December Birchbox Man Review – #MANOFTHEYEAR

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December Birchbox Man
December Birchbox Man

B’s December Birchbox Man arrived yesterday and he was actually home to open it up himself, which is always fun. I checked the status of this box (and all my other boxes I was expecting yesterday) and oddly it said they were all delivered at 10:16am. We weren’t home, but they were not here when we got home.   I was a tad worried about them all, but they appeared later in the day when the mail came.

December Birchbox Man
The Box

Birchbox Man had a special holiday box this month which I loved!  I don’t know why, but I always get so excited when we have these special boxes.

December Birchbox Man
The Box in the Box

And the inner Birchbox Man box was a special one for the holidays as well.  If you haven’t checked out the Birchbox Holiday Shop yet this season, you totally should.  I am loving what they are doing this year and I have already placed a bunch of orders!

December Birchbox Man
First Look

I had peeked at B’s box online to see what the big item was and then kind of forgot what the rest of the things were.  He got Box #8 (*) this month in case you want to compare to yours.  B never peeks though (ever), so it was all a surprise to him what was inside.

December Birchbox Man
The Information Card

The December Birchbox Man theme was #MANOFTHEYEAR and is all about celebrating  your own personal highlight reel from the year.  Here is what the box included:

~American Crew Alternator ($1.36): This is a styling product, but instead of a wax or pomade, it’s a spray!  B and L will both totally use this and I am already thinking of buying more. Love this!

December Birchbox Man
American Crew Alternator

~Dr.Brandt Microdermabrasion ($9.75):  I am so jealous that B got this.  I am hoping, not so secretly, that one appears in my Birchbox soon.  It’s an at home alternative that works to erase dead cells for soft healthy skin.  It gets rave reviews, but it’s pricey ($78 for a full size), so it’s not something I’d buy without testing first.  Maybe B will let me have this one….

December Birchbox Man
Dr.Brandt Microdermabrasion

~Mr. Natty Shipwreck Soap (~$2): This soap is strong!  It smells like a big strong man.  It’s got vetiver, patchouli and cocoa and B will totally use it.  He’s been using all the bar soaps we get!

December Birchbox Man
Mr. Natty Shipwreck Soap

~Mt Sapola Lemongrass Body Lotion ($1.95): This smells great and will get used within the week I am sure.

December Birchbox Man
Mt Sapola Lemongrass Body Lotion

~The Knottery Wool Flannel Bow Tie ($32):  Hmm. I can’t see B wearing a bow-tie, but maybe that’s because he has never had one before? I’m not sure.  It certainly wouldn’t be a work item, but maybe for a Christmas party.  Once he learns how to tie one that is.  I believe some of the other lifestyle items were socks and beanies, which probably would have worked better for him, but the entire point is to discover new things, so maybe he can make this work!

December Birchbox Man
The Knottery Wool Flannel Bow Tie

~Votivo Speakeasy Candle ($2.60): This might be the tiniest candle I have ever seen!  It’s not something B would every just break out and use, but I will make it a point to do so.  The scent is described as being enhanced with a hint of run and bourbon so it’s a big change from all the vanilla and floral scents I have around here!

December Birchbox Man
Votivo Speakeasy Candle

All totaled, B’s December Birchbox Man had a value of $49.66, (NOT including points for doing reviews and purchasing the box itself (**) – which would bring the value up to $57.66!  I loved that there were six products in this one too.  That always makes me feel like I am getting a special treat!  Birchbox Man is $20/month and as always, we thought it was totally worth the price tag.

Did you get a Birchbox Man box this month?  Which box did you get?  And if you have yet to sign up for Birchbox Man but have been thinking about it, click here to check it out in more detail.  And if you want to do a little holiday shopping in their Online Shop, make sure to use the coupon code ““BLACKFRIDAY20PCT” to save 20% on your order of $35 or more. This code expires December 1, 2013, so act fast!

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(*) If you want to see all the boxes this month, click here and change the 1 at the end to anything from a 2 to 29 since there were 29 (there were also 29 variations last month) box variations this month. If you can’t figure out which box number you got, login into Birchbox and then Click “Box” and select Men’s or Women’s. Scroll down a bit to were it says “Box History” and click the month of the box (in this case December 2013). The number at the end of the URL is your box number. B’s box ended in “december-2013-bb8″ which means he got box #8.
(**) You only get points for purchasing the box if you buy a prepaid annual subscription (or 3-month, 6-months, etc.). You don’t get points if you are on a month to month subscription.
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  1. Debbie

    Maybe if the bow tie chn be adjusted, L can wear it since he loves ties and looks so very handsome..

    1. Jennifer

      I was actually thinking that! He might like that!

  2. Alicia Altman

    Mary Kay has an AWESOME microdermabrasion set!! It’s $50 and you would love it 🙂 MK also has a great cleansing brush (like the Clairsonic, but MUCH cheaper!!). If you want to check it out, feel free to visit my page:

    1. Jennifer

      Ohh, I will check it out! Thank you!

  3. Kathy

    My hubby got the same exact box as B. They never get the same box so now I’m convinced the profile is useless and they send you whatever box they feel like. Hubby would have much rather had the beanie or socks/laces boxes but is relieved he didn’t get the punishment boxes with the fake watch (did you see them, stupidest thing ever!!). If B actually wears the bowtie, please post a pic so I can see what one might wear with a flannel bowtie. 😉

    1. Jennifer

      I’d like to know what one wears with a flannel bow tie too!!!!

      I did not see this fake watch. What in the? I need to go look!!!

  4. jared

    Is there anything you can do with products you don’t like? Will BB exchange them? I got a stupid rubber watch that I would never wear and does not even fit!

    1. Jennifer

      They don’t exchange them. However, if it doesn’t even fit I’d probably e-mail them if I were you!

  5. Jerry Hill

    Looks like I will be getting the “lump of coal” box (aka – the one with the bracelet that looks like a watch)…I am not happy…!!!

    1. Jennifer

      My husband and I JUST looked at this box. I don’t get that watch at all???

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