave me a dirty look while putting it on and accused me of wanting to “cover up the stripes”.

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  1. Jackie

    I asked my friend the other day if the Amish Mafia was real because we were watching something on TV and the promo came on. It just seems…far fetched. And want happened to Amish being simple people with no electricity or running water, but some have semi-automatic guns? What? And how can they get away with it if is being televised?!

  2. great tipoff on like twice!! using it!

    it drives me crazy when the doctors ask if a 2 year old can dress himself though, you know? yes, my toddler zipped and buttoned himself. NO NO HE DID NOT. i don’t know why that’s a milestone because has anyone’s two year old put his own clothes on?

  3. Alicia

    Aww I wish I read physical books so I could do the book swap. All mine are on my nook!

  4. Jessica R.

    I don’t know if it’s just my kid or what, but I’ve found that the Honest Company diaper bundle always lasts us longer than a month. I have used them since Owen was 15 months old so I can’t speak for someone with a smaller baby that needs to be changed more often. I always have tons of packs of their diapers on hand. I recently asked for some baby diapers to be added to our order to take to a baby shower and we still had plenty for us left in the order.

  5. Desi

    I love Twice. I have never had a problem with buying or selling. Also if you sign up for their email’s they send out coupon codes every month or every other month.

  6. Jen

    We watch Amish Mafia!!! It’s crazy, I’m not sure it’s 100% real but it sure is entertaining!

  7. Amanda

    My hubby watches Amish Mafia, and I feel the same way… it seems way too fake and like they’re trying to be bad ass.

  8. wisconsin gal

    I checked out the twice website. Very cool.
    I wish they took items that were more than 5 years old. Those clothes I was hoping to fit back into after the baby, well, never did get back into those, and now that I’m willing to part with them, gee, where to sell them? Garage sale is a great idea, but way too much work.

    Anyways, thanks for sharing!

  9. Jodi

    I just watched Sister Wives too!! I can’t believe they are not in those houses! And how did they even get them built if the financing hasn’t went through yet?? And how can they be doing walk throughs without being allowed to move in? It just seems strange to me. Up here you CAN’T get a house built without 100% confirmed financing, and when you do a walk through, you get your keys and move in. I feel bad for them though, they just want their family back together!

  10. sara

    i thought about watching amish mafia but just can’t believe that a mafia would let themselves be filmed…so without watching I’ve decided it’s fake. 🙂
    Also $80 seems a lot for diapers and wipes! We spend about $40 a month buying LUVS and target brand wipes. $50 if I buy Huggies night time diapers. I will say I get the home bundle and it’s what about $40….not sure, but one box lasted us almost 6 months. That’s 2 bubble baths and 1 hair and body wash. (plus the random things I added to complete the box and try) I think that’s pretty impressive.

  11. kim

    That made me laugh when you said L gave you a dirty look about the hoodie! My 4 year old loves to dress herself also, sometimes I let her choose top or bottom while I choose a matching piece and other days I give up and she leaves the house looking like a clown! A few weeks ago when it was 90 degrees she chose to wear rainbow striped leg warmers paired with a colorful outfit. She looked ready for the circus and I’m not sure how she didn’t melt all day in thick leg warmers.
    I want to hear how you like the honest diapers, I’m thinking of ordering them in a few months for the new baby! The designs are so cute!

  12. shana

    Ha! that is funny about L. Boys is all i have to say! Wait till he gets older. My boys complain about the things I like for them to wear until some cute girl comments on their outfit at school. Then they are like ” hey mom you really do know fashion”. I just roll my eyes because all she had to say was that she liked it and I had to go through the fight in the store. Ridiculous!

  13. Sophia

    Bhaha “covering up the stripes”! That’s gold.

  14. Enrica

    I totally forgot about Twice. I signed up a year ago. I just requested a bag for my items. So we’ll see….

  15. Judy

    I love hearing from parents who allow their kids to be independent early on! I worked with a student in fifth grade last year who still wasn’t getting dressed on her own. There was no reason why she couldn’t either, it was so sad.

  16. Lindsey

    Thanks for mentioning Twice!! I’m totally going to give them a try! Love the concept!

  17. Katie

    You say you get The Honest Company every 6 weeks, is there a way to get it less frequently than once a month? I love their products, but once a month seems too frequent.

  18. Ashley C.

    Oh goodness — Amish Mafia is one of those total trainwrecks that you just can’t stop watching. Or at least I know I can’t! We watched the whole first season, so this week’s episode kind of tied up a few loose ends from that. Im convinced that Merlin’s right hand shorty is going to become a traitor and find his way to Levi — only because he’s already talking about not working without getting paid anymore. And Levi’s guys are dropping fast. I just could deal without Esther. She’s annoying … and thinks shes tough crap. She’s wrong … she’s just … irritating!

  19. Charity

    Funny that I watched about 10 minutes of Amish Mafia yesterday! I saw the previews and thought it might be something I would like to watch but not so much after yesterday. A little too weird for me…I’ll stick to my other reality shows on Bravo 😉

  20. elizabeth

    No i live in lancaster pa and no its not real, they film at many local locations.

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