So What Wednesday!

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This week I am saying So What If….

~I secretly didn’t mind that WB only wanted to sleep on our chests in Vegas (he hated that $35/night crib). I’ll eventually catch up on my sleep, but he may never want to snuggle like that again.
~I wish I could use PayPal for everything. #soeasy
~I already miss Las Vegas and I haven’t even left yet.
~I’m super annoyed by this government shutdown. Enough already.
~I’m almost scared to come home and see the amount of mail I got.  I hear it’s crazy.
~While shopping online, I often put things in my cart knowing full well I never plan on buying them.  Sort of like trying on clothes you know you won’t buy I guess?
~I lose all track of time when I am on vacation.
~I’m already excited for spoilers for this month’s PopSugar box!
~I meant to subscribe / resubscribe to a few boxes this month and oops, I missed the deadline.  Umm, next month for sure ;).  Told you I lose track of time on vaca.
~I like checking on the items from my thredUP bags to see if they have been sold.
~I used to think it was crazy to bring your kids to Vegas.

That’s it from here. What are you saying so what to this week?

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  1. Jenny

    I totally put things in my cart to look at later. I don’t want to have to go looking for it again later incase I change my mind.
    Vacation means no time clocks. You have every right to not worry about it.

  2. PhaeLea

    Thank you for being super annoyed at this government shutdown! For my family this is our second round of furloughs this year and it just seems like nobody cares, so somehow it was nice to hear. Glad your vacation was great! Love your blog!

  3. Mary

    I went to Vegas all the time as a kid! I always thought it was a blast! When I spent 6 weeks there last summer I saw some crazy stuff but it was all wayyy to late! So I then decided that if I take my kids to Vegas I won’t be the parent out with them at like midnight.

  4. mary m

    I canceled all of my subscription boxes. I’m sad. BUT…I’m trying to not spend any extra money for the month of October. Due to my canceling, I’m guessing all the boxes will be spectacular! 😉

    Safe travels home 🙂

  5. Mrs. L

    So what
    If I carry a big purse. Smaller purses are just a pain for me. I’d rather look funny carrying a big purse than get frustrated trying to locate stuff thats underneath all the crap I carry.
    If I messed up on my hair appointment. I’ve been going to this guy for ten years, have never flaked on an appointment, he’s had to cancel on me at the last minute, he understood completely and found a great time for me to reschedule. So why do I feel so dang guilty!

  6. Ally

    I do the SAME thing with putting things in my cart that I likely will never buy.

  7. Nicole

    I put stuff I never buy in my cart all the time and then I get all mad when its gone when I return to the site.

  8. Nicole

    I did my first Thredup. Dropped it off today cant wait to see what I get. Have you heard of Stitchfix? I remember you saying something about Thredup and when I got my stitch fix box they are teaming up with them this month. Im excited.

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