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1.  Ahh, WB. I know this scene well.  WB wakes up late at night, acts all sleepy and sad, cuddles with you for two seconds and then is all of a sudden running at top speed around the hallway happy as can be.

2. L and WB fight over this chair all the time and I think WB won this battle.  L was sitting in it and WB, decided he wanted to sit there and just went over and sat down.  I don’t know if he knew (or cared) L was sitting there, but do know he seemed quite content to sit and watch Elmo on L’s lap ;).

3. This game is called “who gets to go to the emergency room first”.  I’m sure there is a similar version played at houses all over the world.


4.  I branched out and out a pizza lunchable in L’s lunchbox this week and it was a hit!  I need to work on things other than the normal bagels, turkey & cheese, etc. for him and this was my start.

5. You know what happens if WB wants a popsicle and you don’t give him one?  This!

6. I feel like all of a sudden L has grown up.  There is SUCH a huge change between preschool and kindergarten.  It’s incredible.  This appears to be a tame drop-off day, but some days (aka yesterday), that place is a madhouse!


7. I wouldn’t say he loved his costume, but he didn’t try and rip it off either, so that’s good.  L and I were cracking up watching that little lion run around the house.

8. I found some bathtub paint and have been letting the boys go wild in the bathtub.  L has even been wanting to take baths all week.  He can’t pass up the opportunity to smear paint all over WB ;).

9. L’s teacher is super good about updating her website with pictures from the class and their activities and I love flipping through them.  This is when they made (and ate) homemade applesauce while wearing their apple stamped t-shirts!

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    1. Jennifer

      Isn’t he a trip???

  1. Jennifer

    I am dying of WB’s Popsicle pic as we’ve got the same pic of my daughter, who is the same age, last week doing the same!! You also aren’t alone with the hard to find mini melts, I have been having a heck of a time here in California finding what I used to find all the time.

    1. Jennifer

      Seriously, what is going on with the Mini Melt’s? You are right, they used to be easy to find. Lately I’ve been having to go to a bunch of stores and when I find them they have like one box left!

  2. Lisa D

    What a little turkey WB is! He seems like a ball of energy. I miss those moments when my daughter was little…she is now 19 almost 20 (she reminds me) – but boy do they grow up and turn into amazing people. His name is William? Not sure what WB stands for? I could only question.

    1. Jennifer

      WB = Willie Baby. NO idea where it came from, but it’s totally stuck. He is a little crazy ball of energy!! So fun!

  3. Jenny

    How does he like the pizza lunchables cold? I’ve mentioned it to N but he only wants it cooked and not cold so I don’t think he would be up for it. 🙁 I do need to get me some of the silicone cupcake things so I can divvy up some of the larger compartments sometimes.

    1. Jennifer

      I don’t know if he’s ever even had a warm one? He likes them cold. You do need to get them! After searching high and low, I ordered from amazon. Turns out they have them at Walmart too.

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