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Halloween.jpgI took a little poll on Facebook last night to see if I should do a “Pink” (for breast cancer awareness) or a “Halloween” giveaway this October.  The results were (of course) right now the middle.  So, I thought we’d start with start with Halloween and go from there ;).  Here’s what’s up for grabs this month:

~MARC JACOBS BEAUTY Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer (Mandarin Orange) ($18): Oh my goodness, I was at Sephora this week and ran across these, which *might* just be the cutest nail polish bottles ever.  Love!
~Stella & Dot Black Basket Weave Zip Wallet with Tassel Accent ($118): This is one of my favorite Stella & Dot pieces for sure.  It’s my next S&D “to buy”.
~Nest Fragrances Classic Candle, Pumpkin Chai ($34):  What would a giveaway be without a candle?  I don’t know and I don’t want to find out!  The Nest makes amazing products and I’d try every single one of them if I could.
~Halloween Orange Hot Chocolate ($1.95): I know not everyone loves coffee, so I thought I’d go in a different direction this month with some orange hot chocolate.
~Vince Camuto Dip Dye Stripe Infinity Scarf ($42):  I really really wanted to do an orange scarf, but I know black and white would appeal to more people!  And this scarf is something I love and would wear during every season!
~Orange is the New Black Book ($9.60):  Love this book!  If you haven’t read it, you should.  People say that the tv show is better, but the book is the true story and I love knowing what really happened.
~Lulah Tamarind Ginger Body Wash ($11.25):  This came in a PopSugar a few months ago  and I totally loved it.  I actually traded for some and got two bottles.  And will be buying more!
~Dylan’s Candy Bar Halloween 2013 Crunchy Body Parts Bar ($3.25): And of course, candy!!!  You might be too old for trick-or-treating, but you are never too old for candy!

If you want to win, all you gotta do is enter in rafflecopter below (*) and you will be all set.  I know there are a lot of entry options, but feel free to pick and choose the ones you want to complete.  The ONLY mandatory one is the “Just Click Enter” option, which is obviously the easiest!  I’ll pick / announce the winner on 10.21.13!  Happy entering and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is in NO way affiliated with, sponsored by or related to any of the companies included in the giveaway. Giveaway ends on 10.21.13 at 12:00am. Void where prohibited.
(*) If you can’t see the Rafflecopter box, try a different browser, try using your phone, a different computer, etc. I believe it has something to so with your firewall. People seem to have the most trouble from their offices.
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    1. nichole budnick

      The scarf is amazing!!!!

  1. Kaitlin

    The scarf! I loooove scarves 🙂 (can’t spell apparently – not scarfs!)

  2. Christina

    This would be awesome! Looks like a great giveaway!

  3. Tia

    I would love to read “orange is the new black”. I love the series but I have heard the book is completely different.

  4. Samantha L

    I’d like to win the Vince Camuto Dip Dye Stripe Infinity Scarf most!

  5. Molly R

    Awesome giveaway! Can’t wait to win 🙂

  6. Mary

    I am loving that scarf!

  7. Kristen Maria

    I would love to win the Nest candle the most! I love trying new candle companies and products and pumpkin chai sounds so amazing!

  8. jmd

    Oooh, the scarf is pretty!!

  9. Enrica

    It’s a tie between the book and the scarf!!

  10. Paulette

    Cute stuff! Love that scarf. After all the money you have made me spend because I frequent your blog and FB, I should win! Haha

  11. Jenny

    I’d love the scarf. I’m still working on trying to work them more into my wardrobe and this one is awesome.

  12. Linda

    Love it all, but I’ve gotta say I’d be most excited about that wallet! Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. Evelyn Amick

    I would love to win the dip dye infinity scarf it’s my favorite!

  14. Sarah Z

    I love the infinity scarf!

  15. Megan

    The Nest Fragrances Classic Candle, Pumpkin Chai! I am a sucker for anything ‘fall’ inspired.

  16. Alicia

    I love this giveaway! It’s one of my favorites that you’ve done. I really really really want that scarf. Completely in love with it.

  17. Meg Mc

    I have envy for the scarf and the candle!

  18. Katy

    I’m obsessed with scarves, so I would love to win this one!

  19. kimberlee

    i think i would most like the scarf, i don’t have one like that and it would go with most outfits, BUT the polish bottle is too cute not to have so i think i need some.

  20. Lauren

    Would love to win the pumpkin chai candle!

  21. Elizabeth

    I’d love the wallet.

  22. Mansi

    the candle!

  23. Katy

    I would love the stella and dot wallet or the nail polish!!

  24. Jessica

    I would love the Stella & Dot wallet! And the chocoholic in me would have a hard time resisting the Dylan’s candy bar!! 🙂

  25. Bre

    I would love the scarf!

  26. Jenn S

    the scarf! OMG LOVE!

  27. Heather

    I would enjoy every item but I think my favorite would be the wallet!

  28. Liz

    I would love all of it but especially want the wallet. Have bought one for my collection or display

  29. Rachael

    I love that scarf!

  30. Jenny Livesay

    I want to win the black Stella and Dot wallet!!!

  31. Melissa K

    I love Halloween so these items seem perfect to fit the theme! Especially the nail polish 🙂

  32. Elise

    Pumpkin anything makes me happy 🙂

  33. Devin McDaniel

    I would be excited to get anything (except the wallet, I’m loving Hobo clutches right now so full sized wallets aren’t my thing). If I had to choose one thing that caught my eye, it’d be the nail polish.

  34. Adrienne A.

    I’d like the Stella & Dot wallet most perhaps, but all of it looks great!

  35. Caroline Perry

    Love the nest pumpkin chair candle!!

  36. Riann

    I love how well you curated this collection! It’s hard to choose a favorite but I will go with the scarf!

  37. Deborah Jensen

    Love the orange and black, great for fall time. Thank you and have a great weekend

  38. Jean Eckert

    Honestly I really want the candy bar!!! The other items are awesome as well, but I’m sure I’d go after the chocolate bar 1st 🙂

  39. Lorie

    I need that scarf in my life!

  40. Becky Hansen

    I would love the candle and the candy the most but everything is awesome!

  41. Ashley H.

    Ooo…the Orange Hot Chocolate. 🙂 I can devour tons of those chocolate oranges that come out around Christmas.

  42. Leanne

    LOVE the nailpolish and the scarf. I am absolutely obsessed with scarfs and candles 🙂

  43. Meghan C

    The Stella & Dot wallet is gorgeous! And I love the scarf!

  44. Lindsay

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  45. cassie potter

    That wallet is super cute! I dont even have a wallet. Lol not sure why.

  46. Meredith

    I love this idea, for a giveaway, who doesn’t love Halloween?? I’d love to win the wallet the most, but I’m excited for all of it!!

  47. Diana B

    I want to.win everything, but I think the scarf is the most ezciting

  48. Hildee

    What a fun give-a-way!! I’ve been looking for a new wallet and that Stella and Dot would be PERFECT! Fingers crossed.

  49. Mandy Hillman

    I would love to win the Stella and Dot wallet!

  50. janaya

    I would want the stella & dot wallet the most! It’s super cute!

  51. roro

    I love every bit of this giveaway!

  52. Shannon

    I would most like to win the wallet. I need a new wallet so bad! It always gets pushed to the back burner when I shop. I always want something else more.

  53. Danyelle Hall

    The Stella and Dot wallet, it’s so cute I love it!

  54. Kelly

    When I saw the polish my first thought was, it’s soo cute! Never seen that bottle before. The picture really looks like Halloween to me!

  55. Bridget Heiple Reich

    I’m excited about the Marc Jacobs nail polish!

  56. kara

    I would love to win the Stella and Dot wallet the most. I LOVE that wallet!

  57. Katy Quick

    Everything!! if i had to pick one i would say the book, I’ve heard a lot about it.

  58. Jordan M

    I would love either the infinity scarf, Marc Jacobs nail polish, or the wallet!

  59. shelley

    The wallet!

  60. Hillary

    The stella and dot wallet!!!

  61. Stacey Mc

    Pumpkin chai candle!

  62. Emily

    The body wash. It sounds awesome and I’d love to try it.

  63. Crystal Gregg

    The Vince Camuto scarf is my favorite!

  64. Clarisse Mello

    wow this giveaway is amazing!!1 I”m obsessed with that wallet and need one desperately. I also love everything else! Happy Halloween time

  65. Tabitha

    Scarf. I’m not a scarf person but I haven’t really tried either. This one is cute and could be easily paired with so many things.

  66. Juli

    I really want to read Orange is the New Black! Would LOVE to win it! The show is amazing!

  67. Mel h

    Ooh that wallet with the tassel!!!!

  68. Sarah

    I really want to read “Orange is the New Black”!

  69. Laura

    The scarf and the wallet!

  70. Gina F.

    Sweet giveaway!! I am dying for that scarf!

  71. Sharon

    I would love the wallet! All of it looks wonderful, though.

  72. Jessie smith

    Loving the wallet!!!

  73. Robyn S

    Looks great–love all the items!

  74. soon p

    Pumpkin chai candle.

  75. Deana

    That scarf is amazing!!

  76. Mary

    I would love to win that wallet. I need a new wallet!

  77. Ashley

    The scarf, love it!

  78. Bonnie

    I wouldn’t mind any of them. Just realised putting my email in contest did not make me subscribe in that category. Oops, subscribed this time.

  79. Yarikza Alexander

    I love the scarf…I just came back from getting some yarn at Walmart so my husband can make some scarves for me. I also like the nail polish…the bottle is so cute…and I love orange…I keep my toes orange all summer 🙂

  80. Kristin Jesneck

    Love the scarf!

  81. Karen

    stella & dot wallet!

  82. Carla

    Marc Jacobs polish!! It just looks adorable…

  83. Kayla

    Probably the scarf or the clutch! Love it all! Thank you!

  84. Margaret

    This is an awesome giveaway. It’s almost too hard to decide on one item. I guess I’ll go with the nail polish it looks amazing and I love polishes but so rarely splurge on them!

  85. Pilar

    I would love to get the Marc Jacobs nail polish the most!

  86. Kristen

    Ooh, all the orange and fall scents. Love.

  87. Alice

    I would love the wallet!

  88. Kelly G

    I am loving that scarf and the wallet!!

  89. Ruby Yoshi

    My favorite is the Vince Camuto Dip Dye Stripe Infinity Scarf

  90. Kim

    I would love to read that book and I would love the scarf also!

  91. Ally

    The Stella & Dot wallet immediately caught my eye. So cute!

  92. ashlee f

    I just adore that scarf! As always, the whole giveaway looks amazing.

  93. Evelyn

    I’d like to try out the candle.

  94. Tiffany

    The wallet is great!

  95. miranda

    I really want the wallet!

  96. Stephanie

    I could use a good black and white scarf!

  97. HenMe

    The scarf is amazing! I would love to win it!

  98. Melody

    The novel I’m a sucker for a good read

  99. Kate

    I’m all about the body wash. I got that scent in my box and I LOVE it.

  100. Erica

    What an incredible giveaway! I love love love Halloween and how clever to throw in Orange is the New Black!

  101. Erica

    I love the Stella&Dot wallet!

  102. Allison

    That’s tough, but I’d like the candle the best. I love fall candles!

  103. Alice

    I would like to read orange is the new black.

  104. Tara m.

    Would love to win that shower gel I love it!

  105. Lindsey C

    Sooo excited about the Nest candle! Love those! The wallet is pretty stinking cute too 😉

  106. Alena P

    I love it all, but I LOVE the Stella and Dot wallet!! 🙂

  107. Aimee A

    I’d be most excited for the basket weave wallet!

  108. Jamie

    Everything is so adorable but if I had to choose, the wallet or the hot chocolate (food items always appeal to me haha)

  109. mstlcmn

    All the prizes are awesome! I would love to win the Nest candle because I LOVE them! Thanks for the great giveaways Jen!

  110. Hannah

    I would love to win that scarf! It looks amazing and perfect for fall.

  111. Jackie

    The Stella and Dot wallet, love it!!

  112. Kim

    The scarf!!

  113. Lisa

    Definitely want the candy. What can I say, I’m preggo! 🙂

  114. michelle

    I want the nail polish!!!!

  115. Sara

    I’m digging the scarf!! And pumpkin chai.. Yum!

  116. Kendra

    Everything, but probably the wallet the most!

  117. Joelle Sazama

    I love everything in this giveaway! wow!

  118. gary

    the candle looks great

  119. Niki T.

    Such a great giveaway! I love the wallet! Thank you for the opportunity and hope you have a Happy Halloween! =)

  120. Katy M

    I’ve wanted that Stela & Dot wallet for a long time now.

    Thans so much!!!

  121. Rebecca R

    The infinity scarf for the win 😉 It’s fantastic!! Of course -so are the other 50 scarves in my closet 😉

  122. Haley

    That Stella and Dot wallet is calling my name!

  123. audrey

    It’s a complete toss up between the scarf and the candle – they both look and sound amazing!

  124. Dawn

    The candle!!! (by a slim margin over chocolate)

  125. Lauren

    The candle! I’d love to try out the new Marc Jacobs Polish as well!

  126. Elizabeth

    I need that stella&dot weave wallet in my life ASAP! 🙂

  127. Annette

    I’m a scarf person so that’s right what I focused on, it’s gorgeous!

    Great theme, probably one of the best curated give aways you’ve had!

  128. Caitlin

    That scarf is to die for!

  129. Lorns

    I obsessed by candles so that would be my favourite! You do such fabulous giveaways, so generous. xx

  130. PhaeLea

    Love the scarf and the orange nail polish! Everything else is lots of fun too! I hate dressing up but I still like to do smaller Halloween things!

  131. Jenny M.

    My fave is the Orange Mandarin polish, but they are all great prizes1

  132. Kate L

    Wow, this is truly an amazing giveaway! I can’t decide if I’m more excited about the scarf or the luscious sounding candle!

  133. Jenn

    I love everything in the giveaway, is it weird my most coveted may be the Dylans candy bar?

  134. Denise

    Yey! I love raffles (although I’d love them more if I actually won once in a while lol)

  135. Ann Fantom

    I would most like to win the Nest Fragrances Classic Candle – Pumpkin Chai

  136. Ricki

    Honestly, I can’t pick which item I would like the most. I love nail polish and candles, chocolate and hot chocolate are always yummy, everyone is talking about Orange Is the New Black and I think I would prefer reading to watching, I can never have enough body wash, and who wouldn’t love some new fall accessories!

  137. Jill Banks Geraci

    The yummy candle!

  138. karen

    The wallet! I’ve never had a really nice wallet before, love the color!

  139. melissa g

    The wallet and the book are my 2 favorites! 🙂

  140. rod jackson

    the candle.

  141. Sophie

    The pumpkin chai candle. I love me some pumpkin this time of year!

  142. Jamie

    I’d love the wallet! And the book because I just watched the whole first season of OITNB.

    It annoys me when people don’t follow the instructions and answer the question and just say “I want to win” “great giveaway” !

  143. Kels

    AH nail polish! so yeah. i’d want to win that the most – the bottle is SO cute!

  144. Judy

    I love everything, but I would most want to win the candle! I’m a sucker for fall scented candles! 🙂

  145. Melissa M


  146. Courtney

    Awesome giveaway! I’ve been dying to read that book and that scarf is so cute!

  147. Anna E.

    I love the wallet!! 🙂

  148. Lauren S.

    I think my favorite item is the scarf! I also love the lulah shower gel. I got the exact same one in my popsugar box and I love the scent!

  149. Diana Garza

    The Vince Camuto scarf is totally my style! It would make a great addition to my Fall wardrobe!!!

  150. Shannon

    This looks like a fun pack of stuff. Agree with the other posts that the scarf looks amazing. The pumpkin chai candle sounds like it would set the right mood for Fall.

  151. Erica

    That. scarf. I stared at it for a full minute it is SO CUTE. Also, Orange is the New Black. Ever since I saw it go up for trading in the book group I’ve been dying to read it.

  152. Ashley C.

    The book – I’ve been dying to read it, now that I’ve been sucked into the show!

  153. Christine H.

    I’d love to win the nail polish!

  154. Kathy

    The scarf! If I don’t win it, I’ll have to check it out at the store, it looks perfect for the fall.

  155. Kelly

    I would love to win the wallet!

  156. Suzanne

    It is all soo cute! I love the scarf. I don’t have an infinity scarf & would love one!

  157. sarah berry

    The orange is the new black book 🙂

  158. Sue

    Mamma needs a new wallet!!!

  159. Jenette

    I really love the smells of fall so I would love to win the Pumpkin Chai candle.

  160. Shana

    This giveaway is sooooo awesome!!!!!! I love the stella dot wallet and the infinity scarf!!!!

  161. Rose

    That scarf is beautiful!

  162. Mary Q.

    What a well-coordinated theme! I love that S&D bag and would looove to win it. 🙂

  163. Dawn Cook (vonzombie)

    the candle or the wallet

  164. kirstyn

    I would love to try the marc jacobs nail laquer!

  165. Joanne

    I would love to have the wallet!!

  166. Shauna

    That S&D wallet looks amazing! I was just saying today that I need a new wallet and I love that one. Thanks for another fantabulous giveaway!


  167. JJ

    Fabulous giveaways! Love the scarf and the Stella and Dot wallet!

  168. Laura

    Out of all of them I have to say the candy bar!
    The wrapper alone I love and would keep that, I have some special halloween wrappers of candy I’ve saved in a book just because they’re too cute and I love the design. This is really awesome and all of it would be great!

  169. ana ebright

    I would love to win the scarf or the chi !! Good luck to everyone. You always have the best giveaways !!!

  170. Natasha

    The Dylans candy!!

  171. Kyra

    The S&D wallet is definitely at the top of my list on this one!

  172. Rose D.

    I want the wallet and the chocolate!

  173. Judy Louie

    I would love to win the Stella & Dot wallet the most.

  174. Thatia A

    the nail polish..love the color

  175. angela

    orange is the new black! i have no idea what its about but im OBSESSED with the color orange!

  176. Anna


  177. meg

    This is the best giveaway. I love everything on here. I would use the wallet while wearing the scarf while eating the candy bar with my orange nails.

  178. Lynn Morejon

    The candle for sure

  179. Megan P.

    I would love the nail polish!

  180. sarah hirsch

    the wallet

  181. Jen

    I would love to win the wallet!

  182. Dawn

    I want the pumpkin chai candle and the body wash AND the DVD’s and…. All of the items are so fab.

  183. Morgan

    I want it all but I would be most excited for the Nest candle!!

  184. Katie

    The wallet!

  185. kellie

    I would LOVE To read that book! I was told to watch the TV show, and started an episode but now that I know a book exists I want to read that first!

  186. Andrea S

    I love that wallet! I have been needing a new one

  187. Shannon

    I most want that scarf!

  188. Hilary

    Love that Stella and Dot wallet… AND the scarf 🙂

  189. Abby

    What a cute giveaway!

  190. Steph Pilbeam

    The Stella and dot wallet is too cute!!!! I’d love to try the Mark Jacobs nail laquer. What a fun color! And the Nest candle looks like it would smell amazing! Thank you for these fun giveaways!

  191. I’m totally becoming addicted to your blog – which is dangerous for a work at home woman! 🙂
    I’m forever checking for updates and gathering lots of ideas for a new blog that I am working on with my two daughters. Thanks for sharing so much of you on a regular basis!

  192. wenz

    scarf or the marc jacobs polish

  193. Jen K

    Definitely everything but the most I would love is the book… while wearing the scarf and flashing my orange nails! 😉

  194. Genna

    this is awesome thank you for offering this!

  195. tammy tinsley

    I want! Pick me please!

  196. Elizabeth

    Scarf for sure, then the wallet and candle would be awesome as well! Great giveaway! Thanks! 🙂

  197. Kit Novak

    Hard question! I love three: the candle, scarf and Marc Jacobs polish! Droool!

  198. Breann

    The pumpkin chai candle!

  199. Brandy Fisk

    Stella & Dot Black Basket Weave Zip Wallet with Tassel Accent would just be perfect!

  200. Tiffany

    Wallet and body wash <3 I got this scent body wash in my popsugar box and I've gotten a lot of compliments.

  201. Dana

    I would love to win this giveaway! Halloween is by far my favorite holiday. Love that scarf!

  202. Kristin t

    I love the wallet!

  203. Rachel S.

    I think the candle! I absolutely love pumpkin & chai, so the two together sound heavenly!

  204. cyguerra

    One day I will win one of these amazing giveaways!! The scarf is just stunning!

  205. Stephanie

    Love the scarf and nail polish!

  206. Christine

    the Stella & Dot wallet

  207. Jen

    The scarf for sure! Also, the hot chocolate. yummm.

  208. Shannon F

    Don’t make me choooooose! lol I guess if I had to choose one, I’d choose the Vince Camuto Dip Dye Stripe Infinity Scarf!

  209. Bethany

    That Halloween Chocolate looks so good. Having some of my own will keep me out of my nieces and nephews goodie bags.

  210. Erin

    I’d most like the wallet

  211. Amanda

    I want the candle!

  212. Sarah Q

    The body wash!!!

  213. Lynsey

    The scarf is amaze balls!!! I love all the black and orange in your giveaway!

  214. Lori

    the scarf …duh! :0)

  215. Lisa Elizarraras

    Scarf, scarf, scarf!!!!

  216. Jessica

    That wallett is to die for! And I’m such a sucker for cute new nail polish bottles!!

  217. Alicia

    I most want to win the Stella & Dot Black Basket Weave Zip Wallet with Tassel Accent.

  218. Kristie Irvin

    Love reading your posts & would love to win the giveaway!

  219. Tarah

    I love the Vince Camuto Dip Dye Stripe Infinity Scarf

  220. Emily Cecilia

    I would love to win the wallet! I just invested in a Longchamp Planetes bag in Black and I think it would go beautifully with it! Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  221. Jennifer Paige

    I’d love the pumpkin chai candle. Right up my alley.

  222. wisconsin gal

    I so want another body wash. I’m rationing my lulah from my own box. So amazing, and they’ll be going on my wishlist for Christmas too. Too bad they were not that easy to find on Amazon, but Amazon has this little slick wish tool, so I was able to add them right from Lulah’s webpage… via your link of course. Thanks for the links!

  223. Amy P

    Can’t say no to nail polish or chocolate!

  224. Kristie

    What an AMAZING giveaway. I love everything, especially the Marc Jacobs orange nail polish!!!

    Can’t Stop Subscribing

  225. Leslie W

    I really want the Dylans candy bar body parts lol!

  226. Mallory

    You’re giving away such amazing things! I adore that scarf & wallet. And the candle sounds yummy! So I can’t decide which one I’d love most…

  227. Darlene

    Would love to win the S&D wallet!

  228. Myranda

    That. Candle.

    And everything else. Good contest prize 🙂

    Maybe you should curate the Popsugar Must Have Boxes 😉

  229. Caitlyn S.

    It’s all fabulous but if I had to pick one…. The scarf….(then the Stella and Dot… )

  230. Colleen Boudreau

    The Stella & Dot wallet.

  231. Kara Mishmash

    I am loving that scarf!!! The wallet is awesome too!

  232. Avery Germaine

    The dip dye scarf 🙂

  233. Jenny Clinkenbeard

    That is tough! I would have to say the scarf! I’m a scarf fiend!

  234. Kara Cheek

    Everything looks amazing!!

  235. arrie

    Please start your own subscription box company!!! I would subscribe!!! I love the wallet-crossing my fingers for this one!!!

  236. Toni

    I love this month’s giveaway – I really want the body wash!

  237. Diane F

    The Stella and Dot wallet

  238. meredith

    Its a tie between the scarf and the clutch

  239. Sloane W

    I terribly need a new wallet so the wallet for sure

  240. Hannah D

    The scarf is fantastic!

  241. Anna

    I don’t know what I would want to win! All items would be great to try! You did a great job picking them out. 🙂 If I had to chose it would be between the scarf & candle.

  242. Drusuna

    So much fun!!! I love Halloween and the scarf is awesome:)

  243. latanya

    Stella & Dot Black Basket Weave Zip Wallet with Tassel Accent

  244. Dawn

    The scarf! I only have one fashion scarf and I’m ready to jump on that bandwagon!

  245. Kelsea Beth

    The wallet or scarf! Thank you!!

  246. Jenn

    I bet the candle smells amazing! Pumpkin + chai = two of the best things ever.

  247. Christina

    Ummmm, what wouldn’t I want to win! I guess especially the candle and book 🙂

  248. Shelley

    Top wants are the book or the scarf!

  249. Valerie Cannell

    I think I would most like the nail polish, but everything looks great this month!

  250. Megan K

    I want the Stella & Dot wallet!!

  251. Jean K.

    Nail polish please! And i’m pretty sure I don’t have any orange colored ones!

  252. Haley

    Loving the wallet!

  253. michelle r

    Stella & Dot Black Basket Weave Zip Wallet with Tassel Accent

  254. Mya Murphy

    The body wash and the orange hot chocolate 😛

  255. Debi B

    Great contest, as usual, I want to read the book while sipping hot chocolate, I love all the sff!

  256. Norma

    The pumpkin chai candle and the wallet!!!!

  257. Jennifer Pittman

    I would like the Stella & Dot Black Basket Weave Zip Wallet with Tassel Accent the most! I am in need of a new wallet!!!

  258. Renee G

    I most want to win the Vince Camuto Dip Dye Stripe Infinity Scarf

  259. Erika W.

    I would love to win the Stella & Dot wallet!

  260. Stephanie Larison

    Nest Fragrances Classic Candle, Pumpkin Chai

  261. Kelly Commerford

    Stella & Dot wallet! My old wallet just kicked the bucket.

  262. Debra Hall

    the stella and dot

  263. Beth W.

    I love the scarf!!

  264. Melaney

    the dip dye scarf!

  265. Samantha

    The Stella and Dot Basket Weave wallet!

  266. Lorena Keech

    The Vince Camuto Dip Dye Stripe Infinity Scarf is awesome.

  267. Rebecca Lock

    I want to win the candle.

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