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Yesterday, Ashley (thanks for the idea) left a comment about how her in-laws wanted to do a “regifted” Christmas this year and I thought it was genius!  Everyone would just give each other items they already had (new I am assuming) that just didn’t work for them.  It seems like a great idea to get rid of items you don’t want and also, to save a little money on shopping!  Plus, if everyone knows it advance that the theme of the gifts is “regifted” there won’t be any hurt feelings about it.

But I want to know if you have ever regifted anything without the person knowing that you had once received it as a gift?  Did the person find out?  Where they okay with it?  I have mixed feeling regifting.  I think it would depend where / who I got the gift from if I would regift it or not.  If my employer (not that they ever did this when I worked) gave out iPads to all their employees and, say, my mom really wanted an iPad so I gave it to her for Christmas, I wouldn’t feel guilty about that!  But like if it were my grandma gifting me this special necklace she bought just for me, I wouldn’t – even if it wasn’t my style and my Grandma would never find out.

So I’m curious.  Would you / do you regift?  Do you have certain “rules” about it or if you have received something you think someone would like more, do you just wrap it up and pretend like you picked it out?  Or do you tell?  Have you ever received a regifted gift? Maybe something with a tag still attached?  I’d love to hear about it!

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  1. Jenn

    I voted yes but I guess I don’t. I give people gifts I’ve gotten that I don’t want but I usually just hand it over. I don’t wrap it up and present it to them on their birthday.

  2. Jenny

    I have the same feelings as you. I haven’t but I really think it would depend on the circumstances. I’d be afraid I would miss that tell-tell sign that it was a regift and I’d get busted. I have just passed on gifts that I won’t use to a friend that I know would love it but its not a gift gift but an I got this and its just not me but I know you’d like it just because gift. Does that make sense? I don’t like having the stuff like that sitting around my house so out it goes.

  3. Lisa D

    Our family “re-gifts” every year for Christmas. Makes thing fun and less boring. I mean we give regular gifts to to the immediate family, hubby and children, but we have a large extended family and draw names of the extended family members…ie Aunts, Uncles, Cousins etc. and the rule is it must be a item from your home you no longer have use for or a re-gift item. My hubby has 6 brothers and sisters- they all have at least three children of their own that are grown and married now with at least three children of their own…’s fun.

  4. Jill

    I regift all the time but share your sentiments about who gave me the original gift. I usually end up regifting things I get in subscription boxes (full size items, not trial size) so I try not to post too many on Instagram since the intended recipient might see!

  5. Lisa D

    Plus I have a box in the closet for little items I get free throughout the year…my daughter works at BABW and gets all kinds of free stuff and we have a grab box were if there is a birthday, bridal showers, wedding or whatever we to the the boxes and put a cute little gift together. We even started putting some of the sample products we get from various boxes in there.

  6. Catherine

    My brother in law and his wife give us terrible gifts, and they usually give our kids terrible gifts too. I usually sell the kids’ gifts at our local consignment sale if I can help it. They are Walmart fanatics through and through, and we are more of a Target type family. 😉 (Gosh I sound snotty, but it’s the honest truth.)

  7. Alexia561

    So long as the item hasn’t been used, I don’t see the harm in regifting. My only fear is forgetting who originally gave me the item and accidentally giving it back! I have a strong suspicion that my MIL used to give me gifts she didn’t like, as she gave me a lot of gift baskets that just screamed Old Lady Gift. *L*

  8. angela

    Does using subscription box products as stocking stuffers count?!?! Hahaha I have definitely re-gifted things like chocolate for a host but nothing serious.

  9. Nicole Arredondo

    I have regifted my childrens toys. One son has a birthday in Dec. So he gets more gifts than we have space. I have a big family so they never go without and the baby gets more than enough. So when we go to childrens parties we look in the storage and gift appropriatly. I have not regifted items that I have been given but I would totally if it wasnt my taste so that it didnt get wasted. I think wasting something is worse.

  10. Shannon N.

    I am a regifter. Totally. But I try to be careful about what and to whom I regift to. But I see no shame in it. People end up getting more from me this way because I’m not spending money to buy new stuff. Plus, if is something they would like better, than why not? And now that I have all these subscription boxes, I ALWAYS have stuff on hand. But if someone bought something they thought would have meaning for me, then I would probably hang on to it. My best friend gave all her bridesmaids these handmade matching necklaces. SO not my style, but I have a hard time giving it away. :/

  11. Jill

    Because of my job I am gifted with lots of candles and bath products. I love those type of things but a person can only use so much so that is usually what I end up re-gifting.

  12. Mrs. L

    I don’t regift often as most of my family and friends know me well enough to know what I like. I have regifted in the past (new, unopened type stuff) but it was rare.

  13. Mallory B

    I definitely regift, it’s a great way to save money. Especially if it’s to a person you aren’t super close with. I agree with you if someone picked out a special piece of jewelry or a trinket box that reminded the person of me in a special way, I would probably keep it even if it wasn’t something I particularly liked.

  14. Bonnie

    I don’t regift presents from people I know. I sometimes do crafting swaps and get things I just don’t have room for. I gave a Harry Potter trunk filled with potions, coins, and wand to my nephew. I liked the items, but it would just collect dust and pile up with other fun items so I shared it with someone who would love it. I give excess jewelry to my residents. They know where I got it and sometimes they get things I make. I have one resident who likes it when I paint her nails. When I weed out my stash I give it to her. Unopened duplicates are saved for actual gifts.

  15. Debbie Richardson

    I made it through about two years worth of weddings re-gifting wedding presents that were either duplicates or things I knew we would never use. It saved us a fortune we didn’t have as a young married couple, and I just had to make sure the gift hadn’t come from anyone in the bride or groom’s families.

  16. michelle

    I do, but you have to keep track of who gave it to you so you don’t give it back to them by accident! How embarrassing!!

  17. Jen K

    I am the queen of REGIFTING. I have a gift for it. I regift practically every second item that my kids get. Firstly because my kids have way too much toys and clothes and secondly because the toys are barely used in this household and I have no more space for more. Usually all the clothes that I get for them are always either for the wrong season or just not something I like for them – so off they go. 🙂
    I am careful that it doesn’t go back to the same people or to people who know those people. I dont feel poorly about it at all because usually I never regift bad stuff. If something is in poor taste – I may regift it along with something more. 😉

  18. Katie

    I haven’t and probably wouldn’t but never say never. I’ve got some gifts that were, um, not my style but I make an effort to use or wear them at least once.

    Meanwhile, when I worked in jewellery retail when I was Uni people would try to exchange or refund gifts they’d be given. I’d say “sure! if you have a receipt!” They would be Oh no! It’s rude to ask for the receipt.
    But it isn’t rude to try to swap the gift behind their back? I don’t get it!

  19. Shauna

    I’ll admit it. I’m a re-gifter, and I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I look at it more as recycling. After all, what else do you do with stuff you receive that you will never, ever use? If it’s never been worn or used, I see no reason why you shouldn’t give something to someone who might actually enjoy it.

    Now, I will admit that there are some things I would never dream of giving away due to sentimental or other reasons, but that’s a different topic. I say do it and be proud for using your resources.


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